Cravendale Last Marble Standing E4 Collision - Marble Race by Jelle's Marble Runs

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    We're back for the fourth event of the Last Marble Standing Games!
    What team are you rooting for? Watch now to find out who will impress during the collision game.
    - This is NOT the Marble League 2020! The first video will be on June 18, and check the Community Tab for news!
    - The editing is mostly done by the Cravendale team, so any feedback is welcome and will be used to improve the upcoming videos.
    - The teams in the LMS have NOTHING to do with the original Marble League teams!
    We also used different marbles compared to the original ML teams.
    "Last Marble Standing" is sponsored by Arla Cravendale
    Competing teams:
    - Team Purity (host)(transparent teal with silver white)
    - Milky Madness (solid white, like Snowballs)
    - Semi-Skimmers (green with white)
    - Dairy Dash (sky blue with white swirls)
    - Freshers (lime green with teal and white swirls, like Limers)
    - Graze of Glory (blue with light blue, like Kobalts)
    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
    Graphics / design: Merle Driver, Becky Sumner, Thom Mill and Jamie Bryan
    Filming / Video Editing: Jelle Bakker / Jodie Horne
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    1. northdakotagamer

      Dairy Dash just cannot escape this three way tie

    2. kangourouuu1

      I don't get half the stats in the panels. Somebody knows about those "PF"s, "PT"s, "PA"s and "PD"s? Thanks in advance. I didn't want to go too far in the comment sections because spoilers, but may not care to understand after watching if I don't remind myself with a comment.

    3. BlueFlag Alpha

      The first time a final is so exciting in collision. Freshers did well to hang on to tie

    4. backup368

      Who named these teams? Clearly there was a better name that was associated with milk aside from "The Freshers".

    5. Christie Lewis

      Dairy Dash is my fave, but the Freshers have earned my respect. Good show!

    6. Maddie Tannie

      I don’t even know where to buy cravendale but I know for sure I’m going to buy some.

    7. Jwen7836

      COVID: sports? Ha, you wish Jelle: *I've got your back*

    8. Alex Ortiz

      Damn that was close!

    9. Andy Mei

      I'd rather watch the marble Olympics than the actually Olympics. The real one's harmful to the enviroment and a waste of money and land anyways.

    10. Shane Spencer

      Aww.. Graze of Glory was robbed! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    11. ege yuksel

      That was a disaster!!!!!!! There were more openings at the direction that milky madness goes in the finals match 3rd. tiebreaker. Cleary thats a cheat for the freshers. #YOUWİLLNEVERMİLKALONE

    12. Walter Johnson

      I love this head to head marble play. Really draws the competitive nature of these marbles out.

    13. Ale75


    14. Marshall L

      That ending was epic, ther has been no greater moment in sports

    15. Lazy Fox Plays

      You’re entire team just captures that sporting energy so well.

    16. Keith Bell

      Freshers vs. Milky Madness was a guy-wrenching nail biter. I need some Pepto-Bismol.

    17. Jacky Lam

      I really like the Fresher's innovative 2-1-5-3-1 Asymmetrical Catenaccio Formation it's a testament to their wonderful coach and players

      1. Morgan Freeman

        In modern computerized notational analysis, the distances covered by the Fresher's during the game quantified their accurate motions; their asymmetrical spatio-temporal distribution makes their gegen-press tactic world class.

    18. Andres Paez De la garza

      The final is the best collision game I have ever seen! Also, Go Dairy Dash!

    19. SutilPlayz99

      As a Freshers fan, the fibale was literally _insane_. In fact, this was the first time a marble I've been a fan of has won a course. ***** I'm happy.

    20. Cyber Explorer

      The one of the best events.

    21. Cassiopeia

      Always great to see some great sportsmanship, you can really tell all the teams respect their opponents

    22. Alex Field

      You're not skimming You're not skimming You're not skimming any more You're not skimming any more

    23. DatFatGamerYTP

      I feel for the ball bearings, always having to play clean-up crew but never actually taking part.. Why not let them compete? #Letthemplay #PraytoGregWoods #PraytoJelle

    24. TheUKNutter

      The dominoes are either too small or the ground is too high. That’s why no marbles are falling!

