Sand Marble Rally 2016 Race 6 (ELIMINATION) - Jelle's Marble Runs

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    The 6th marble race of the Sand Marble Rally 2016 where 33 marbles will compete on a long sand course. The starting lineup of this race is based on the results of the previous races. After this race, the marbles ranked 21st to 33rd in overall standings will be eliminated for the remainder of this tournament.
    NOTE: There are some typos on the second page of the race results, I know about this but because of my holiday, i had no possibility to correct it in time.
    The 5th race of the 2019 Marble Rally is expected in early december.
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    1. Jelle's Marble Runs

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    2. themozARTgroupie

      As a fan of Blazing Fireball, that was......... that was not good for my health :'D

    3. DethstruXioN ™

      3 of my favorites Eliminated, 5 to go and 1 of them is leading the board right now. Tension is building!

    4. Ira Javier

      I think I got a little too excited when Cobra was finally set to finish, and really well too!

    5. Jochem van Hees

      Okay Deep Ocean you really disappointed me. Even when starting first row you still couldn't get any points? Wtf?

    6. omgwtfkthxbai

      #teamplasma ? Q_Q

    7. Helder Silva

      Oddball made it 5th this time. I'm so proud!

    8. Elijah Kisner

      Cobra need a 1 or a 2. Cobra gets 2nd Place

    9. AvM MusiC

      SUMMER SKY!!! SUMMER SKY!!! SUMMER SKY!!! Winerrrrr

      1. Elijah Kisner

        AvM MusiC damn it said Cobra

    10. Mark B

      What a move by Summer Sky! Glad to see my favorite managed to avoid elimination with that win despite only earning her first points in the previous race. Too bad Oddball didn't make it, but when you go out almost every race, doing well in one elimination race just won't do the trick

      1. Puneet Perumal

        i like and sursibede

    11. Meme CIS

      Oddball has come so far, from finishing below 30 to top 5. As an Oddball fan this is so refreshing to see even though he got eliminated. Oddball's time for glory will come eventually, just watch.

    12. Valentin Münch

      Yes! I'm with Starman at 11th in the next round! 😀😺✨

    13. alika nagata

      You should still do 33 marbles

      1. Elijah Kisner

        alika nagata yes it is pretty cool

    14. Trisha Schuman

      *spoiler space* C'mon Pearl mah girl... Good to see Summer Sky doing well! I'll admit, I did cringe a bit when the commentary got her pronouns wrong, but this was before she came out officially, so it can't be helped, alas.

    15. King Munro

      No Cobra!

    16. Linus Eriksen

      Deep ocean got 0 points in 6 races. And is now eliminated. R.i.p deep ocean. Around 0,4% chance of this happening

    17. john santos

      How are you sure there's no doping in the games?

    18. TheWinterOwl

      Quicksilver, you hurt me. You hurt me bad.

    19. Brian Bob

      Blazing fireball got ripped off

      1. Spongyface2000


    20. Tim Segar

      OMG comet just made it Few but unlucky Blazing Fireball

    21. Matt Neufeld

      What’s up with starting positions? Starman finished 6th last race and was 11th in standings, yet he’s out near the back? What gives? Hopefully it won’t have an impact on his standings...

    22. Prince A

      The only reason slimer didn’t get to first was his placement in the starting line the reason ghosts plasma got first is cause of luck not skill slimer should of won this race I’m very angry and sad of slimer a third place in this round

    23. Conner P

      The only marble I root for IS COBRA AND I EXPECT HIM TO WIN MAIN (man)! COBRA MUST WIN ALWAYS BUT U DON'T F**KIN LISTEN! If Cobra doesn't win, no more watching these races for me. Now CAN U DIG THAT, SUCKA?!

    24. Haley Faragalli

      I love playing these videos sped up

    25. a j

      What's with re uploading old videos so much?

      1. Elijah Kisner

        Connor Pallis because he can chill

    26. Kristinn Örn Guðmundsson


    27. Massimo Cerullo

      Go comet #teamgalaxy

    28. Bob Koon

      Deep Ocean scored 0 points after 6 rounds. A portent of future events I think. 😭 #Oceanics

      1. Jubjub McNasty

        Oceanics stopped the momentum of the O'rangers in a water event and saved 2020. They may hardly ever win, but they're heroes for that.

