Long Jump | Marble League 2020 E5

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    Welcome to the fifth edition of the Marble League #ML2020, sponsored by Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, and Event 5: the Long Jump!
    A Marble League classic returns as marbles take their turns to jump the highest out of a launch ramp. Distances are measured from the rear of where the marble lands in the sand, so both the jump and the style of landing matters. Could this be the event when the top two teams this year pull away from the competition? Or could a new team with no experience in the event stage an upset for the gold? This one's for all the marbles!! #marblelympics #marblerace #marblerun
    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
    Graphics: Anton Weber, Tom Cui, Trevor Sayre
    Editing: Bart Stoffels, Jelle Bakker
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    1. TheTigerus

      Well deserved won for Cat's eyes. Good job Blue.

    2. nestarlyndaniel fabiansosa

      Eres un duro tio

    3. Eric McHugh

      This event may want to be retooled or just removed in the future. First dud of the Games. Still, great stuff. Awesome channel. Thank you!

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Thanks for feedback. For ML2021, the Long Jump and High Jump will be removed, we will focus on events with more actions where multiple teams will perform at the same time. We are also considering to use a dual track with Balancing like in Block Pushing.

    4. JustAwesome

      God bless mellow yellow on their third place victory. They aren't my girlfriend or I's team of choice but god bless them.

    5. Carlee Maurier

      Not crazy about this event. With everyone so close, rankings can jump DRASTICALLY based off of a difference of milimeters.

    6. Mighty Murph

      Any way to incorporate archery in the 2021 olympics?

    7. TreXDer

      The O'rangers still on 2nd here...When I first watched the Marble League (2017) I instantly chose the O'rangers bec. of the beautiful color and DAMN THEY NEVER DISAPPOINTED MEEE! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    8. Vertronteode

      In the first event Greg said o’rangers were popular... check the comments... Yeah totally. 🙄

    9. Vertronteode

      #crazyCatseyes #mintymaniacs !

    10. Aaron Dorsey

      I want a re-measurement, i think Mandarin got hosed on that one.

    11. Severin DUPUCHE

      Good job to the Oceanics and Mellow Yellow, getting a bit of a turn-around

    12. Christopher Hayes

      Terrible spot for the greenies

    13. Nick Carberry

      What is RWD?

    14. Royal Studios


    15. Dickmeiss

      Go Green Ducks

    16. phoexer

      Keep your Cat's #EyesOnThePrize!!!

    17. SumTingFishy

      This guy (through last week tonight) donating 5,000 every event, there is 16 events, 5,000 x 16 = 80,000 dollars, wow

    18. Johnny Blood

      I always fear for the Green Ducks when i see Billy is competing.

    19. patedwar

      Still want to know weight stats on these marbles to know if any of these events are fair. #weighthemarbles #marbledoping

    20. Albahtra

      Go Chaos go!

    21. Peter Weer

      Nice video

    22. Leo snoop

      I love this channel but dang the raspberry racers hurt my heart with the inconsistency. That being said raspberry racers FOREVER!!

    23. SutilPlayz99

      Long jumps baaaaaaaack. YEEEEEEEES

    24. Jyonn Bzomu

      Editing error on 4:33 as the wr line is on 83.5 instead of 82.6

      1. Jyonn Bzomu

        Same on 5:19

    25. Joost

      Mellow Yellow finally got a medal

    26. Crap Poop

      Go Raspberry Racers! Disappointing run in 15th. #RaspberryRobust

    27. Nicolas Mobley

      The 3 teams in last did surprisingly well this round!

    28. Solid Gray

      CCE CCE CCE!!!

    29. Jon Demus

      I feel like some of these competitors got screw-balled by the judges . I saw a different landing from both Wispy and Rizzy. Idk maybe I’m wrong...

    30. elle palmer

      hold on. is that the five nights at freddy's sound effect or is that just a coincidence? 3:45 for reference

    31. fabZ


    32. sweetylovespastels

      wow first one for me! I chose crazy cats eyes as they had a cool name they are doing so well!

