MARBLE LEAGUE Winter Special ❄️ E2 Snowboard Cross 2021

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    Hello everyone and welcome to the second event of the Marble League Winter Special: Snowboard Cross! This is a special tournament, a gift from us to our fans to show our appreciation and give something back for all your support. Thank you for being with us through all these times and always having our backs. Here's to a great 2021, please enjoy! #MarbleLeague #WinterSpecial #2021
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    1. Jelle's Marble Runs

      Thanks so much for watching! ❤️ Come back next Saturday, same time. And in the meantime, make sure to check out our fancy merch at 🔥👌🏼

      1. BlueFlag Alpha

        Give Lewis Marbleton a chance in Marbula One

      2. Kirsten Coker

        Her son: Ooooooooready got mine

      3. KiwisPaperPlanes

        Go go green ducks!!

      4. Krampus

        Please make some more merch for red number 3, my favorite marble by far! Sweatshirts would be super cool 😎

      5. Nashy

        You seriously need to design and sell these tracks i would buy one there mint keep up the racing,

    2. avdenboer


    3. Dave Martinez


    4. Charleigh McIntyre

      hazers cmon

    5. Twintastic fun

      GOOOOOOOOOO OCEANICS, what a win.

    6. Sarah Gulson

      I’m an oceanics fan and I got so excited I hit my broken toe against the wall

    7. Jessika Austin

      O'rangers aren't doing as well this year but that's okay! We'll always remember our Olympic win! Oooooo'rangers!!!

    8. Nathaniel Espinoza

      Are you kidding me. We get beat by the oceanics twice!

    9. MoreAwesomeMetal

      Have you thought about doing the moguls?

    10. Camokarzi

      Can't believe a marble called Bolt got beaten in a sprint!

    11. denithy

      Nice to see Lewis Marbleton come out.

    12. Ain't

      #teamgalactic !!!.. we can do more than first place, we reach the stars !

    13. My gay, My gay Or the highgay

      Dissapointed by the Cat's eyes' perfomance, escpecially after last time.

    14. FirstNightofNi


    15. Andrei Urda

      Nooo Crazy Cat's Eye:(

    16. J R


    17. matt

      this isn't red eyes event /: didn't he do horribly in this last time ? cmon cce

    18. stiki yt

      Seeing my oceanics win makes me emotional 🔵 #NICS

    19. Mason Pitcher

      I take back what I said about the Thunderbolts, we have done good today!

    20. Max2200

      Oceanic Fan here

      1. Max2200

        WOW. Way to go Oceanics.

    21. Minion Skywalker

      Awesome marble-video. Now i have even felt that dislikes are from the Eurosport channel's employees 😂😁😄.

    22. Cerolean

      "See how nervous some of these fans are to get up close to get an autograph!" Fans: O

    23. Devon & Lief

      The Oceanics almost blew it like 20 times, but my boys pulled through

    24. Ochoa great wall of Mexico

      Team galactic were robbed lol

    25. Primal

      #TeamGalactic Almost clutched up..

    26. Jezrael Pusa

      Green ducks always last in the semifinals after winning opening rounds. Deym. It's hard to be green ducks fan

    27. Jams Lilbiscut


    28. Sam Rosenberg

      Damn, that "nearly-almost" comeback for Team Galactic was just so emblematic of the franchise. You guys are killing me!

    29. Les Ripken

      The Ducks always kill it in group and then flop. Ugh.

    30. Adam McCready

      I started watching the marble league after last week tonight spondered them last year, I gravitated towards balls of chaos for some reason. I am now such a ball of chaos fanboy I find my self getting disappointed at the video when they constantly do terrible hahs!

    31. Kevin Soney

      This is just as exciting as regular BoarderX. Those photo finishes had me of the edge of my seat. I really like marble BoarderX.

    32. GameZella

      oh to be a balls of chaos fan...

    33. 607

      Woooo, Oceanics!! This was a very exciting event. :)

    34. Susie Rosalie

      Im just happy we got silver! GO THUNDERBOLTS!!!

    35. Shad Bird

      Welcome the Hazers back to the Himarblelaya mountains. HazeAmaze!

    36. keganlb

      will forever be an orangers fan... ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo



    38. Elophagus Productions

      frucking kinnowin and his incompetence blew it. Kinnowin should be replaced. He doesn't deserve this championship.

    39. F. Ireman

      This slalom event is awesome! Really exciting .

    40. YVNG P00T

      The thunderbolts lost a photo-finish in all of their races

    41. Kasper Coppens

      sickest channel i found in my live

    42. Boss GamerBVCM

      the best channel -Boss #TeamOceanics

    43. Vathirus

      I can't find Roldo nowhere, dang it

    44. Eric N

      I never gave up! #TidePride

    45. William Cooperman

      Let’s get a O’rangers chain going

    46. Karl Czapla

      Don't you mean Sir Lewis Marbleton? /s

    47. Archie dog


    48. BlueFlag Alpha

      Aw man , Galactic great performance at the start and then becomes poor at the end

    49. H. Helm

      I guess it's a compliment when other teams conspire and block you from the start ... No hard feelings, we get your fear. #Greenducks #ducksrule

    50. squaresphere

      Damn, the bolts were sooooo close!

