Super Intense Marble Racing - Who will WIN?

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    Hello everyone and welcome to Race 3 of the Marble Rally 2020 only on Jelle's Marble Runs! In this traditional format, 20 individual marbles race down a course in the sand and battle for the win. Who are you rooting for? Choose a marble and ENJOY! #MarbleRace #MarbleRally #JellesMarbleRuns
    INFO: For Season 5, there won't be qualifiers or a B-League. 20 racers have been invited to participate this year's championship by the committee. Please check our website for more details.
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    1. J3N53N

      Man why did I choose Comet

    2. Hashi Robb Eligio

      we love yellow marble right?

    3. WilsonTheNerd

      Rip to the legend RN3😢

    4. vazak11

      What a shock ending!

    5. John Smit

      I can see Dragon's Egg totally loving these conditions. Makes him think of back home.

    6. 148 Race

      RN3 Struggles. Know he knows how its like to get beaten

    7. Raniery da Silva


    8. Fluffymiyster

      Holy crap! I must be GOOD at picking teams! I'm binging these races after the 5th one was released and decided I just liked the name Dragon's Egg as my choice to root for, so I chose that ome and began from race 1. They came in 5th last time and now 1st! I picked Minty Maniacs as my other team of choice this year and in total, they finished 3rd for the Marblympics! I'm getting a little bit of goosebumps! Hopefully Dragon's Egg keeps up with placing in or near the top!

    9. C.S.R

      RN3 😭

    10. Not Sure

      Way to go Dragons Egg!

    11. felonious89

      Yeah! Consistent cool moody

    12. Manuel Alejandro Palomino Zapata

      Genio, figura, mastodonte... 👍

    13. StellarX

      Usually love these races but sadly the ever-changing camera angles made it almost impossible to follow... :-(

    14. Lil Nuggy

      Dirt races are the best and I stand by that

    15. Alphonso White

      Ghost Plasma was robbed! Is this course even regulation!?

    16. Ethan Waboose

      I wonder if the account owner knows he runs a rabbit hole

    17. Jacob Wilson

      Finally Dragon’s egg did something

    18. Aríes Pradana A.

      Ahh, my Summer Sky finished 7th

    19. Dullax

      This brings back MEMORIES

    20. M. M.

      I've really gone down the rabbit hole tonight..

    21. JLuis Izquierdo

      Dónde están los fanáticos de Pollo loco 🖐🏼🐓🤪

    22. StevieRock

      RIP Red Number Three. It was fun while it lasted.

    23. Dry Bones

      1: My guy, Cool moody, is in 1st. That's epic. 2: Red Number 3 is in 15th... which is weird. But OK. 3: Ghost Plasma is REALLY GOING FOR I-

    24. Shy Guy Arrow

      Dragon's Egg Yes! What a bounce back so far. DNF to 5th to 1st, thats how its done!

    25. GilGalad 62

      Dragons Egg!!!!!!!!

    26. SlupitaB

      Here because of jk news

    27. James Felicidario

      You should add a ramp near the end of the race making a risky but rewarding finish if done right

    28. Alex Abluguitar

      So happy with a 5th place of CCE after this hard race. We keep following the top chart and not so far of the actual leader.

    29. LePostmorte

      Black night loses 3 races smh #BlackNightTillDead

    30. M R

      I'm here because of JK news. Steve was not kidding.

    31. Breadstick502 Plays!

      Just to let u know I was guessing dragons egg

    32. sharper_image

      Let's face it rn3 was replaced by a imposter marble. So sad

    33. Sheila Spatz

      Crazy Cat’s Eyes ✊There I said it! Ain’t over till it’s over! Held steady this race. Come on guys! You CAN do this!

    34. SmurphDoge

      What do the point numbers in blue mean as opposed to the white?

    35. Michael G

      Is Last Week Tonight your sponsor?

    36. reallygoodname

      Woo Dragon's Egg and Ghost Plasma with great wins this race! If only Big Pearl was there too so that it would be a 2016 reunion.

    37. Jayarbal

      There is only one RED marble.

    38. Aaron Burns

      Alright quicksilver staying committed to the second place. Show everyone that you contender to win this year.

    39. Alexander Mutsaers

      Hate to say it, but I think Red Number 3 might be past his prime. Perhaps a hungry up-and-comer should take his place next season.

    40. AleisterMeowley

      I always knew Dragons Egg was a champion

    41. Dakota

      This is my first season watching, kinda like Summer Sky, I guess we’ll see how the season goes.

    42. David Smith

      When you're cheering for Comet finally seeming to do pretty well then realize it's actually just Summer Sky and Comet's back at the back again😑😂

    43. bennyfactor

      Cool Moody is the Scott Dixon of this year's Sand Marble Rally

    44. aaron viquez

      #RN3 team I trust you man common

    45. Martin Zaehringer

      I mourn for what RN3 has become; I cherish what it was

    46. Jumoke Adenekan

      Do a collab with 3Dbotmaker

    47. Gabriel Eguiguren

      congratulations, excellent job, keep going!!

