Triathlon | Marble League 2020 E8

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    Welcome to the fifth edition of the Marble League #ML2020, sponsored by Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, and Event 8: Triathlon!
    The Triathlon, true to its name, includes three different sections! Marbles race through a mogul section before entering a race course, similar to Marbula One! After a quick turnaround, marbles race down a final section of the track into an underwater section to finish the Triathlon. Will the podium belong to the current leaders of the standings, or will a new team come out of nowhere and win gold? This one's for all the marbles!! #marblelympics #marblerace #marblerun
    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
    Graphics: Anton Weber, Tom Cui, Trevor Sayre
    Editing: Bart Stoffels, Jelle Bakker
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    1. Jelle's Marble Runs

      The next event Sand Mogul Race (E9) is on July 26th, thanks so much for tuning in and see you there!

      1. Itagub bugati

        Let’s do this

      2. The Replay Channel

        Jelle's Marble Runs oh this guy is serious?

      3. Aa Gg

        Some events you could try - Ski Jump - Relay, but with different size balls after another - Marathon (all balls at once from a hill or so) - Darts (shoot them from a canon towards a sticky surface)

      4. Oscar Stivs

        #QuackAttack come on you Green Ducks

      5. laura massey


    2. Andrew Rojas

      Ever since John Oliver promoted this channel earlier this year I’ve been so happy watching these videos. This was quite a race!

    3. Isaac Silverman


    4. Kevin Carter

      Go oranges

    5. northdakotagamer

      Galactic makes it into the semi finals with one of the worst times to do so only to get narrowly edged out in a heartbreaking finish by Momo Oh and fifth place because fifth through seventh is just home for team Galactic

    6. Ayoo Dreamz

      It must be really hard to be an Oceanics fan. 😅

    7. Hakon Venturini

      Mellow Yellow, you used to be sooo good...

    8. Holdlato

      Végre... Hazers♥

    9. Seth Alvo's Grandma

      These videos are so entertaining but at the same time I'm kind of disappointed in myself for being so entertained by marbles

    10. Agost

      After this, I can definitely call myself a Hazers fan

    11. Austin R

      I am honestly excited to see how team Momo does bc they started out not amazing but not bad and now they are actually doing good!

    12. Kabeer Ahmed

      How is this a serious thing?

    13. Bhagirath Priyavrat

      Go go orangers!!!!!

    14. HAZER_Batz

      I went berserk seeing the Hazers make me proud!

    15. static Void

      I can't remember the last time the thunderbolts even got a medal

    16. Jeff hufana

      I have left team Mellow Yellow and now I joined Savage Speeders

    17. hiflyer000

      #TeamGalactic got screwed on the photo finish. If you pause it at the moment they hit the red line you can see they actually got there just before Team Momo did. At the very worst it was a tie and they should have done a 1 on 1 race to determine who advances.

    18. lk8lk8lk8

      Good to see that the Pinkies are not here to keep dissapointing us anymore.

    19. Francisco Smukalla

      Always impressed with the production

    20. Carlee Maurier


    21. Orange Spark

      The fact that team momo got 2nd

    22. LELAND LEE

      my favorite is the sand no doubt...but when i heard that you donate $5,000 .00 to chicago food bank i thought right on

    23. Connor Van Heerden

      as a mellow yellow fan this is the worst year of my life

    24. Buzzkill

      I just woke up my sleeping chiild with Momo's move in that semi final #momostrong

    25. Kevin T

      I really like these. Please keep them rolling.

    26. Misterslidedropper

      My stresslevels when O'rangers were strong in the first two legs but really we're unstable underwater. Still being able to use the others to their advantage. G9ooooooooooooooooooooiiiirangers

    27. Wet Perspectives

      I really miss the sand rallies.

    28. Haekal Rabbani

      go savage speeders!!!!

    29. Brandon Shafer

      The absolute heartbreak I went through as an Oceanics fan. Thought this was the turning point but alas, of course not :(

    30. Mighty Murph

      I love the oceanic but you know its bad when they don't even make it in marbula one racing

    31. Herbiesainty

      I’m an Oceanics fan and I’m crying rn

    32. Neito Monoma

      Me, realizing than the example marble did it way more fast.

    33. Vertronteode

      No ones gonna talk about how close crazy cats eyes and balls of chaos were.

    34. A Cabsalt

      I don´t understand the racing mechanic: if you look at 7:59 at the times of the marbels: at 9th place: the oceanics had a time of 31.50 seconds and only get 7 points. At 4th place the hornets are getting 12 points, but had 3 times a much slower time. that doesn´t seem to be right. What kind of system is that? even the 10 th place has a faster run as the 4 th place... That doesn´t seem to be right. Perhaps you change the system to: only the 1st place of a qualifier wins and than the fastest times of any run....

    35. shadowmergence


    36. Curtis Mulry

      The first one in the water never wins. I'm wondering if they break the surface tension giving anyone right behind them less resistance,

    37. metaljeffenc

      Triathlons are an awesome idea! Hopefully there will be more in the future!

    38. metaljeffenc

      Just when you think the Hornets might finally win something, they fail miserably in the end. But hey, I am still optimistic! #BringTheSting

    39. mark pile

      What am I watching lol

    40. Mason Morrison

      I'm an O'Rangers fan, through and through, but the heart of Team Momo will never cease to impress me.

    41. Parker Erich

      Hazers!!! Finally!!

    42. Nick Carberry

      It’s getting tough to be an Oceanics fan

    43. Weesnaw Dickens

      I'm never betting on the bumblebees again

    44. Dickmeiss

      Go Green Ducks #ouackattack

    45. Tailor Telhais

      That was an astonishingly exciting final race!

