Collision | Marble League 2020 E15

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    Welcome to the fifth edition of the Marble League #ML2020, sponsored by Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, and Event 15: Collision!
    The penultimate Marble League event is the ultimate test of strength and teamwork! Teams must avoid getting collided out of the field by not only their opponents, but also by the Gravitrax traps that shoot ball bearings their way. The top four teams are all chasing the gold in this event with the Marble League championship in the balance! This one is truly for all the marbles!! #marblelympics #marblerace
    0:00 - Intro
    1:00 - Group A Matches
    4:45 - Group B Matches
    8:00 - Group C Matches
    12:50 - Group D Matches
    16:35 - Quarterfinals
    19:00 - Semifinals, Finals and Podium
    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
    Graphics: Anton Weber, Tom Cui, Trevor Sayre
    Editing: Bart Stoffels, Jelle Bakker
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    1. steff pet

      non momo fans: momo had a little momomentom why didn't they win. momomomo: 2017

    2. Jamon

      Absolute dominance from the Speeders here, gotta give it to them, 6 wins, 0 draws, 0 losses is very impressive, deserved winners.

    3. Tyger Royal

      Oceanics did fantastic in the beginning. OCEANICS FOREVER

    4. Melissa Stevens

      One of my kids just asked if Greg Woods was supposed to be a marble and I was like 🤯🤯.

    5. TheUnofficialNinja

      me, pumping my fists in the air at 13:42: mo! seconds later, fists still in the air: when on earth did i become a momo fan

    6. Jeremy MacPherson

      It’s so hard to be a crazy cats eyes fan when they lose everything just barely

    7. Jared Erickson

      Classic mellow yellow choke.

    8. Doc James Burton

      Awh, I love the o rangers

    9. Grasswalker

      Speeders suck.

    10. JFL Returns

      Wow! Savage Speeders (Another Fan-Favorite (Momo was the fan-favorite hehe)) smackdown Orangers on the lead! YAY!

    11. Haekal Rabbani

      savage speeders!!

    12. Manuel Mateo

      Nice strategy from the Thunderbolts on keeping a teammate in the center near the end.

    13. Matthew Yothers

      14:28 I don't know who that was, but that competitor from Team Momo cheated by going back into the ring. Good thing they saw it happen and counted him as off.

    14. Никодим Евсеич

      Я нихрена не понял, но зачем-то посмотрел до конца

    15. Herbiesainty

      This is kinda like robot wars.... kinda

    16. Aaron Dorsey

      Look like the O'rangers got a little full of them selves. That was a tough loss, and for the Savage Speeders to take the lead smh.

    17. Oliver Runciman

      who the heck disliked this also tell me what team you are supporting

      1. Oliver Runciman


      2. Oliver Runciman

        @Earl Bone Does exactly

      3. Earl Bone Does


    18. Paul Ch52

      Exactly what was not supposed to happen. Upset City. All the rival's prosper while the O'rangers sit stunned in the gutter. Still in contention. Time to shine orange! O'Rangers! O'Rangers! O'Rangers! O'Rangers!

    19. tenfyr

      Not sure I like this event. I didn't get the same sense of tension as other events I've seen.

      1. Earl Bone Does

        Didn't help that it was really poorly explained, too. The first five minutes I was just trying to figure out what the craps I was watching. Are they scoring points by knocking down certain dominoes?? Are they trying to get off the battlefield and onto certain platforms to score??

    20. Jazza BigHits

      Mellow Yellow getting screwed as always

    21. SiMe

      My goodness. The Speeders got so many podiums in the second half of the tournament. My goodness! My goodness!! I'm so proud!!! #SpeedIsKey #SavagePassage

      1. Earl Bone Does

        Drug tests all around.

    22. Maria Spin

      Yay! My three favorite teams ended up in the top 4!

    23. TheWindowsCollector Windows 11

      21:11 uhhh

    24. Bipo :o

      i haven't really payed attention to the thunderbolts in the past, but after seeing them employ that center-stage tactic in this event, i might have to keep an eye out for them next year

    25. Nick Carberry

      My #ridethetide is uh....

    26. Scottydude456

      17:45 Me trying to see which team is team is which: 👀👀👁👁👀👀

    27. Carlos Roura

      I was reviewing last year's ML 2019. O'rangers got gold in this event and Savage Speeders got last place. This year, they switched places with Speeders' gold and O'rangers' 16th place. What a coincidence!

    28. Rendy Andrian Y

      What an amazing arena design!

    29. Billy Evans

      i liked the fidget spinner event better

    30. Sonathan 1893

      Collision is kinda chaotic now with all the outer threats, which even most of the time don't hit any marbles.

    31. Phaota

      What is the odd whistling crowd sound for the Savage Speeders? No, no, no, the ball for Team Momo might have partially went off the field, but was saved by the red wall, so it was still in play. That counts, man. It should only count as being off if the ball is literally out of play. Saved by a wall is a bonus.

