Marble Racing in the SAND - The Marble Rally!

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    Hello everyone and welcome to Race 1 of the Marble Rally 2020 only on Jelle's Marble Runs! In this traditional format, 20 individual marbles race down a course in the sand and battle for the win. Who are you rooting for? Choose a marble and ENJOY! #MarbleRace #MarbleRally #JellesMarbleRuns
    INFO: For Season 5, there won't be qualifiers or a B-League. 20 racers have been invited to participate this year's championship by the committee. Please check our website for more details.
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    1. Xander Gardecki

      We won with my guy

    2. Tjeu Peijs


    3. John Smit

      It is so sad to see marbles go off the track. I am sure their fans identify. I can never tell how Cool Moody is going to fair. His eyes are always hidden.

    4. WilsonTheNerd

      🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    5. Loly 4213

      I picked superball and lolypop because I love football and my last name is Loly so come on #LOP and #SUP

    6. SquirrelMiester

      Rip phoenix/fantasy ;(

    7. MrWrl101

      Just love the production it really gets me pulling for a marble love it

    8. simple guy


    9. John McDonald


    10. Fluffymiyster

      Okay, I'm going to pick Dragon's Egg because anytime they do the Marbula One racing, I always root for the one named Dragon. Win, lose or draw, here we go! Edit: Yikes, my marble got beached! Oh well, better luck next time.

    11. 雋永

      I am impressed by how they can count the time accurately even outdoors run

    12. Abishan Krishanthan

      What happened to RN3?!

    13. jeremy allen

      I swear the first 20 secs I though I was hearing the commentators from the Kentucky derby lmao

    14. felonious89

      Ohyeah..coool moody!

    15. Jasper Nicholas Lim


    16. Ralph Films

      Let’s go commet

    17. Rafael Ventura

      Always here for Superball and mainly Quicksilver!

    18. Epic Gaming With Zach

      Blazing Blizzard looks soooo cool!!

    19. Raphael K.

      I found roldo at there beginning

    20. Alex Gonzalez

      Where are Orangers?? 😭😭

    21. Stuart Mease

      I am not a good IRvisionr

    22. Stuart Mease

      Red 3

    23. Red Potato Salad

      Has anyone ever seen Roldo?

    24. krushna ratnaparkhi

      I dont know why, but whenever I see RN3 in the race my default support goes to him.. probably because some of the best run he had in previous seasons.. He can make impossible possible even with the very little margin of error and what a great finisher he had been.. Just like MS Dhoni.. Did not perform that good this time but hopefully will perform better as season progresses.. ❤

    25. sujit bejwadkar


    26. One Panda Army

      Quicksilver with the classic Lance Armstrong move!

    27. KyleLeoPlays

      This is really well commentated

    28. Borys Barrera

      MMM is is great looking one.

    29. isaias villaseñor

      Me encantan estas carreras, sigue así crack

    30. Joshua turner

      My wife will be so excited, Superball is back, he was always her favorite marble

    31. Henry Valdes

      Yo vine por los videos de ibai !!

    32. Rob Leskosky

      My two boys and I are super excited to see SAND races back. We enjoy these so much more than the other tracks. Big Pollo Loco fans!!

    33. heavysaur

      wait no i watching this!?!?!?! I love this, so fun to watch hehehe.

    34. Jake Stasil


    35. prod. mp3


    36. Darien West

      Red No. 3 let’s goooooo

    37. Conor Jacklin

      Warning spoilers in read more Eh Congrats to Crazy Cats Eye but I am rooting for superball, cool moody and red number 2

      1. Conor Jacklin


    38. Marcelo Zorrilla

      Oh my god, how did i miss the start of this!!! let's go RN3!!!!

    39. Andraž Guzaj

      my inner batman fan wants me to root for black knight, but was dissapointed by him losing the lead so early on

    40. ahotsummerday

      finally, it starts

    41. Thomas Walmsley

      Champing at the bit, Greg.

    42. Oreos&Milk

      Marbly McMarbleface is gonna get me everytime! lol

    43. David Bost

      What's the deal with Ghost? Regardless, I love them.

    44. John Phillips

      Gotta pull for Duck Tape.

    45. xx_redrum


    46. Allen Kim

      Did Super Turtle retire already or is he on the B League?