    25. TIM BOT

      Go go go dairy dash💨

    26. TigerJack 177

      Honestly my favorite sport

    27. Oliver

      I’ve been rooting for Graze of Glory since day one but I have to say, this performance was an embarrassment.

    28. Bico420

      @4:21 you swapped the team names by mistake...

    29. Tienne

      "you'll never milk alone" is brilliant

    30. Lawrziepan

      Team purity are really good! Guess physical battles aren’t their strong point

    31. RealCoolGuy

      As someone who avoids dairy products, these team names are disgusting..

    32. broceratops1337

      What a fight for first! Good show of heart and competition spirit from both teams

    33. Lily Rapuano

      I've had dairy dash from the beginning, but all they know how to do is stay in the middle. we need something extraordinary!

    34. Meng Yeow Gan

      Now that is a real final. To the very last marble standing. Brutal stuff.

    35. 33_Hariz

      Lets go fresher!!!!!!

    36. Bluey Industries

      Team Fresher

    37. Ian Larm

      Pog! Yes! Freshers needed this

    38. Chorls BUMBKINSON

      The Final was amazing how do they do it

    39. Kavin Malhotra

      This is my favorite event from this series

    40. 888Grim

      Go Milky Madness!

    41. Josny13

      2:18 Oh! Well played at the top there! A semi-skimmer triggered a metallic marble, then got out of the way bating someone from milky madness who then got knocked straight out of the field! Don't remember ever seeing that happen before. These marbles are getting better and better.

    42. Rainis

      Dissapointing to see Skimmers middle of the pack once again, im sure if they pull themselves together they can easily beat the entire rest of the competition

    43. CHOPP3R19

      semi skimmers!

    44. Lloyd's Studio

      Why at 4:22-4:25, The Freshers got Graze Of Glory's Logo and Graze of Glory got Dairy Dash's.

    45. Rodney Johnstone Prime

      Great Greg Woods commentary on this edition!

    46. Blas Niño de Guzmán Alfaro

      Couldnt find clover this time, had to look in the comments, nice hidding spot, awsome channel

    47. Rodrigo Heredia Cuellar


    48. TBolt

      As a Freshers fan, I'm relieved -- finally a win! Forza Freshers! 👍👍

    49. Makar of Serenno

      I'm so proud of my freshers. This will probably be the most memorable event of the whole competition for me. Come on freshers! Get on the final podium!

    50. Leo Devardinho

      Disappointing performance from graze of flory today but that wont let us down!

    51. Leo Devardinho

      Graze of glory will win!! Lets go!

    52. Lord Gong

      A poor performance by Team Purity hopfully they will be able to pull it together next time

    53. Jed Albert Barbosa

      Jelle I'm loving your old videos! Can you plz put them back? I love them plz!! My favorites Marble machine all parts Your marble machines in museums! And more!

    54. jeffrey bryan

      Is this a real sport🤣

    55. Jed Albert Barbosa

      Where's Event 5?

    56. Raphael Dean

      Purity is still in this, just because we couldn't win the event doesn't matter. We will win the rest!! Let's go!!!

    57. Rye Quinn

      I came in cheering for Graze, but I gotta give it up for Freshers. Very impressive finish!

    58. Jesse Cooper

      As a Milky Madness Fan i'm so proud of my bois for taking it all the way to the wire!

    59. Kevyn Hansyn

      Finally Team Mentos wins!!!!!!!! Tis a great tie vs tie battle!

    60. Adam Pizzi

      I hope the Cravendale cup is full of Milk

    61. Jed Albert Barbosa


    62. Karthi H

      Thank you so much for this!

    63. Hafizh Gozali

      I hope the Marble League teams might learn a thing or two from this competition. The strategy they used are amazing.

    64. thezekroman

      109 people never played marbles in middle school

      1. thezekroman

        also, NO! MY BOYS MILKY MADNESS!!!

    65. ivi 12 lopez

      The Luckers

    66. Emily Dumitrescu

      Dang milky

    67. bensdorp1993

      Why not sponsored by last weel tonight?