    51. RandomGamer

      HE JUST SAID LEWIS MARBLETON I CANT (those who don't know, reference to Formula 1 7-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton)

    52. DarkChaosKaxi

      What finishes... holy. What an event!

    53. Porter Spiceland

      Thunderbolts Fans: Bruh

    54. Adrian Victoriano


    55. DinoMaster

      Oh i forgot that the oceanics excel at land courses LOL

    56. Jack

      Finally got the Bolts and Oceanics in top 2 slots

    57. C. C. G

      What a riveting game! The quack quack quack sound effect is great! Thanks! Go go! quack attack!

    58. Andrew Stepp

      Boy I just love watching the balls of chaos fall into last again

    59. krowking123

      COME ON RAZZZZYYYYY!!! Edit: I’ll take a top five finish, so CLOSE UGH

    60. Chrisell

      To say that I'm disappointed with the O'rangers performance today is an understatement.

    61. Oikku Oek

      This is amazing. I'm actually getting emotionally invested watching a marble rolling down hill. What an excellent video, what an excellent concept!

    62. Olivier Kegel

      4:06 the pinkies almost got it...

    63. Nish D

      If the black hexagons were small jumps, might be more like a cross event.

    64. Haylie McKinney

      I’m not seeing enough snowball love

    65. Joshuah Vogel

      I don't care but I think team galactic is the best

    66. Pepitka123

      Hazers are amazing because they can get stuck and be last one second then almost first another 😍

    67. Draxper

      Where's crazy cats eye

    68. Lea Ho

      Haaaaaze amAaaaaaaaze

    69. FERNANDØ


    70. Haekal Rabbani

      Savage speeders fan here😎

    71. Jarethenator

      Aqua really pulled through for the Oceanics this year. I think we're going to need to keep an eye on them going forward. Aqua may be just what the Oceanics need to turn over a new wave in these competitions...

    72. Dez

      Galactic always lettin me down :/

    73. Jared B.

      Stop putting the Hazers and Minty Maniacs in the same group, PLEASE!?!

    74. tijl.c


    75. Bartuszek

      Why ist it a Tv show yet?

    76. TheEpicFuzz

      The Oceanics won something and not being the complete and utter disappointment award #TIDEPRIDE WOOO

    77. Danny M

      Let's Go Oceanics!!!!! #tidepride

    78. Kevin Tramell

      Let’s gooo!!! I’ve been with the Oceanic’s since day one!

    79. João Paulo Adler Gomes da Costa

      Some reactions: Poor, poor minty maniacs: first they are fighting for the lead. But a second later, they drop to 4th in their heat... MY favorite team, ORANGERS win the their Heat . YES!... and then they lose the semifinal, -. Oh, fortuna - Oh, the randomness of fate!!!! And finally: Oceanics! Great semifinal run! Marvelous final! Congratualtions!

    80. tashkipa

      where the hell is MELLOW YELLOW?

    81. Cory Giesbrecht

      Come on Crazy Cats Eyes!!!

    82. Mihael

      Hazers looking good so far! #hazeamaze

    83. JAYDEN De Bruyn

      This is the first time in almost 5 years that the Thunder bolts got a medal

    84. Timmay08TOTHELIMIT

      Three photo finishes for the thunderbolts, each time losing out by a maximum of a hundredth of a second. Wild. Kings of second place #RollingThunder

    85. Don Lucio

      My god minty maniacs shat themselves

    86. Jonas C.

      omg go you Oceanics!!!! #RideTheWave

    87. Nathan Cruz

      You should add trees. Make this event more of an obstacle through two ridges of the san Francisco mts of Flagstaff AZ :) Terrific content

    88. L!l Kash

      I will be a hazersfan forever

    89. Inaren Commander

      Let's go Oceanics! #riptideroar

    90. angiogen1

      Go Hazees

    91. Marble Master

      4:05 = epic pinky move

    92. vlad5620

      more interresting than the true

    93. Buya Faze

      Bruh the Thunder Bolts⚡️

    94. MrWrl101


    95. This will be named something better


    96. Maddie McNugget

      OH pinkies. I still love you 😣. #pinkiepower

    97. Jack Lovejoy

      oceanics won all three heats let’s goooooo

    98. Indonesia Marble Racing

      Nice race

    99. RDU23

      0:40 thank god, I think you are the only youtuber that gives proper disclaimer on your videos.

    100. Doppler

      Oh my god the Oceanics actually did it!