Sand Marble Rally 2016 Race 9 - Jelle's Marble Runs

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    The 9th marble race of the Sand Marble Rally 2016 where 20 marbles will compete on a long sand course. The starting lineup of this race is randomized.
    NOTE: The 5th race of the 2019 Marble Rally is expected in early december.
    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos / Epidemic Sound
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    Facebook: jelleknikkers/
    Twitter: Jellesmarbles
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    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Epidemic Sound / Minos Fylaktos
    Logo design:
    === Useful Links: ===
    More marble news:
    Facebook: jelleknikkers/
    Twitter: Jellesmarbles
    © Jelle's Marble Runs 2016 - 2019: Please do NOT copy and reupload this video without my permission!

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    1. Paxton Thayer

      This video shows how many H2 blue And blue smoke fans there are 😑

    2. Miles Moraitis

      My guy out here calling Blue Smoke H2 Blue, the disrespect

    3. Tapadeep Chakraborty

      Hell yeah, starman is my man!

    4. omgwtfkthxbai

      #teamplasma =D

    5. Sony Ant

      Bloody hell this has to be the race of the season.

    6. Gel May

      Dragons egg, polo loco and el capitan are my bets.. Hope one of them will win in finals 😎😅 2020 watching 😅😅😄

    7. FrostyBotz _

      Good race for ghost plasma

    8. Teague Jelinek

      how is ghost plasma doing this ?? 😤

    9. j w

      stamen retakes the lead! about 20 times.

    10. Jaro J

      It wa blue smoke not h2 blue

    11. Mark B

      Wow! While I'm a little disappointed that Summer Sky couldn't keep up the continuous rise from her ultimate underdog position, hats off to Ghost Plasma, that's some insane consistency! This was probably the most exciting race of this season so far

    12. David Lund

      Tough race for super 🐢 but he did the best he could with that start position. Busted his way halfway up at the start and then got bodied and couldn't overcome the course. I won't give up hope for him he will only get stronger.

    13. Koushalya Mahagedara


    14. Son of Kharn

      My man Dragon's Egg needs to make a comeback

    15. Valentin Münch

      Starman, my hero won the race! 😀😁😺👌✨

    16. Muhammad Mustaqiim Mohamed Kasim

      By far the most entertaining track race because I support Starman and also the track is challenging and insane!

    17. Jessica Leyba

      Only career victory for Starman before he retired.

    18. p chatt

      As a marblymcmarbleface fan..this was a lil painful..but ma(r)boi did good

    19. enzoli23

      This curve right before the finish line needs to come back, awesome track!

    20. IceCubeNETWORK873

      I’m Not giving up hope on El Capitan

    21. wyza4 legacy

      This announcer sounds like he could be retired from announcing real racing. And now does marble races on his down time. You can just tell because of those marble stadium stands.

    22. YourBoyKuz

      I've been rooting for Ghost Plasma and Starman since the beginning, this was the perfect race for my marbles! Let's go Ghost Plasma and Starman!

    23. ariq45

      marly mcmarbleface fans? no? he might not be the best for now. but i be damn he took a good one

    24. NERD Channel U

      Is 2016 there most current season? Why are we not doing 2019?

    25. Shahriah Hasnat Borno

      Pls bring marblelympic😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢

    26. bach pham

      Later on, Nike officials met with Starman to sign on an exclusive deal on their new products: marble polishing shine.

    27. RaichuAM

      Rip Glassy F in the chat for his DNF :(

    28. 피지오젤

      It was truley intense race


      Do you offer off track betting?

    30. Андрей Ильин

      3d max

    31. Haley Faragalli

      Wow nice job Ghost Plasma

    32. Chris S.


    33. Rece Kie

      I want red no3 back in race

    34. CG Marble Runs

      Starman really did shine this time

    35. Mrchikkin

      Gotta say, this is probably my favorite course. So much variety with the turns and that multi-path section was amazing!

    36. Randy Christley

      who came here from Fact Fiend?

    37. Trains & Tronics

      Why do I watch these?

    38. Eufemia Quilantang

      Go Slimer! Hold on!

    39. Undrave

      That last curve before the finish line was very dramatic! I like it! I also hope we can see that bridge piece again, it's a nice one.

    40. Yossi Sirote

      Great track

    41. 김동진

      very very fun!!!!! exiting!!!!

    42. The Wolfpack Filmzzz

      Pollo loco merch plz!! And Phoenix and fantasy to !

    43. Kurtis Taylor

      Always pick a red marble, missing my boy red number 3 but ghost plasma is doing it for the reds🔥

    44. Andrew Wolverton

      Quit comparing GP to RN3. Great season of course, but the legend is still way above the rest.

