Marbula One S2: GP8 Momotorway RACE

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    Hello everyone and welcome to Marbula One Season 2! The Revolution in Marble Racing is finally back, with a new qualifying system, 20 teams, 12 total races and a lot of improvements.
    Who will get the win today? Please enjoy! #MarbulaOne #M1 #Marblemania
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    1. Nicko Labradores

      rapidly looks old

    2. Brian Smith

      OK, I'm way Late to watching this one, but it was SO GOOD I have to comment- the entire race was great, all the marbles had moments (except for Rapidly) but that 3 way fight between Yellow Eye, Clutter, and Yellow was awesome- Yellow had the pole and fought all the way, and when Yellow Eye made that move on Clutter on Lap 12 I yelled "oh, Oh, OH!!" out Loud- Yellow Eye had to watch his back, but never Lost the Lead after that- Props to Clementin for fighting a tough pack to grab 4th- my 2 fave teams are CCEs and Speeders so the Good (Crazy Great)- such a dominant season for CCEs AND it's a fight for individual honors between Red Eye and Yellow Eye !! That's well...... Crazy --- the Bad- Speedy is #4 Individually and Rapidly is #40 - wtf? CUT Rapidly from ANY races upcoming or next season, he's an embarrassment

    3. Karla Viloria

      Last marble standing in 1st

    4. Karla Viloria

      RED LIGHT #5 OUT

    5. Tommy Vercetti

      I like how passionate people commenting to this 😀 Btw I am still team yellow mellow 💪

    6. Atharva Kshirsagar

      CCE need to be drug tested

    7. Dopamint

      Rapidly is thoroughly sabotaging the Savage Speeder's season...

    8. Rockstar Sanith

      Hip hip hurrah for hazy Hip hip hurrah

    9. AlgoMarbler

      i smirked a lil bit when it said hop was in the lead

    10. GodsButtMonkey

      STARRY WAS ROBBED!!!!!!!!

    11. Даниил Данилюк

      many people can say: you support Crazy Cats Eyes only because they are leaders.... but!!! in all games, my nickname is "_CrazyCat_top_ "!!!! When I first saw these races, I was shocked! P. S. Sorry for my bad English :3

    12. Algosonic Racing

      mmm yummm dumplings

    13. Poul Eliasen

      I am a balls of chaos fan so I’m really happy

    14. Milo Thornhill-Davis

      I’ve been a green ducks fan for a long time but it’s getting worse and worse

    15. Mīkz

      why im seeing rapidly doing worst and worst

    16. Gabriel Flores

      JMR, just to let you know, this is the only race so far not on the playlist for this season! It has been an exciting road so far, let's go!

    17. i dont get the hype

      team momo all the way

    18. baloonaticsw

      Man, being a Balls of Chaos fan... Just when you think you have a chance at actually winning something...

    19. Hopeful Hyena

      I get that Clementine is a good athlete, but wtf is he even doing at training? I wouldn't be surprised if he skipped practice.

    20. XodakatMusic

      Really disappointed in the performance from Rapidly. I was quite excited to see the Savage Speeders to have qualified and was rapidly let down by that spectacle. I hope he has a good explanation for his slow behaviour? Really sad to be honest, wishing him to step up his game next time

    21. Gabrielle Ivie

      I said he right behind you yellow eye !! 😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️

    22. Callum Patterson

      Being a ducks fan ......😞

    23. Joe Bob


    24. Pen


    25. Pen


    26. Pen

      Yo rapidly is so bad. Speedy is good

    27. Maciej Dyksy

      Bet Carzy Cat Eyes oil their marbles!!!!

    28. Alistair Davis


    29. ESTC

      New thumbnail is awesome guys!!

    30. KentoCommenT

      Wough never thought I'd see a marble get fastest lap, 2 laps in a row.