    68. delveling

      Anyone else just arrive from last week tonight ?

    69. Bernardo Paquito

      This is really great. Besides the marbles I love the way how Greg Woods narrates it. He creates such an ambiance that makes this really really really good! Keep this up!

    70. SS Booth

      Oh man, what I'd give to co-commentate this madness.

    71. Dave Joria

      I've been a Milky Madness fan since I was knee-high to a cat's-eye, but I gotta say... I'm beginning to like those Freshers. Such spirit from such a young, new team. I wish them luck! (But not as much as to MM, of course!)

    72. dominic sprawls

      My guys @dairydash holding it together! Consistency!

    73. shukthy

      Every time when GOG enters team event they fail miserably. Common GOG you need to work together and not against each other. I understand each of you want to shine but there is no I in team so get it together and work towards the goal instead of letting ego and pride get in your way.

    74. JTxt

      I'm concerned that your marbles not social distancing during the pandemic. With all that yelling so close to each other and non-sanitized/masked contact, in a couple weeks, they'll be decimated. We could do a 3d simulated marble run. Then show social distanced marbles watching on little screens from the safety of their homes. (I've done 3d animation professionally for years and it would be an honor to help/collaborate.)

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        No worries, marbles are immune for covid19, so no social distance or masks are needed.

    75. Ranjith Balasubramanian

      As a milky madness fan, this is the worst luck we've had in any event so far in this tourney

    76. 607

      Cool event!

    77. Geoff G

      That gold medal round was a nail biter! Double overtime!

    78. Homelessness Advocate

      Craven Cottage! Nice reference!

    79. kevin

      Finally a team I like winning something 😤

    80. Gan Khef

      A message to potential sponsors: I cannot imagine a circumstance in which, all things being equal, I won't buy anything Cravendale without an inward smile. The point is, sponsoring a marble event goes much further with me (and I imagine many others) than most of the other content I consume. The advertising industry is largely so risk-averse that it tends to always drag about a decade worth of inertia behind it.

    81. Daniel Briones

      Milky Madness's effort at the finals left me breathless. A bit dissapointed they lost but still! FOREVER MILKING!

    82. Alexander Woods

      Are the ball bearings just objects or are they paid to be there?

      1. dhrdogterom


    83. Jean Chang


    84. Cole Schnieders

      Will the Freshers take the gold????

      1. Cole Schnieders

        YES!!! GO FRESHERS!!!

    85. JaguarFiend

      I have to say that I'm not a fan of the colors for this dairy cup event. Mostly very weak and faint. This is why I like the Freshers with their yellowish green color.

    86. Stephen O'Donnell

      I love all the Fulham comments 😂

    87. Chayim Weinstock

      That was the most intense final I have seen yet. Can’t wait to see the finale! Go Graze!!!

    88. Tomi V


    89. Devin Brannon

      There is still so many videos for you to upload the rest of the cravendale cup, the ML, and the marble rally and marbula E. Also potentially another competition like those holiday races

    90. SportsSciOtaku 7

      That was a nutty final. Both deserved to win but only one can.

    91. Bockney

      Thank you to John Green @vlogbrothers for the background knowledge to appreciate "You'll never milk alone".

    92. De purty Flower


    93. CBTV Gaming

      Just managed to book some of the last tickets to the marble league 2020, and I have got a season ticket so I am gonna be in the stadium, #GOOOOOOOOORANGERS

    94. Blasphy B

      sponsors ruining this channel fast

    95. Rhys Howell

      Glad to see some redemption for Milky Madness

    96. xxJETSETxx

      My roommate is a Freshers Fan. I'm pulling for Milky Madness. Lots of tensions!

    97. Hierarchy of Royalty

      As a milky madness fan, I am proud of the marbles, both teams were neck and neck in the finals.

    98. Dan Razzaia

      I'm a Grazer at heart, but I've got to hand it to the Freshers on this one. The sheer will power needed to avoid some of those close calls should stand as an inspiration to all.

    99. Abel1120 conlget

      im actually entertained

    100. Wind

      So @5:00 that dark blue marble never fall off. It got stuck between two barricades.