      2. salsi78


      3. salsi78

        Bob Koon Likeoceanicsin2019

    29. Darren Nakamura

      Yay Slimer! Been rooting for it from the beginning, nice to see it finally get a good finish.

    30. Old man huppiedos

      Weer een sportieve wedstrijd.

    31. The Rabbit Hole

      Are there any difference between the marbles apart from the appearance? Like weight or materials that made them?

    32. MythsolverMercy

      I feel big Pearl gets missed with the fan base. Usually mid to high mid of the pack. As long as they guarantee the safety! Go Big Pearl!

    33. TIM O'Dell

      Go Ghost Plasma

    34. John Smit

      Chase Elliott had a corner like Silver Bolt. I am sure he was embarrassed to go off the course having had the lead.

    35. cowscrazy

      I really prefer this format. The elimination and greater number of races in the full Rally.

    36. kuhboom22

      TFW when I'm yelling "MOVE THE CAMERA!!" because I can't see the front runners and my wife asks "What are you yelling about?" .. and I just can't answer

    37. Keith Varner

      I would like to see some sand dune jumping with go pro cameras at ground level to capture the jumps.

    38. LogicalWaste

      Also, Can we mention Reflektor starting in last position and blazing all the way to 4th! Pure determination! yet still wasn't enough to avoid Elimination. at least they made their last run a good one!

    39. LogicalWaste

      I'm so proud of Slimer! Such a good run. Gains 6 spots in the standings. That's nice to see. #SlimeTime

    40. Fun Things to Do with a Camera

      This is relaxing and extremely intense to watch at the same time.

    41. Brian Czeiner

      I'm here for the crashes as long as no one gets hurt. Love the criss cross lanes and areas with 180° corners that bunch up the contestants. Keep rockin it!

    42. RevRuckus

      Petition to add Cobra back into the race, he won a silver medal after all!! It has to count towards something!!!

      1. Elijah Kisner


    43. rustblade7

      These marbles need a shower!

    44. Adam Moore

      Great job Summer Sky! I knew she could score a win with the right track 🙂 A close shave to not being eliminated, but I'm hopeful that she'll maybe win this Marble Rally, and of course great job to everyone else on the track,

    45. Will C

      all those people complaining about the complete shift in positions towards the end of the race are just frustrated Blazing Fireball fans. How do I know this? Because I'm one of the Firebois too.

    46. Vital Kovacic

      nooo deap ocean

    47. Marcus Nesbitt

      Finally Summer sky got a good result... took a while mate

    48. Cat Jams

      I forgot that Comet just barely missed elimination in this race.

      1. Cooper Clarke

        33 likes? Comet had 33 points at the time so... 1 point = 1 like?

      2. Jorge Cruz

        I was so heartbroken but my little Comet made it!

    49. Daniel Cimino

      Silver Bolt, why must you torture me so?

    50. Frank Brücker

      GP2 Engine GP2.. ARRGH

      1. Pax

        WHAT A YOKE

    51. Lightning Fast Racing

      Pollo Loco didn't have a strong outing today, starting in that second Lane is always tough, But he fought hard! And Marbly McMarbleface Is making some good progress!!!

      1. Gunky 24

        Lightning Fast Racing Not going to lie, Marbly McMarbleface is pretty damn hot. I’ve been rooting for him for a long time.

    52. Billy Lee Goodman

      I miss the limers

      1. Elijah Kisner

        Jelle Marble Runs maybe in 2021 can we do the way that you do in 2016 with all marbles racing in a season but not now because I already know that you are already have things organized

      2. Adam L

        @Jelle's Marble Runs Hence, missing them!

      3. Jelle's Marble Runs

        The limers are not in the Sand Marble Rally.

    53. Reece

      The difference in that last split section was too extreme lool, flipped the whole race

    54. sbstek

      First Oceanics now Deep Ocean. Having ocean in your name is cursed in Marble Sports.