    33. Steve Hinkle

      Where did you get all the sand? Oh, I forgot you have a marble rally on a beach close to your house, so you probably got it from there.

    34. Ralph That Dude

      I don’t know if Jelle’s Marble Runs is gonna see this but I have an idea would you be able to make a Junior Sand Marble Rally for the smaller marbles? I know you can’t do it now because of the conditions but would you do it to add on to the sand marble as a separate event if you had the chance?

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Thanks for the idea! We actually have 2mm tiny marbles and Kinetic Sand, so we can do that. And now we have a new bigger studio!

      2. Ralph That Dude

        And maybe just maybe the small marbles can be the offspring of the Sand Marble Rally runners or the ones that retired. You don’t have to it it’s just an idea that popped up in head when I was having a marathon watching your videos

    35. Major Shrimp

      Only a matter of time before ESPN picks this up or an ABC summer show after "Holey Moley"!

    36. Stacey Gordon-Plummer

      My team is o'rangers

    37. BRADY KIM

      The Oceanics need to get it together. As a fan I’d rate them 1 star of their performance so far

    38. BlueFlag Alpha

      Yellow is finally back from last week dissapointment

    39. Ridwan Noer

      Love the Ducks, gotta say it now for their group meeting later on. Ever thought of Ducky to be a captain now? I mean, just a thought from a concerned fan. We can't let those medals slip away from time to time

    40. The Neon Explorer

      None of the marbles on teams named after winged things did well.

    41. Idiotic Lifter


    42. Andy Mei

      It's like the Olympics, but with marbles.

    43. Kaithe Rocelin

      Oceanics making 6th place bring me such joy! #TidePride

    44. Luis Stöhr

      It‘s incredible what Coach White eye does for cce this year. Best Coach in the League imo.

    45. Marie Prachenská

      Roldo is at 3:43 . That was near invisible, so fast. Am I spoilering too much? I hoped that the notice at the beginning makes people look for him first independently. So I just wanted to share, beacause not finding him last time drives me crazy :D. But if the comunity does not approve, I'll take it down.

    46. prog

      I'm not sure if I like the fact that you can't tell how far they'll go from the descend on its own. I really don't know how far the jump will be until the very last moment. Still, the Minty Maniacs managed to beat the O'rangers. So I guess this is good.

    47. Zachariah Johnson

      Still Midnight Wisps.

    48. Xtreme Dude Adam

      Galactic And The O’Rangers!

    49. ThE icONic PLaYeR

      U should use a sticky pad so u can get the most accurate readings when they land

    50. Marley Griffin

      Jelle can you do a mvm for the best marble in a season

    51. Adam Mulkerrin

      Not a bright day today to be a #RaspberryRacer . Comon Razzy, Rezzy, Rizzy and Rozzy, you can make a comeback! #RaspberryRobust

    52. BleedingRaindrops

      getting a little inconsistent with those calls. Mellow Yellow was robbed of a legitimate victory

    53. CarCat

      WE GOT BRONZE! WE DID SOMETHING! WOOOOOOOOO Also, I was holding my breath every run for the entire first half, and let it out in a scream when Anarchy ran.

    54. M-Sparx

      Kinetic sand would be great for this

    55. Jaime Mallari

      6:18 Mellow Yellow fans: yyyeeeessssss. Aaaa mmmmmeeeeedddaaaallllll

    56. MagicTurtle643

      VERY happy with these results.

    57. Mila Gilbert

      Go Hazers! You can do better than that! #hazeamaze

    58. Romain B.

      From the very moment I discovered this channel, I supported Crazy Cat's Eyes ! Go ! #Eyesontheprize #Makethempurr

    59. youknowitsalllove

      Yessssssssss!!! Let's go, Crazy Cat's Eyes!

    60. Dylan Dukat

      come ON Team Galactic! get it together!

    61. Farhan Khaliqbaporia

      how the hell did mellow yellow do good?!?!

    62. Paul C

      That was better from the thunderbolts. It’s time they shake the ground!