    32. Dickmeiss

      Go Green Ducks #ouackattack

    33. Shane Spencer

      Oh!! Where's the.. Ack! The ref's blew the call!! Hazers were robbed!! It was a failed mechanism! 21:00 it would have blown at least one of the Minty Maniacs off the board if not both. Where was the judge? They should have stopped play at that moment and replayed the round! It's a conspiracy... O_o

    34. Noemi Starlight

      It was hilarious when there was a Thunderbolts vs Oceanics match, I couldn't tell what was happening. I kept hoping to see that very thing happen.

    35. Noemi Starlight

      Now I'm a Savage Speeders fans bc I just wanted anybody to unseat the Orangers! Very savage today guys! Good win.

    36. Phillip Benavides

      The 1-3-1 never works Green Ducks!! Ive been saying we gotta flex with the Flying V formation. Such a poor showing by the captain of the Ducks...☹️

    37. Flutterbutt225

      I genuinely have no idea how this event works or how scores are tallied. Nothing about this event makes any sense.

      1. Earl Bone Does

        I feel this. Took me like five minutes to realize it's just about how many balls are left on the board.

    38. Andrew Yupi

      Why raspberry racers, why? 😭

    39. ougoustou

      simplicity is the key

    40. Vincent Knight

      It must be heartbreaking to be an ORangers supporter right now. Two events ago I thought they would win the whole league in a landslide

    41. Albert

      I like how the events constantly improve

    42. Bryen Graver


    43. Alex

      Love the course for this one! I love all the extra stuff it really makes collision chaotic! I want this level of chaos for collision going forward!

    44. Suchega Uber

      Give it up for that ref. Hope they're okay.

    45. Jason Kunkel

      In my opinion, for an event like this, if they don't fall off, they should still count. If the ball doesn't touch the floor, they're technically still alive. That's jusy how I would run it. This way is the way you're running it, so it's fine. Thanks for the all the work you put into making these! Looking forward to your future projects.

    46. Russell Hillyer

      Really like the new layout for collision

    47. What's Therapy?

      When it started I hated it. By the time it ended I loved it. COLLISION!!!!

    48. Daniel Sosa

      All speaders having 2017/2018 flashbacks ^^'

    49. Eniekeye Gosling

      Momo Momo

    50. danillo Gonçalves

      The 3 biggest teams of all time going to last event with a chance to win it alll, epic

    51. politos73

      Feck SP :c

    52. Dolphino Egglet

      These are getting more and more elaborate. It’s amazing

    53. Frédéric TONTON

      new marbles competition show!

    54. BeakerPD

      Momo got robbed!

    55. D A

      My favorite part of the commentary was about the little red marbles, electrons, but now we know where they are. Brilliant commentary!

    56. losceliguetas

      First medal for Thunderbolts. Finally we have something to celebrate.

    57. Johnnie Martynov

      Hazers get no medal, but +1 place in total. Not bad. :-)

    58. Valerio Scalabrelli

      In my opinion, there should be a Collision Marble Championship next year, like JMR did with Marbula One, with regular season + playoff. This is an exciting and unpredictable event!

    59. T

      Speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!!! Come onnnnn!!!

    60. Ridwan Noer

      Group D in a nutshell: Tricky tricky business 🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆

    61. MatonMastersound

      I hate the Savage Speeders so much

    62. Likhi viper

      I was jumping in madness when Savage speeders won the event

    63. TheLastOfTheOrder

      I am so proud of the Savage Speeders. This has been such an impressive comeback, when no one believed us, coming out of last place, when everyone thought the O'rangers, our main rivals, would have an easy win. It's all up to the last event now. #SpeedIsKey

    64. The Playlists - Home of random YT videos!

      I was a Ducks fan in their newcomer year 2019, but for 2020 I was rooting for the hornets, and then after the Oceanics medal streak, I was hoping they would go further than 10th, but once I found out event 14 was an AQUAthlon, I knew that would weigh them down. I am rooting for the Wisps to pull off a repeat victory.

    65. Morven Nox

      Crazy Cat's Eyes... I had hopes, I had dreams and I had joy to live. Thank you for taking the last piece of joy of living from me. I- I don't want to talk right now.

    66. StandingWind Productions

      Ya know what? The Thunderbolts will gladly take a silver. We've had a really bad year, so this is really exciting!

    67. AI Dusty

      Forgot there were 16 events lets go orangers!!

    68. NoArtisticLimitation

      When you mentioned the standing ovation Me: But... they don’t have any feet? My parent walking past and peeking over: *That’s* the part you’re having trouble with?

    69. Chris Wachtman

      There are a few moments that I'm not sure the Savage Speeders stayed within the boundaries. I specifically noticed 19:27 and 21:24

    70. Felicia Barker

      Hate to say it, but it was deeply satisfying to see the O'rangers punt so hard. Hazers versus Wisps was a heck of a match. Split second calculations to realise they were safely positioned and nerves of steel required to hold steady until all the chaos died down. Sadly I think that round took too much out of them, and you can see they just haven't got the reaction time and judgment they need in the following two matches.

