Sand Marble Rally 2016 Race 1 - Jelle's Marble Runs

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    The first marble race of the Sand Marble Rally 2016 where 33 marbles will compete on a long sand course. The starting lineup of this race is based on the results of the qualification race.
    NOTE: There are some typos on the second page of the race results, I know about this but because of my holiday, i had no possibility to correct it in time.
    The 5th race of the 2019 Marble Rally is expected in early december.
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    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Epidemic Sound
    Logo design:
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    Twitter: Jellesmarbles
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    1. Flare

      I would like to add that there is an OFFICIAL Discord server for Jelle's Marble Runs. Here is the link!

      1. Dan Certa

        Thanks, now people including me can see it and then they can join

      2. Marbles for Autism

        Yes. I am part of it and enjoy it.

      3. Pax


      4. The Grand Marble


      5. Efmo

        same im lion lol


      the start was flawed

    3. jesse de fries

      black night forever

    4. Gary Mineart

      Why no female marbles? They're all referred to as "he" in the race call.

    5. AleisterMeowley

      Killer background music

    6. Eric Caraballoso

      The first series I watched was Marbula 1 S1 and I gotta say I'm hooked. But I do see a few familiar faces from this 2016 race, perhaps under different names? Is that Billy from the Green Ducks? And Prim from Team Primary?

    7. Ben Bruflat

      John Oliver got me here, so I'm watching these for the first time before the 2020 Olympics. Go, Reflektor!

    8. O msbs Hdisnbgks

      We stan Big Pearl in this house

    9. Baalf Games

      For some reason, every time you mention Pollo Loco, I blurted out the jingle from those old El Pollo Loco commercial with Fabio in it. Also, I kind of like Rastafarian colors. surprising he got unlucky number 13 both in this Reyes and the qualifier.

    10. Mark B

      Rastafarian 13th again, just like in the qualifiers. Oddball and Summer Sky not finishing yet again. I recognize a theme for my guys here already

    11. EPIC GOKU101

      Black night all day

    12. &dee B

      In quarantine...go pollo loco!!!!

    13. LittrellKaden

      Here because of Coronavirus. Sports!

    14. Game Commander22

      why are there blurred out parts?

      1. Game Commander22

        @Jelle's Marble Runs Oh gotcha, also damn that was a fast reply

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Because of trash along the track

    15. QreeQoos

      What am I doing here? No offense Jelle ;)

    16. nano torres


    17. Edwin Shepherd

      song at 0:25?

    18. Tim Segar

      2nd and 18th place

    19. Harry Blum

      I bet on ghost plasma,12 but i got fucked.

    20. Trisha Schuman

      M. mcMarbleface? He's FRENCH???

    21. Ed Mdz

      *Pollo loco # 1* ☝️🐤

    22. robo tails

      Super turtle was slingshot

    23. Fia

      2019 OR 2016? 9/6 ARE SAME

    24. Nocturnal Pyro

      This is simply Marblelous

    25. HxM Fioled

      What was the first year of the sand marbles rally?

      1. The future Beethoven

        Officially: 2015 Other non-league rallies happened before then, but they weren’t officially *the* sand marble rally

    26. Just someone Else

      I’m scared for this channel

    27. Ashlee Suggs

      Marble races are life!! I keep a stat score with my boyfriend and we each pick a few different marbles. Had some friends over they played too.

    28. b- trav

      Karl sent me

    29. iCost

      Idk how I got addicted to this but I like it #ElCapitan all the way

    30. Peter McConville


    31. Nilaksh Singh

      I bet on tarantula

    32. Jaron Taylor

      I will always rep marbley mcmarbleface. He can have my marble babies

    33. EarlOfMaladyCrescent

      The camera work here is amazing! Did you film this with a drone? I'd imagine it'd be pretty hard for someone to film it on foot. They'd have to keep up with all the marbles, which are probably moving pretty fast. They'd also have to be careful not to step on any part of the track, but not be able to look at their feet, since they'd have to focus on the view finder.

    34. Frank Brücker

      Well nice 2016 Videos I haven't watched yet 👍 Cobra is my man 2019 so I go with him 2016 as well let's go #27 Cobra

      1. Elijah Kisner

        Actually 26th Cobra overall

    35. JaegarMaxim

      Love your work!

    36. The Bourne Network

      Any super OG fans out there that wanna let us in on what that blurred out thing was at 2:05?

      1. robo tails


    37. ClQrkos

      Who’s an o.g from 2016?

    38. My ChildishWays

      0:01 light is penetrating through the absolute centre of marbles 29 and 30 even though they are not see-through. You just got SCIENCED!

    39. nolan

      Still love the music, but sometimes missing that old 2016 races 1-6 music back in the day❤️

    40. edmon ian semsem

      What the heck black knight!? I lose all my laundry change because of you!! F my roomate!

    41. james kindler

      cant possibly be a rally without RED # 3

      1. robo tails

        I know

    42. Two Thumbs

      I love you guys and appreciate all your work and efforts to make these videos! But i have to say the camera work in this video was not as good as usual. There was a moment i was getting dizzy with the panning back and forth from the front to the back.