    47. Peter Elmer

      Lollipop is my winner pick of the season

    48. RHSide

      Triforce Podcast sent me and I will be STAYING ❤️

    49. kj cq

      zero social distancing going on in the audience

    50. Sonmi 872


    51. Hunter gamez


    52. lew ozordep

      RN3 for the win..

    53. El Duderino

      Sand Marble Rally is the pinnacle of marble racing! Been jonesing for the return all lockdown.

    54. Taylor Scovelli

      #CCE all the way

    55. Marie millett


    56. PMush Perfect

      Gotta stick with my boys the Crazy Cat's Eyes! #CCE

    57. Michael Estrada

      Imagine these but with Eurobeat

    58. Mark Newitt

      I love your channel!!

    59. Julen


    60. ApollosRoman

      CCE 4 the win. Did any contestants question Red numbers 3's eligibility?

    61. Keith Hepworth

      This is more exciting that F1 right now. Hamilton, Bottas, Verstappen. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    62. A YouTuber

      Cool karnal go

    63. Hoof Hearted

      Cool Moody reminds me of Nathan from South Park. "Shut up, Mimsy!"

    64. Maria Kowal


    65. Tim Hyatt


    66. Rabbit Cube

      I thought Lollipop had it, that was some expert blocking in the middle of the track there. But I guess no marble can be expected to hold a lead for that long.

    67. vazak11


    68. Justdizzy

      CCE is best marble !!

    69. anas awady

      r n 3

    70. before_my_body_is_dry


    71. Mic Tam

      Hi there can you please gho please

    72. ogama8

      Champing. It's "champing at the bit," not chomping.

    73. O

      Help how do I pick a team?

      1. O

        nvm gotta go with Ducktape Name 10/10 Looks 10/10 What a marble 🥵

    74. White god323

      Yes finally

    75. endergirl1421_YT

      Man Ghost Plasma, what happened to you?

    76. Musculus IV

      Oh I missed that there is new season. Lets go Dragon's Egg! Lets get that second title!

    77. reallygoodname

      Yay another Sand Rally! As every year I gotta support Dragon's Egg, through the best of times and worst of times. Ghost Plasma was the OG Final boss so I gotta support em too!

    78. Bacon Pancakes

      Did nobody see black night leap frog summer sky at 0:55

    79. SuperLasitha

      was waiting for the Rally to start...

    80. Alex Abluguitar

      YEEESSS!! Crazy Cat's Eye winning, that's my team!

    81. C4rlos Antonio


    82. Veno of Necona

      Come on Red Number #3 you can do it

    83. On fire

      #BLA my boi was robbed this race man held that lead for so long just to have it yoinked at the last second

    84. scott gow

      i love this

    85. The awesome guy

      10th is okay, but we need to step up if we want to win! #RN3

    86. Marshy Mitch

      Cool moody and RN3

    87. Clasteau

      I always cheer for Superball/Black Knight/CCC, so this was a good showing for me.

    88. LaserEye Studios

      Me: Picks Dragon Egg and Nemo like I do every year. There race: Dragon egg DNF, Nemo DNF

    89. DragãoBolado

      Thi is cool!!!😁

    90. Jane Doe

      I've been a fan of Ghost Plasma since the OG races. Love this stuff.

    91. Ethan Jay

      Hell yeah Cool Moody coming in for 2nd place 🥈🎉

    92. Ashley Sarginson

      I was unsure who to follow until you said Marbly McMarbleface. THAT is my pick!!!

    93. ESC Niits

      What a great start for a SummerSky stan. Oh wait no nevermind. My back up was CCE and I'm glad

    94. Mario Gomez-Solis

      Thank you for everything you did for us during quarantine. You’re a saint

    95. Rod Puente

      YES!! Sand Marble Rally is back!! Go #SUP, good start not the best luck but solid race

    96. sandeep gobind

      wheres red number 3?

    97. LGM Music

      Team RN3 🔥🔥🔥

    98. NewFormofSilence

      Excellent, glad we're back to the sand rally, this is the heart of the channel!

    99. Iftachil Falach

      Guys is it #eyeontheprize or #eyesontheprize ? I see contradictary comments in the past, lol. Anyway, good start is our thing apparently, same like ML 2020. Go Cat's!

    100. Giles S

      Quicksilver managing to get back on the course like that was incredible