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    All the marble races of the Marble Rally 2019! This video contains 8 sand marble races where 20 marbles will race down a long course on sand, the fastest marble will win!
    Race 1: 0:05
    Race 2: 4:04
    Race 3: 7:56
    Race 4: 12:10
    Race 5: 16:26
    Race 6: 20:10
    Race 7: 24:00
    Race 8: 27:38
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    Cameras used: Sony RX0 and RX0 mark 2 + 1X Iphone 11 Pro Max (main cam) + DJI OSMO mobile gimbal.
    - This video is recorded in NTSC at 60fps
    - The Showdown (B-league) is expected at 9 January 2020.
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    === Condition score: ===
    This is determined based on weather and sand conditions include:
    - Weather type: Cloudy is most favorable
    - Temperature: 10 to 20 degrees celsius is most favorable
    - Wind direction: Low wind is most favorable
    - Sand condition: Wet sand after rain is most favorable
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    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
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    1. Joshua Workman

      Okay, okay, I get the hype for Red Number 3, but I'm not giving up on Blizzard Blaster.

    2. Sarin

      reflector like my life. at the first time it create a storm but after several time it can't breathe in that storming

    3. Nael IV

      Summer Sky ❤

    4. Gian Carlo David

      11:46 they all have white eyes lol. idk if that was just lighting placement coincidence or not but cool effect.

    5. Parker Chern

      1:16 I saw another three marbles stop

    6. Rekha Mestry

      1st cce 2nd bbl 3rd qwi

    7. Yabbapoo Music and gaming

      canada loves marble runs

    8. Sailing a Hobie

      The funny thing is that this is better than any major league sports. No BLM, no bullshit, nothing.

    9. sonofblessed

      The most shocking this about this is that this is a naturally occurring event, like Evolution.

    10. Emmanuel Perry

      In race 1 the ghost marble did not finish

    11. laffi

      This is fascinating!

    12. Alexis Salas

      Saludos desde Chile

    13. Beth Bowen

      How are you

    14. Beth Bowen


    15. Alex NAICKAR

      If lollipop was 10 miliseconds slower in the final race of 2017 red number 3 would have won

    16. Ermae Dianne Totesora

      cmo;you won superball fine sup;yay i won bbl;no i won superball gho;yeh cce;me too mmm;

    17. dane homler


    18. HAZER_Batz

      22:59 one of the craziest race finishes ever

    19. Zach

      RN3 is a damn inspiration. I remember watching him when he first went Pro; he had a lot of naysayers back then. Now he's a two time champion and a legend of the sport!

    20. Helen Geimeier

      it should be sand marble rally not marble rally

    21. Helen Geimeier

      that is dirt not sand I make marble rally's on beachs they work

    22. Baba Yaga

      Cool😎 Marbles!!

    23. Randy Kiik


    24. Celtics 17


    25. Negus Nutrino

      It's more intense that Bathurst!!!

    26. Nathan Gamble

      23:19 I think comet and ghost plasma were teaming up to block RN3. Of course this is a contact sport and blocking is part of the game, but in my opinion teaming up to physically prevent another competitor from racing properly is on the wrong side of sportsmarbleship.

    27. Cedric S

      Does anyone know if we are going to see the Marble Rally for 2020

    28. Jugoo Jaman

      Superball is just consistent...and finished 3 on the grand podium Go superball!!

    29. K-P K-P

      Red number 3 must participate in the Marble League 2021! Savage Speeders vs Orangers vs will be epic!


      I met red3 once, really nice to the fans, got a signed photo.

    31. William Geimeier

      go slimer and red number 3

    32. Tiny Toon

      Red Number 3 is overrated but the thing is he deserves it. How many races has he won or got on the podium? And does his best in pressure and pushes his way through. Red Number 3 deserves it. Definitely my favorite competitor in the Sand Marble Rally.

    33. Phantom Galaxy XYZ

      Best season for comet

    34. Squatting Squirrel

      Why am I watching this ......why cant I stop watching this

    35. Jeremy Nicoletti

      This channel is fast becoming my "go-to" for settling disputes.

    36. Billie Davis

      What size marbles do you use for the sand rally races? 25cm?

    37. a person

      when's the 2020 rally, i know that social distancing will make it hard to make courses but i'm hyped still

    38. Helen Geimeier

      red number 3 is not a marble

    39. Helen Geimeier

      when is the 2020 marble rally coming

    40. Helen Geimeier

      greg woods is the best

    41. Helen Geimeier

      I think red number 3 should be banned its only fair

    42. heng can


    43. Ron Ruszczyk

      There has been some controversy that red number 3 is not a marble. I don't care if he is or isn't. But what I would like to see are the stats on each of the competitors as to their size and weight, so that they are all within the same range.