    43. norm paul


    44. Jim Whitman

      Id really like to see a behind the scene compilation vid!!!

    45. Mike of Indy

      Love what you do man. You’re uniquely creative

    46. Elijah Kisner

      1 Pollo Loco 2 Ghost Plasma 3 Big Pearl 4 Dragon's Egg 5 Fantasy 6 El Capitan 7 Super Turtle 8 Slimer 9 Blue Smoke 10 H2-Blue 1 White Widow 2 Wisp of Darkness 3 Rastifarian 4 Tarantula 5 Olympia 6 Starman 7 Glassy 8 Comet 9 Quicksliver 20 Marby McMarbleface 1 Mocha Madness 2 Oddball 3 Flash 4 Cobra 5 Summer Sky 6 Sliverbolt 7 Fireball 8 Reflektor 9 Black Knight 30 Snake's Tub 1 Crazy Cat's Eye 2 Blue Moon 3 Deep Ocean Results of the tournament do not comment Spoilers

    47. Devonia Hill

      Crazy Cats Eye Snakes Tub And Black Knight all got stuck at the start! You should have fixed it as you started the race 3 years ago!?

    48. cikif

      What is that thing censored at 2:05?

      1. Nathan Clouse

        It was a empty Coco-Cola can

      2. robo tails


    49. Beta0Light

      COBRA !!!!! (crying) Why Cobra WHY !!!!!!

    50. Zeromus

      Does anyone else see that creepy face at 1:03 in the sand??

      1. robo tails


      2. Sylvius the Mad

        It looks like Eddie from the Iron Maiden album covers.

    51. Omar Khaiyyum Rafi Khan

      Tracks were amazing and versatile those days. It would be a treat to watch Such this year

    52. Captain Marvel's Son

      Excellent track design!

    53. Zurtron D

      When does the marblympics take place?

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Next one is in Spring 2020

    54. Jan Goh

      I’m so impressed with how much the camerawork has improved! At the time, this seemed great, but now we know how much better you’ve gotten!

    55. KVF26

      Gotta say I think your runs were better in 2016, love all the bends and different sections

      1. Nathan Clouse

        KVF26 the tunnel too in Race 11 & 12

    56. micka mck

      Go Glassy !

    57. Richárd Gáspár


    58. Viktor Pesti-Geiger

      When people knew other marbles than rn3... This hype nowadays is frustrating

    59. Iggy W

      I miss when Ghost Plasma was a beast. Father Time takes us all eventually I guess...

    60. Aaron Johnson

      The feeling you get when your chosen marble stops right when the race starts

    61. FTVS-CM45

      I thought you'd never re-upload the 2016 Sand Marble Rally. Its almost like you lost the video footages.

      1. Valentin Münch

        @Jelle's Marble Runs Nice! 👍

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        I found it back during a backup of my archive


      I remember when you were at 27K

    63. Abhijith Keshav

      The video says 2016 but posted.. 4 hours ago? I'm confused

      1. Abhijith Keshav

        @Cooper Clarke ohhh like that.. Thank you! Because I remember seeing this earlier.. :)

      2. Cooper Clarke

        That’s because Jelle accidentally deleted his old channel in 2018. This was one of the videos on that channel.

    64. John Smit

      I almost cried about the marbles that did not finish. So much work just to come to this.

    65. Undrave

      Going back to these is fun. There's a lot of terrain features that we don't really see anymore, like that amazing bridge section, the braid and the tear drop (with its amazing crashing at the bottom) or the tunnels we sometimes see. I'd like to see some of these back. One thing for sure, I'm glad you've cut down on the number of competitors, there's just a lot of stuff going on that its hard to track.

    66. Arcade MusicTribute

      Hey, Who's Super Turtle? Where is he now? Haven't noticed him before.... XD

      1. Arcade MusicTribute

        @Cooper Clarke a ok. I know Green Turtle yeah....

      2. Cooper Clarke

        Renamed to Green Turtle. He’s in the B league of 2019.

    67. Rashard Clarke

      Green ducks or nothing

    68. Delta Beta

      I can just imagine the hard work in making those tracks

    69. Mr.E

      Back when ghost plasma and pollo loco were good

      1. Cooper Clarke

        Ghost Plasma is now good again. Watch the 2019 season.

    70. Jimmy Donohoe

      Nobody: Summer sky: thirty-thirth Deep ocean: thirty-twoth Blue moon: thirty-firth

    71. LogicalWaste

      Slimer really gassed in the second half. 8th is still a respectable showing. Hoping he'll be able to hold on to a podium position in the next rally.

    72. Andrew A. Hynd

      Love the double level aspect to this course, with the bridge, and some marbles dropping down. Makes for a fun, different aspect to the course. In the qualifier, the tunnel was great, I recall a funnel going underground sometime this year as well. All things that make it so much fun, love to see some of those again.

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Thanks! I hope to make these sections again for the 2019 marble rally 5 and further.