    55. 5ade

      Poor cobra. . .

      1. Elijah Kisner


      2. yellow purple

        Cobra is my fav, I just want him to win once

    56. brittlebrit187

      The music switchup though...

    57. Louis Graham

      Why reposting 2016 races?

      1. Elijah Kisner


      2. Gunky 24

        Jelle's Marble Runs It would be a cool idea if you made a website where you could buy the same type of ball that your favorite marble is. For example, my favorite is Marbly McMarbleface and it would be cool if I could easily buy one just like it.

      3. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Because I accidentally deleted my channel a year ago.

      4. Louis Graham

        @StarHorder O S-D C F M ahhh gotcha

      5. StarHorder O S-D C F M

        because the videos were deleted.

    58. Artiamus Imura

      I feel there should be a second one of those fast/slow switch ups. A single choice there completely switches everything over with no chance of recovery.

    59. Kullerkugeln - Marble Runs

      grand prix of marbles!

    60. Albus Dumbeldoore

      Bruh moment when I see 2016 instead of 2019

      1. Albus Dumbeldoore

        @Jelle's Marble Runs probably the most exciting news I've heard all my life

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        We hope to record new 2019 next week, hold tight!

    61. Matt Young

      Wow Deep Ocean scores no points in the whole series. I’m not sure how that is mathematically possible.

      1. NateStorm12

        I'm getting almost exactly 1%

      2. p_nilly

        Deep Ocean hasnt showed any signs of stopping sinking the mood of his supporters, he's still just as terrible nowadays unfortunately

      3. A Grosclaude-Evans

        hi i'm emily For all the marbles combined, it would be a chance in thirteen though

      4. hi i'm emily

        Assuming the results of each race are completely random, the odds of a given marble finishing in the bottom 13 in all six races are roughly 1 in 268.

    62. Lucas Moura

      Marbly is doing great! Fighting!

    63. TS16 Gaming

      Is the rain or dry weather what causes them to get sandy?

      1. TS16 Gaming

        Matthew Cancilla good to know

      2. TS16 Gaming

        Adam Moore thanks

      3. Gunky 24

        I think he said in the video that it was because of the mist, and if you think about it, you use moist/damp sand to build sandcastles because if it was dry it would just fall.

      4. Adam Moore

        I would say dry, possibly more static electricity as all of the sand particles are separated, but I may be wrong

    64. Badron88

      Great race from Black Knight, but too late in the series. Unfortunate.

    65. Rhys

      Not really a fan of elimination but

    66. Brandon Chan

      This channel is not made for kids, because this is an active sport, which could lead to them replicating it and losing their marbles. Therefore, Jelle's Marble Runs can safely set the channel to "not made for kids" to save kids (and ad revenue)

      1. holy marbles

        Seriusly iam a kid and i dont lose my marbles -_-

      2. daryl calder


      3. UDUBHuskies253

        Good I hope you're kidding

    67. The Green Gamer

      almost first

    68. Shaquille Thomas

      Lol this race was faster than usual... nice tempo... keep it up

    69. Scott Porter

      North Korean marbles have been destroyed.

    70. Pedro Felipe Castaneda

      Also in Leon Guanajuato Mexico I also lost my whole wallet and I was as worried as you deleted your channel before (November 2018 or before) so I had to get a new one and start over and get those 5 new cards

    71. Knorke Ben

      Was an elimation race planned back then in 2016 or did you do it spontaneously because the marbles were too many?

    72. Wyatt Wins aviation


    73. Caleb Robinson

      But I can still enjoy the race

    74. L!l Kash


    75. Caleb Robinson

      Blazing Fireball with cheated out of the winning😞

      1. Spongyface2000

        This is when his sad downfall began or earlier, well what I’m trying to say is we’re all sad blazing fireball got robbed. Or some of us.

      2. Elijah Kisner


    76. JC Sarmiento


      1. Elijah Kisner

        Cobra 🐍

      2. Narsuaq

        @Jelle's Marble Runs Do we get a prize?

      3. Jelle's Marble Runs

        First comment!

      4. Friedemann Der 1.


      5. Brandon Chan