    44. Atharv Peroor

      The first video I watched on this Channel was a marble rally race and I immediately started rooting for RN3. He’s a Marble Legend.

    45. Aaron Lassen

      This is more compelling then any stock car race I've ever tried to watch lol Marbles > Cars

    46. IvyTruong

      Dragon's Egg fan but I'm glad that RN3 got to compete after his massive scandal

    47. smswiere

      Where is Big Pearl?

    48. Francesco Sponza

      I have found this on napflix: I thought it was a good choice to bore myself to sleep. I am sitting on the edge of the bed, glued to the screen and cheering for Superball. I am going to sue Napflix for this.

    49. Đảo Khói

      Việt Nam ơi

    50. Poetically Twisted

      Okay, here we go! Team Cool Moody (Chosen solely for his relaxed and confident demeanor) SPOILERS Race #1 Feedback: OOF. That almost immediate crash out is definitely going to hurt us. Can't blame Cool Moody though it could've happen to anyone. We just have to brush it off as best as we can and prepare for the next race. Our hopes are still up and we still have faith Moody will pull through. Race #2 Feedback: Well, not looking so good and feeling even worse. We're a little disappointed that Moody hasn't been quite able to find his traction but we stand by our marble and will continue to support him through thick and thin. We can only hope for a redemption for pride's sake in the next race. Race #3 Feedback: Not our best race but we a proud of the improvement we saw from Cool Moody. It took a few races to find his stride and that very close DNF had us worried but we are still happy that he was able to keep up this time and really give his all even if he still didn't place. We may not be the threatening competitive force we were hoping to be but it isn't over yet and Moody's smirk reminds us that no matter what he will maintain a cool head. #CMO4EVER Race #4 Feedback: -sigh- We had dreams of slowly climbing the ranks and finding some place on the pedestal but after these last few races we have no choice to hang our heads an reevaluate our approach. Our Cool Moody just can't seem to keep up with the other racers and we could blame the track conditions, we could blame our positioning but the truth is Moody just can't seem to be handle his momentum properly. We were able to hang in the for the most part but missing that upper long stretch really hurt us and being pinned between other competitors really killed our speed. Until the end we can only continue to give our best and hope Moody pulls one out for the underdogs. Race #5 Feedback: OH BOY! Wow! Just as we were beginning to lose hope Cool moody turns around and shows us what he's been smiling about the whole time! He may not have finished first but he really pull a moral victory for us underdogs and I gotta say; it feels GOOD to be a Cool Moody fan right now! Very proud! Race #6 Feedback: Y'know after a very well fought race from all marbles we can't be too upset at Moody. From the footage we saw, Moody truly gave his very best all the way through but just could pull away from the center of a very congested cluster. I do think we needs more work and practice handling those curves seeing as he continued to barge his way sloppily side to side but we are still grateful to be closer to the top of the charts than the bottom. We nervous but excited for the what he can do in the next upcoming races. Race #7 Feedback: Oowee! We are very pleased with Moody's aggressive performance this race. He was making every move he could and was only bettered by the best of them. Stay in the runnings has definitely kept our hopes up. We believe in Moody and his devilish smile to once again remind us why we are fans! We may not have a chance of being champions this year because our rocky start we indeed have nothing but pride in our beloved marble and will still be cheering just as hard during this final race. Race #8 Feedback: With such dissapointing finish, we fear Cool Moody must've felt discouraged and admitted defeat a bit too early. A rough conclusion to a toughly fought tournament but we wave our loyal flags with no hindered confidence and there is always next year!

    51. Beatriz D.

      My favourite marble is :BBL

    52. Josh Turner

      Came here because of Joe Rogan

    53. Liz Loving Home

      Hannibal Buress brought me here. So far I'm impressed!

      1. Josh Turner

        Me too

    54. thánh lày minecraft

      Ai từ tik tok qua bấm vào Đây 👇

    55. Rodney Johnstone Prime

      I can't ever find Roldo....will somebody please help a sand marble rally fan here with maybe a timestamp and brief description? please

    56. Raxoris

      Man H2Blue can just never catch a break, huh?

    57. Benjamin R

      Has RN3 the same weight than the other marbles? It seems to be too fast in comparison, what's unfair and deserves the competition.

    58. Shane Busse

      H2Blue you let me down

    59. Tyler Hanf

      who else was rooting for phoenix please like + reply

    60. Richie Rich

      this needs to be on the ocho!