    73. Asta Lavista

      El Capitan

    74. warhawk397

      Love the retro music! Should have a side race of just marbles from 2016 and have this retro music, call it like the Legends Classic or something

    75. DodyGM _

      Coba aja kalau LIVE pasti seru...

    76. Raghav Goel

      2:12 uhh, what's the blur for? @JellesMarbleRuns

      1. Raghav Goel

        @Jelle's Marble Runs Makes sense. Thanks for replying!

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        I blurred it to avoid issues with the company.

      3. Jelle's Marble Runs

        It was a soda can indeed

      4. Nathan Clouse

        DeviantOllam it was a Coca-Cola can but I do not know the reason why it was blurred out

      5. DeviantOllam

        @Nathan Clouse soda can or not, why blur it? Are there some kind of IRvision rules I don't know about?

    77. Connor Sternberg

      Summer sky

    78. Pablo David Madera Gr.

      ¡¡¡¡Pollo Loco carajo!!!!

    79. Lareza B

      I just love marble runs

    80. Year Round Rider

      There were like 4 or 5 that got stuck at the start line

      1. Cooper Clarke

        There were actually 3. Crazy Cat’s Eye, Black Knight and Snake’s Tub.

    81. Haley Faragalli

      Poor blazing fire ball

    82. Rew Rose

      Please don't take the camera away from the leads when a split/sharp turn is approaching, I get scared ghost plasma might've taken back the lead😂

    83. Game of Life

      crazy cats eyes DNF again...

    84. carlos rides

      Pollo Loco! My boy!

    85. Code Gaming

      I guess the problem with the 2016 season was there was too many marbles the current number of marbles in the league seems to be fine

    86. John Knox

      Love it! So glad to see this race again. For some reason this isn't the music I remember. Guess I'm mixing up with something else. Thanks for reposting these races.

    87. Old man huppiedos

      Zand en sportknikker is toch zwaarder.

    88. Lightning Fast Racing

      Thank you so much Jelle for reposting your old videos, they are really entertaining and I'm so happy My Boy Pollo Loco Got the Win!!! #Redemption #PolloLoco4theWin

    89. blackbonsai

      it looks like there was more work put into the tracks back then.

      1. Rg 2045

        blackbonsai a lot more marbles didn’t finish. Ah the thrill

    90. Nestor Custodio

      Is Reflektor even still competing, or has he finally retired altogether? Wouldn't mind seeing him come back in a future "Champions Of The Past" event or something similar.

      1. Nathan Clouse

        Cooper the BFB Kiwi I forgot about that. I thought he was in 9th

      2. Cooper Clarke

        He’s actually 6th.

      3. Nathan Clouse

        Nestor Custodio you’re welcome

      4. Nestor Custodio

        @Nathan Clouse Oh wow, he sure was in the 2019 SMR! How could I have forgotten? I think I got way too invested in m'boy the good-ol' Black Knight. Thanks for the reminder.

      5. Nathan Clouse

        Nestor Custodio Reflektor is still competing and he has a silver and bronze medal in SMR19 in 9th place right now

    91. Packer79

      I think this is my favorite course of all time. That second split that turned into a jump was awesome and then that braid came out of nowhere. Man, that was good. This was amazing!!!!!

    92. Deathell Ng

      Spoiler 3 DNFs right at the gate!?

      1. Elijah Kisner

        Spoiler There are 6 more DNFs

      2. Cooper Clarke

        Spoiler: Black Knight, Crazy Cat’s Eye and Snake’s Tub.

    93. Iggy Fan #1

      In 2017 Sand Marble Rally and 2018 Sand Marble Rally, Ghost Plasma wasn't doing good, but he is doing better in 2016!

      1. Cooper Clarke

        He’s also doing well in 2019.

    94. Learn and Grow - Kids TV

      You need a video on how you set up these courses. That cannot be a small feat! Great job! Our marble always loses. Good thing we’re not betting!

      1. Nathan Dalby

        A behind the scenes video would be cool to see!

      2. Delta Beta

        Yeah, I would like to see the effort he puts into making these courses

      3. David Carmer

        Yes, that would be fun to see. You digging in the sand and testing different least this is how I imagine it. :)

    95. Richard Docherty T

      Best track so far. Great work JMR!

    96. Black Panther

      Past story is a History today....Marble Race Lovers ♥♥

    97. Roblox Videos & More!

      Am I the only one who saw Crazy Cat’s Eye, Snake’s Tub, and Black Knight get stuck at the start?

      1. robo tails


      2. Roblox Videos & More!

        Cooper the BFB Kiwi not a really a spoiler, but okay

      3. Cooper Clarke

        Spoiler I did.

      4. Nathan Clouse

        Roblox Videos & More! I also saw it

    98. the_random_gamer

      Am I the only one who liked starman?

      1. robo tails


    99. Not Sure

      Impressive run by Pollo Loco. Not who I was rooting for but a very good run. Come on Black Knight, finish the stinking race!

      1. Yhelta

        Finish? How about start? My dude BK got all of an inch past the gate.... (smh)

    100. Chendrawati Kurniawan

      Jelle, where are the SMR19 races?

      1. Cooper Clarke

        He’s already uploaded the first 4 races.