    46. Jerry the Jew

      Classic thunderbolts giving me false hope

    47. Aidan Vascotto

      Mellow yellow us such a f$%king joke now, ive been a supporter since day one and they where so much better. Such a better team culture, a winning culture, back then, but nothing but disappointment now and it starts at the top, if we don't make big changes there how can we expect any changes to the bottom line(points and wins). New coach, new front office, and maybe even new owner or more of the same and they will loose us fans.

    48. arPos Kraft

      @6:52 the moment orangers got robbed by foul play

    49. Kylin Cofield

      Being a Hazers fan is arguably one of the most stressful things anyone has ever had to endure. The stress of watching that shuffle from last place, then wiggling to first in the water section easily cut a couple years off my life expectancy. #HazeAmaze #TeamHazers

      1. Black Smeim

        YES!!! #TeamHazers

      2. Alex K

        Hazers amaze the competition in almost any water event. They're just faster marbles underwater than any others.

    50. Etneciv Lego

      Savage Speeders, more like Tame Slowers amiright?

    51. Gabriel Tyler

      Nooooooo Come ON Team Galactic!!!!!!! Sooooo close!!

    52. finisher3x

      The Oceanics are like fish that can't swim

    53. NiGHTS Moore

      Struggling to believe that His Majesty, King Stardust's run wasn't sped up even though if I was a marble, I would live near the Andromedome

    54. Dustyness


    55. William Mellquist

      I found Roldo...

    56. Danny S. Tran

      7:31 I laugh at this part. The Hazer said: Pardon me, I'm coming through. I feel bad about Mellow Yellow. They are going to lose in Marble League in 2020...

    57. Judah Sh

      the Hazers R my fav.

    58. Matthew Mobley

      Am I the only one who got concerned with their ability to breathe at the end of the race?

    59. Torchlock

      Why do I love this?

    60. Persiah 777

      two things: 1. happy to see the hazers pull one out this year 2. i am sooo tired of seeing the O'rangers beat out my wisps

    61. Try_Hard_Gaming


    62. surelychoo

      Team Momo stole a position in the finals from my fave Team Galactic, but I got my revenge when my second fave Hazers stole 1t place from Team Momo!

    63. surelychoo

      Is it possible to be attracted to a marble? I think I'm in love with King Stardust.

    64. PixelTaku


    65. Isaac Burr

      Did any of you notice that King Stardust did better than all the other marbles?

    66. ReachSkyla

      Hazers said " 'xcuse me" at the end

    67. colin vang

      GOD DAMNIT! Galactic always do so good! BUT ALWAYS CHOKE! DAMNIT!

    68. Shuvayan Banerjee

      i dont know why i hate the hazers. i just effing hate them

    69. Fardicles

      Gotta love when Team Momos first sweeping performance was barely acknowledged! #MomoStrong atta do it, silver!!

    70. Péter Bencsik

      Go team MOMO!!! They are climbing up 2 silvers in a row great job :)

    71. DesielDuece16

      Grab my steak off the grill. A ice cold beer. Sit down to eat. Grab my tablet. I have no idea why this video was recommend to me. But I have to say I watch the entire video. #goteamgreenducks. Hang in there. 😂

    72. Jackattack 209

      As an avid Hazers fan, Foggy always delivers even from behind. I would argue with that determination, a team captain position can be seen in his future.

    73. walter denny

      As a die hard Hazers fan I fucking went nuts here! Omg when they fell behind in the finals I was shouting, then they drafted off everyone and slipped by for the win... Omg emotional rollercoaster.

    74. Sam K

      Hazers: pARDON ME i'm coming through!! O'rangers and Momo: this bit-

    75. Site B Productions

      Starting on the far right is a bust, started in 4th place off the block every time

    76. Juniper Zen

      I am impressed by the camera work here. I've never been this excited about sports.

    77. Jazza BigHits

      I don't know why I'm still watching this marble league as a Mellow Yellow supporter. Step up your game

    78. Jennyverse

      The water 😍😍😍

    79. Alen Combs

      As an O'rangers fan, I really was just happy they were in the final heat with none of our competitors. As a matter of fact, I am glad the Hazers finally got a medal. I used to make fun of them for being goofy, but their tenacity won me over. I also was glad Momo got second.. But Oceanics losing in the water (again) is shockingly consistent.

    80. Vesuvius P.

      Good to see Hornets finally bring some energy to the race!

    81. Bipo :o

      this was the most exciting event yet! i was really rooting for the savage speeders, but we couldnt get it done

    82. Peter Weer

      Nice video

    83. ISupposeThis IsMyNmw

      Why are we so trash at water events, our whole theme is water I’m sobbing

    84. Awesome time Boy


    85. Awesome time Boy


    86. Awesomedog16


    87. Adoptulous


    88. tim maacqi

      Orangers have really pulled together this year.

    89. Kevin Rowe

      Wow, what a great final!

    90. KK Slider


    91. Mouse Reay

      More exciting than Formula 1.....

    92. N k

      Mellow Yellow really sucks

    93. Tstormer


    94. jaxspelarn

      Finally!! HazeAmaze!

    95. Silvio Pergreffi

      Can I get Shock fired? We can't reach a final in... I don't even remember! GO Bolts!!

    96. Chris West

      I always just want the Orangers to lose. They let me down every time.

      1. Chris West

        I said this before the end of the event. Obviously.

    97. Tycon

      Snagging 4th, gj Hornets #BringTheSting

    98. Justin Killian

      Courageous stuff by MoMo all event long!

    99. Freedom Diamond

      The Oceanics were doing GREAT *until* they went into the water. .... Award for MOST Ironic JMR team goes to... the OCEANICS.

    100. littl3m0nkey

      Oceanic = PSG in the Champions League