    71. Kenpachi6151

      So proud of the thunderbolts. Tears in my eyes

    72. Logan Bilodeau

      Orangers Fans - “OOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooh No” #SpeedIsKey!

    73. Shana

      As a Hazers fan, I am pleased and disappointed at the same time. *sigh*

    74. froggerzard6606

      Ooooorangers how do you manage to do this everytime you do so great almost all the way through and at the end you have to give me a heart attack. You guys better pull through please.

    75. StrangerThanString

      Thank you Jelle & crew! I really like the modifications to the collision set up & the look of the board this year!

    76. Matt Perkins

      This event needs to be retired. I just skipped right to the end to get the result.

    77. Isabelle M

      I only watched the finale because I just don't get this one. I get that you need most of them still on the field, but all the other stuf I just don't get. And if the orangers are already out it just no point... We'll see next week!

    78. baconology

      I love how unnecessarily complicated this is. Can we get it on ice next time?

    79. Arrash

      This my favourite marble league event

    80. HmmmmmLemmeThinkNo

      Agh, I wish they'd switch up the brackets - I hate when the wisps and hazers are against each other before the semifinals

    81. HmmmmmLemmeThinkNo

      I do *not* blame Team Momo for taking the safer routes for this event

    82. StormRiderEvo

      Bumblebees vs Hornets..... That's nature in poetry form.

    83. Marko Favre

      Savage Speeders must be rigging this somehow

    84. Tommy Garrett

      This could haven't gone any better for the #SavageSpeeders!!!!!!!!!! LETS GO!!!!!

    85. Jobrill

      oooof, neither of my favorite teams made it past the first rounds. Well, Momo still has one more chance at gold. I believe!

    86. Roland Ruesch

      Poor referee that got hit in the ...

    87. Kevin Simmons

      Momo got robbed again

    88. Ed Vernon-Stroud

      Finally some good news for the thunderbolts! It’s been a long time coming! #Bringthethunder

    89. Jeffrey Brauner

      OOOOOOOOOOOOOO Noooooooooooooooo

    90. Suzanne Berry

      9:00 who heard the electron comment, “this time we know where they are”?

    91. thomyorkessoul

      incredible scenes. genuinely can't believe how badly the orangers choked here, but enough can't be said about the grit and determination of the speeders.

    92. Jinyou Han

      Chance of winning: midnight wisps: they must finish first or second in marathon. If wisps finish first, the savage speeders need to finish at 8th or below and orangers 4th or below. If wisps finish 2nd, then speeders must finish 13th or below and orangers 8th or below.

      1. Jinyou Han

        Actually the crazy cat’s eyes still have a 0.1% chance to auto qualify: they won marathon and maniacs last place, and the host is either speeders, Orangers or wisps.

      2. Jinyou Han

        For minty maniacs take a shot at the podium: If they won marathon, then wisps must not finish 2nd. If wisps are 2nd, then the maniacs need to hope the Orangers finish 13th or below. If maniacs finish 2nd then wisps need to finish at 6th or below. If maniacs finish 3rd then wisps must at 11th or below. If the maniacs finish out of the podium, they need wisps to do horrible. If maniacs finish 7th or below, they will have no chance.

      3. Jinyou Han

        A win in the marathon for either the speeders or the Orangers will secure them the title. If any of these teams finish 2nd, as long as the other team do not win, it will also secure the title. If Orangers finish 3rd, then speeders need to finish at 6th or below. If speeders finish 3rd, then Orangers must not finish 1st or 2nd. If both teams are outside of the podium, then Orangers must finish at least 5 places above the speeders. They should watch out the wisps too.

    93. Vincent Ray

      All Marble League records are hereby suspended until the issue of Gravity Enhancing Substance use is fully addressed by the Marble League. Until all marbles participating in any Marble League event are tested for GES by the approved laboratories, there will be no official FISM sanctioning of any result, in any competition, promoted by the Marble League. Vincent Ray President Federation International des Sports Marbre

    94. Eion Eyerity

      So disappointed in Raspberry Racers performance..

    95. Marley Griffin

      Jelle can you do a mvm for the best marble of a season

    96. Bia Ruppini

      I’m so disappointed with the O’Rangers... what is happening? If the Speeders surpass us and win this year’s Marblelimpics I will be mad

    97. Sara Bow SeeBowGo

      The Racers were robbed!!! They won that first heat and they made them redo. SMH

    98. tikocal

      3:00 for the Best Of

    99. Inside Interpreting

      Good to see a better performance from the Maniacs. The Speeders seem unstoppable

    100. Zenith and The Tree

      Savage speeders fans at the start of marble league:we're losing the marble league Savage speeders at the end of marble league:top 3 baby