    31. Magi604

      Better than Ford V Ferrari imo

    32. Sebastian

      I'm only here for the M1 content

    33. Mario Alian

      Like just how speedy is having a lot of points and then we got rapidly who got no points speedy is literally carrying the team

    34. Dick overeem

      If we get some good races like now in the next ones we can get maybe closer to the podium cause after last season we need to keep up with the reputation

    35. Cloudy

      I'm so proud that my favorite team CCE is doing so well

    36. Binaya Raj Gaire

      Rapidly needs to lose some weight and smooth out there surface very poor performance.

    37. Anher Liner

      CCE is really good i always enjoy your videos

    38. Anher Liner

      i love this video so thanks jmr

    39. Claus Jørgensen

      Are the marbles tested for illegal substances regularly? Like invisible nano coating for extra smoothness? The speed of Crazy Cats Eyes is unreal, to good to be true?

    40. Brad Cachero

      plzz make it just only one lap for any race cuz my daughtress gets mad on saying "pa-ul8 ul8 namn yang race na iyan pero wlang katapusan??".. thnx MOTHERF*****S!!!!!!!!..

    41. donkey justin

      Rapidly trash lol

    42. EdmunDsgn

      I'm Not into marbles tbh, but I really appreciate the imagination of this level :)

    43. Andrew Taggart

      How do we get greg to announce freedom 500

    44. Sigi

      What a time to be a CCE fan. I'm loving it!

    45. Dimas Dwi Ari

      Go!!!! O'rangers

    46. OfficiallyNoName

      You need to get a life!! And give me yours, i need this

    47. Timber Stack

      As a CCE fan I was really pulling for hop since it was there first start

    48. Gary Tan

      how about trying marble run using water beads?

    49. Vytas Dauksa

      Can i just say that shock needs to be fired? like bolt is doing a good performance every single race and shock never gets points it feels likje

    50. KennyG881

      Speeders gotta bench Rapidly. He's killing us here.

    51. Kisan Joshi

      Marbles business after this video📈📈📈

    52. liliana yepes

      I love it

    53. Jorian Feunekes

      Marble mania

    54. Alexander Sutanto

      It's amazing how YLI from CCE have more consistency and determination than a human like me

    55. Roy Sunghwan Lee

      amazed by their stamina

    56. HuskyHeroine

      Great race everyone!! CCE still killing it and as my second pick team I couldn't be prouder. Hazers, not bad but I think we could do a lot better than that. Let's clutch it out! Y'all can do it! #HazeAmaze

    57. peter schoemaker

      😅 this is way more entertaining than formula one!😆

    58. Ismile Qureshi

      Wow feelings like real match

    59. NJ Toews

      We have collected 1125 marbles and we love this channel!

    60. SkittlesForTheColorblindPeople

      A billion times better than the total trash they made of it on SBS6........ Sorry. A trillion times better.

    61. Cezary Cezary



      We have to be more bolder speeders, #speediskey

    63. Paulo Arthur Albuq

      The Crazy cat's eyes is the new mercedes

    64. ProfBrunoLampeeni

      Should we expect an "Irish Sweepstakes" later this month?

    65. Dave John

      I really like that yellow eye has to fight for first place

    66. S FF

      Wow I was shocked to see green ducks move UP to 2nd overall We got lucky these last two weeks, now the real work to hold 2nd place begins

    67. lemon squeezy

      post race interviews please!

    68. Alex Najdek


    69. Syff. YT

      Anyone know how to get these tracks?

      1. Knoebel 2

        @RocketManDan Really? There’s is a guy on tiktok that has the exact same as Jelle. You think that they sponsored him too?

      2. RocketManDan

        Sadly, these are custom made and sponsored, and I find this extremely annoying because this would be extremely fun at home.

    70. skirla03


    71. Nick Kipe

      Since you have the bumble bees and hornets add the wasps

      1. Jeremiah Clemente

        Wasp is already a name of a team member of the team Hornets (the team that finished last in both last seasons Marbula One and Marble League 2020). However, there are other teams from the Bug Circuit (the race the Hornets and Bumblebees raced in) that exist, such as the Ladybugs.