    48. Aleksandro Mitin

      What have you done with #RN3? He even can't start well!

    49. Vesuvius P.

      WTF RN3? Did you take lessons from Hornets?

    50. Baalf Games

      Ouch! Not a good day to be a Marbly McMarbleface fan.

    51. CreepyProduceFan 100k

      Way cooler moody!

    52. TheLoneSculler


    53. Will Gangster35

      Yes red number 3 is in this

    54. Chocolate Sunday

      Go ghost plasma. Been a fan forever. Glad he’s finally getting back into it

    55. Vanessa Garcia

    56. David Pierce


    57. David Pierce


    58. David Pierce


    59. David Pierce


    60. David Pierce


    61. David Pierce


    62. StamfordBridge

      Red Number 18. 😢

    63. Matthew Ulanski

      To the JMRC or whomever runs their YT channel: I would suggest that you add the video for Race 2 of the 2020 Sand Marble Rally to the corresponding playlist. I saw that the video in question wasn't in the playlist. Could you take care of that soon, if you're not too busy? Thanks.

    64. Nathaniel Espinoza

      Pollo Loco had fourth, but noooooooooooooooo

    65. Jeremy Christian

      just screw everyone who pushed the change to RN3. That wasn't necessary, it was ridiculous, even, it's like telling Usain Bolt to tune down to the average running speed. Now my favorite event is ruined forever.

    66. Jonathan Porter

      GhostPlasma no! You had 2nd place in the bag but you stalled! Okay, okay, don't panic. You'll get 'em in the next race.

    67. Tyler Hensley

      Ghost plasma! Homey why you make my heart drop like that.

    68. Tropical 77

      I love that you're taking this seriously:D

    69. Abby Bane

      Come one Dragon's Egg.... ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! DE FOR THE WIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNN!!!

    70. Lief D

      It looked like Ghost Plasma was celebrating a little to early.

    71. TheoryGuy83

      Is Marbula E done? It's been a while.

    72. Manjaro With Fractals

      I dont like the fact that RN3 was replaced because it was winning too much. Maybe ypu can disqualified or retired but using another marble as it was him is not cool.

      1. Manjaro With Fractals

        @Spongyface2000 yeah, but that is what I mean. Change its name. Like NRN3 or something like that. Is not the same "marble".

      2. Spongyface2000

        Manjaro With Fractals well I mean fantasy was replaced by Phoenix and glassy was replaced by grasshopper.

    73. Matt Methena

      I love watching ghost plasma. You just never know what that crazy marble is going to do next..

    74. r3snaadille

      Quicksilver finally showing up. About time, I've been rooting for him for about 3 years.

    75. Loalrikowki

      I think Black Knight actually started moving backwards in that collection zone. Total momentum-killer.

    76. Lexi Cornix

      Shouldn't Roldo have been there?

    77. Kellekei

      Pre race comment- go cool moody we believe in you

    78. darthaustin

      Line Break Line Break Line Break Ghost Plasma just giving me heart attacks this year.

    79. NiMkoTlaGi

      Ghost Plasma showing off like those peace sign bikers, thinking they have it in the bag

    80. iworkmusic

      You guys are AMAZING! The work that you all put in to produce these races are highly appreciated. Thank you, for creating great content!

    81. BlueFlag Alpha

      Red Number 3 worst finish so far

    82. Tripp Prevatt


    83. Otto Bigler

      Great track and camera work in this one! SLIMER is too slow though :D

    84. Nate Isenhardt

      CCE is making moves this season. Really improved consistency this season.

    85. gwaptiva

      Meh, Marbly out again!

    86. anas awady

      Red Number 3😭😭😭

    87. Theo Volz

      Everyone talking about their favourites. Me? I just hope all the marbles have a good time.

    88. 张基龙

      RN3 is great enough, just enjoy the game, and he will come back sooner or later

    89. Paolo Miguel Cedeño

      Red Number 3 still a legend!

    90. Old man peanut

      That 50 grand i have on ducktape to win is not looking good

    91. jimmysgetndown

      Pollo loco NOOO! Love your videos, but a bit too many jump cuts in this one for me personally, took away from the satisfying nature. Y’all rule!

    92. Michael Johns

      The courses suck this year!

    93. Jorge Tena

      "El Pollo Loco" is actually a grilled Chicken restaurant chain here in México, 😂

    94. Preston Green

      Mark my words. Red number 3 WILL be making a move on the leaders and compete for the title.

    95. Jonathan Crummett

      Looks like RN3's age is catching up with them.

    96. Chris Ludwig

      Cool Moody! Hell yeah, still ruling the roost.

    97. Princess sunshine

      The past 4 years have been completely horrible, but I just found this channel and I feel a little better now

    98. Christopher Wojtan

      Yo my boy Super Ball got hosed. He got blocked by the pack that should be a penalty.

    99. Il Cuggino Canadese

      Oh dear what is happening with Red 3? :(