    63. Lovely Gacha

      #raspberryracersthebestracersyouwilleverseen Go RASPBERRY RACERS

    64. Kick On

      PS5 Marvula One? 👀

    65. Fumi Lola

      Savage speeders fan

    66. agetori77

      Team CCE!

    67. Arthur E. Waite

      nice showing by my Balls of Chaos

    68. Isosceles Sandwich

      Cheering for the hornets, I'm just happy when they aren't last...it's...not easy being a hornets fan.

    69. KaylahDemi

      You know.... I am pretty sure that sand is Malt O Meal

    70. Michael Niessner

      I Hope Crazy Cats eyes Look at the comments There are so many people supporting them recently #eyesontheprice

    71. cody templet


    72. Julivius Prawira

      Finally, spot Roldo at 3:40 Now I can leave this world peacefully

    73. TwitchVallixTV

      #midnightforthewin #FearTheNight #midnightwisps - MIDNIGHT WISPS LETS GO

    74. Tristan Agosa

      I was screaming to myself, BELOW 81.60! BELOW 81.60! FOR THE LOVE OF POSEIDON-“ #TidePride

    75. Tincho Ramos

      Finally a medal for Mellow Yellow!! I hope that helps us to wake up... Sooo happy!!! #KeepItMellow #GoMellowYellow

    76. Juliette murphy

      Thunderbolts aren’t last place... WAIT THUNDERBOLTS AREN’T LAST PLACE

    77. Spam Spammy

      The events this season are pretty lame.

      1. Eric Jourdain

        And so it begins, the inevitable jaded backlash... Success is the best revenge.

    78. Le Gh


    79. Tj smoove

      Just the momentum we need let’s go Mellow Yellow!!!!!!

    80. CraigyBouy

      #EyesOnThePrize go Crazy Cat's Eyes!

    81. Jared Holland

      This isn’t okay for the marbles, because they aren’t social distancing

      1. j.oz

        Different species, so there's no pandemic affecting them right now.

    82. JTTank55

      Let's go CCE! A gold and bronze medal already, killing it!

    83. mikea hiooi

      An excellent choice of jumper from the Crazy Cats Eyes, blue eye really nailed it #eyesontheprize

    84. parajay84

      New to the Marble League and been following since this season started; wanted to root for Team Galactic both for them being hosts and for my own desire to explore the galaxy. I still have hope that they'll finish in the top 3!

    85. Cris Espinoza

      GO DAZZLING DINOSAURS!!! I figured I may as well cheer for a non existing team since the Green Ducks efforts are non existing. How thy wound me oh Fowls of Emerald hue.

    86. Jeff Courtney

      6th place and 10 points for Oceanics...I’ll take it!

      1. mikea hiooi

        be more vast and enticing to watch. Thank you for your time.

    87. Y W

      Here because of JRE

    88. Francesco Sponza

      Fans of #ML2020, help to understand. Today the teams are competing for the "5 meter hurdles", right? When will the event be screened? I am so into this!!!

    89. Brynn Kennedy

      1: I'm still hearing individual chants. Change it. 2: "And" and "also" are redundant. Do not put them in the same sentence. 3: This is the first time I've actually found Roldo.

    90. Letta Tisha

      So no actual donations?

    91. LTR

      Wtf Racers! Get yourself together!!!

    92. Jim Jim

      Mellow Yellow 💛💛💛

    93. Thomas Turbando

      When the Savage Speeders are sad, I am happy

    94. Thomas Turbando

      I know it’s just the beginning of the competition but I fear that the wisps aren’t going to do well, I hope I’m wrong.

    95. Stalin Mao

      I love the slow mo launch cam

    96. Alex Molina

      Been a fan of the Minty Maniacs and I’m so glad they’re in the top thus far

    97. Yewty

      life as a ducks fan is real hard these days

    98. Thomas Franklyn


    99. Toe Fairy

      Who else is here from Joe Rogan

    100. MattySpadez

      Good job #crazycatseye Another podium finish and some consistency in the later rounds should do it! #eyeontheprize