    72. D.T. Gray

      The funny thing about this as a kid my family couldn't afford many toys but my favorite toy was marbles. Just as Greg narrated this race scene I'd narrate elaborate stories using the marbles.

    73. Alex Ingham

      I miss the old intro scene

    74. Ralph Reagan


    75. Vinay Kapadia

      The Hazers always have a problem with splits. They jump the attenuator, almost every time. Come on guys, pick a side. #HazeAmaze

    76. Vinay Kapadia

      "Expend all the potential energy." Greg, never change.

    77. TheDTV

      Why am I feeling the adrenaline rush in this? LoL

    78. prod. shenko

      any o'rangers veteran fans?

    79. prod. shenko

      hit like if you've stayed loyal to your team for years

    80. Ben Salaman

      Greg Woods gives Jim Nantz a run for his money. I nominate Greg to be the next voice of The Masters.

    81. TheBimmyandJimmy

      I love all the detail you guys add to all you race tracks, especially the already established ones. It really adds depth to the jelle marble run lore.

    82. sigaso28

      Mimo made a decent improvement. We're looking l more and more like the old Mimo in the ramen bowl a few years back when it was brought in as Momomomo's replacement.

    83. sigaso28

      I don't know but I heard Rapidly was paid off to throw a race and will end up throwing the whole season. I've heard talk of being out of control and even a substance problem. Unfortunately these sort of dirty shenanigans have become all too common in Marbula one.

    84. sigaso28

      I still wonder when safety standards will get a much needed update. We all remember Momomomo's infamous near career-ending injury during the fidget spinner collision as well as the concussion during the bobsled costing him another season. But mimo's amazing performance in the ramen bowl made everyone quickly forget the catastrophic injury. When will the league stop putting profit over the safety of these amazing competitors? What will it take? Even football upped their safety standards. Maybe someone's on the take... There! I said it!

    85. QueenPlayz

      This is Primary School kids trying to get to the monkey bars first

    86. Cdspeedy OO7

      Its hard to be a thunderbolts fan

    87. Michael Dockal

      These marbles are the only thing keeping me alive in this sad world

    88. Sara Salazar

      i would like to know if you made the marbula one track yourself or did you buy it somewhere because i really want that track

    89. yabladabaobaoofa

      If anyone wants to know how to make the track it's easy, search on amazon quercitti marbledrome, get it and put black construction paper on the track.

    90. Makeshift Marble Runs

      Thoughts go out to all Jungle Jumpers fans in this race! 💔

    91. Francisco Bustamante

      GO GO KAOS¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

    92. Teddy Gillespie

      After this race the best qualifying position is 2nd place (marbles have finished 19 spots higher than the next best) and the worst qualifying position is 8th place (7 spots worse than the next qualifying spot)

    93. Major Plothole

      Cats Eyes: Exist Everyone else: "So... race you to second?"

    94. Colton Alderman

      I still believe in the greens ducks, even though CCE has almost double their score!! #QuackAttack

    95. Shop Rat

      Is marble racing a legitimate thing? Like people come over with their marble and race others? It's fun to watch

    96. sinnison23

      Clementine at least was consistent. Let's GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO'rangers!

    97. Tyler Almquist

      At this point I’m convinced Mary kidnapped Rapidly and pretended to be him because my god has he been awful this year

      1. Jeremiah Clemente

        I’m pretty sure you’re not the only one to think Rapidly is secretly Mary.

    98. Tyler Almquist

      I’m calling it now, Rapidly is the new Mary. He hasn’t done anything all season long and he’s just bringing Speedy down at this point. He had an alright season last year but this year it’s just been inexcusable.

    99. Rindo Rob

      🟡Could this be Mellow Yellow's turning point for the season? I sure hope so!

    100. Jacob Mago

      At least pulsar started to contribute last race