    61. Álvaro dos Santos

      Never forget: Quicksilver was robbed in 2017

    62. Jack Obora

      RN3 ran a much smarter season this year than he has in the past. Less swinging for the fences, more getting done what needs to get done. I was happy to see Ghost Plasma do well and I was pulling for him to win a title without ever winning a race, but that last race was a disappointment. Oh well, on to next year!

    63. Audrey Neucks

      0:41 there’s a mysterious, blob on the bottom of the screen. Some say this is the marble god “Jelle”. We may never know.

    64. Scot Sinclair

      This is brilliant. Great production value.

    65. Scott Craig

      Red No. 3 in the gate of Race #4: Hey, y'all, we out! 8+ second victory. Greg Woods was speechless.

    66. Aramis Cubillo Chan

      Red number 3 is the GOAT

    67. Jacob Tennenbaum

      Pollo loco out of nowhere because he under every marble and gain some speed

    68. Jacob Tennenbaum

      From stuck to complete the track to getting more points back

    69. Rachid Nakmouch

      Where did you get these marbles from?

    70. Nightwolf

      Why do I see dirtbikes when everyone else sees marbles?

    71. Spongyface2000

      Hi jelle I just wanna ask you do you allow recommended marbles to compete in the sand marble rally because if you do you I like to recommend a marble called earth you can make him however you like but one recommendation is please make him both blue and green that’s if you allow recommended marbles but great video!

    72. Dulcet Tone

      23:33 Red Number 3 has been cheating this whole time! He's got a hole drilled in him, he's lighter than the rest of the pack!

    73. Alan grainger

      Who agrees these marble races are one of the best sports in the world.

    74. Alan grainger

      Fun Fact: NEMO was actually trained by Red 3, to bad he didn't pick up Red 3s incredible short cuts.

    75. David Melendez

      "Stopped do to fatigue" 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆

    76. Rodney Johnstone Prime

      Red#3 is not the champion we deserve, he is the champion we all need!

    77. Shadow Sun

      Really missing the crowd in here

    78. Jaden Chen

      When the frog comes onto the track...who is in danger, the competitors or the frog?

    79. Eken 17

      Roldo is at 3:38, 7:10, 9:31, 12:45, 19:32, 21:19(I'm not sure) and 24:45.

    80. jnerdsblog

      Red #3 is my hero

    81. Melissa H

      Please help! Why am I watching all of these videos?? I can't stop!! How can there possibly be more dominate marble teams? How does Greg Woods do commentary on teamwork without cracking up?

    82. Beathe Bommel

      Marbly McMarbleface? Haha. I got the reference to Boaty McBoatface :)

    83. HaunterOfKanto

      I don't understand, why is this so entertaining to watch. Like, more so than regular sports. *clap* well done.

      1. AmmaLeslie

        The genius that is Greg Woods has something to do with it.

    84. Helzapoppin

      Sand Marble Rally will always be my absolute favorite

    85. vector umbra

      red number 3 wassssuppp

    86. Tyler Stevens

      Marbly McMarble Face. Love her name. Overall results? Not so much.

    87. Sam Gornstein

      19:33 is where Roldo is

    88. multirainbowhawk

      “Let’s hop to it.” I see the reference you made to the frog and I love it.🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸

    89. K Wong

      Are there post-race interviews? Also I worry that doping will come into play as with all sports. Do we get to see a pre-race weigh-in to check the players aren’t doping?

    90. Devyn A

      Guys is the marvel league different than marbelimpics ?

    91. Legendoflaw21007 Whittle

      This is Bull$h!t.... what about all the objects on the course. They definitely just happen to get there. I guarantee these races were rigged. I demand an investigation!

    92. xFoxySupreme

      Red #3 got infuriated by being DNF so he just blitzed on the following race and did enough the following to just win it by a margin. RN3 is a Legend for a reason.

    93. James Bird

      roldo is 12:44 on the track to the middle of the stick

    94. Obvious Alias

      RN3 2018: dominant 5 second lead RN3 2019: observe

    95. Lindsay Woollerson

      Black knight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    96. Brian Sharp

      Marbley McMarble Face

    97. Mezieln

      I have to ask.... Is there any chance for Ghost Plasma T-shirt? I mean, he would totally deserve it. Also I fell I need one so my life could be complete.

    98. Akash Shah

      "A little mountaineering get El Capitan into 3rd." Think we wouldn't catch that one?

    99. da boomer boi

      nice job for red number 3 he did super well and by far one of the best championships. i really wanted conra to win :-/

    100. da boomer boi

      nice job for red number 3 he did super well and by far one of the best championships. i really wanted conra to win :-/