    45. Arturo Baranda


    46. Sn!per X

      Sadly that Glassy did not finish the race, R.I.P Mr.Glassy 😪

    47. Tristan

      Oh yes! Go Ghost Plasma! He’s so good at gaining and keeping speed. If he could just avoid obstacles a little bit better he would have won first place four times over, I’m sure!

    48. cowscrazy

      Even in 2016 there was a red ball getting all the points. At least this one isn't a cheater !!

    49. Old Guys Rock!!

      Red #3 was in training in 2016. Red #3 watched these races, studied each competitor’s moves, and the best techniques when entering those tight helix curves. A legend awaits!

    50. rustblade7

      Ghost Plasma is really in its prime.

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    52. BwdB75

      Could there be a map of the track edited, like with racing, so that we know what the course will look like?

    53. A L C-D

      Enjoying the throwback marble runs, exciting as always! However, does anyone knows whether the rest of the 2019 series will be uploaded (if at all)?

      1. DimitriPilot3

        As per video description, the next 2019 race is expected in early December. That could be anytime in the next 2 weeks, assuming the weather conditions work out :muscle:

    54. SMTrules

      I think this course is my favorite by far

    55. MythsolverMercy

      Big Pearl, even with that line up, keeping it in the top 5.

    56. Ishaan Banerjee

      You were keep calling Blue Smoke H2 Blue

    57. Adam L

      Jeez, Starman worked SO hard for that win. Was that three or four times he had to reclaim the lead directly after losing it indirectly through a junction? Terrific stuff.

    58. tradewins

      Great course and very entertaining race, not too long or too short. Good job!

    59. Leyland Wilson

      Love your vidd

    60. Mike Perez

      Fact fiend brought me here

    61. Robert Rubin

      Wow. Ghost Plasma is on fire this season.

    62. YeeSoest

      I don't know about you guys but...this may have been the best race track ever! The differents paths and weaving segments are fantastic, exactly weighed against each other AND ONLY 1 DNF so...I think this is the one!

      1. Jay Man

        I was thinking the very same and then I saw this comment

      2. YeeSoest

        If any game developers are listening... YES, it is a great idea and yes, i kinda want royalties if it happens!

    63. Demid Chugunov

      Не хватает озвучки от YuriProfessional

    64. Zachary Boyd

      Pls shout me out! I'm a life time subscriber! Also subscribe to my channel if possible #ZacharyBoyd Thx if doooooo!

    65. TIM O'Dell

      Go Ghost Plasma

    66. John Smit

      I think the officials are calling Starman to be tested for steroids.

      1. Jorge Cruz

        @John Smit How dare you sir? Starman is a hardworking marble

      2. John Smit

        @Heath James hahaha...yes, I meant asteroids. lol

      3. Heath James

        Tested for asteroids***

      4. ClydeMcbride

        Starman is a goat, how dare they

      5. Jay Man

        Too late for that. Starman is long retired

    67. Captain Marvel's Son

      All of those lead changes! Outstanding race.

    68. John Knox

      This was an awesome and very creative course. Nice job GP!

    69. Gloweye

      Ghostplasma looks pretty happy that the supreme overmarble #RN3 wasn't participating in that Sand Rally.

    70. rphnick

      Ghost Plasma in Beast Mode!!!!

    71. Ayo Reyes

      I miss superball vs RN3

    72. MasterChiefSamus

      Not suggesting that Ghost Plasma is cheating, but its outstanding performance might make people believe there could be some kind of enhancement involved. Drugs? Oils? Implanted lead cores? I know this is a relatively young sport, but we need to keep it clean and competitive.

    73. TS16 Gaming

      Will one of these be going up every day?

      1. Cooper Clarke

        They upload every two or three days.

    74. manuel moreno

      where are the 2019 races????

      1. manuel moreno


      2. DimitriPilot3

        The answer is in the video description ;)

      3. Adam L


    75. Hhnn2

      Ghost Plasma clutched tho

    76. Green Meat

      We will overcome! #Justice4Ducks

    77. Arq. Alejandro Martelo

      Pollo Loco in the podium...

    78. RudeBoySouljah

      Nice course. Great video.

    79. TMG

      CMON H2 BLUE u got this

    80. Lucious Kyles

      This was your morning welcome to thanksgiving! Keep up the good work jelle

    81. xtra-ill

      Ghost Plasma, Schmost Plasma, its all about Pollo Loco!

    82. Daniel Cimino

      Solid race from my boi, Silver Bolt!

    83. Leandro Ribeiro Corrêa

      Nice track.

    84. Jimmy Donohoe

      HUGE race for the man ghost plasma! Move over, Red Number 3. We have a new Most consistent racer of all time. Go ghost!

      1. ZakkOfAllTrades

        after the 2016 season, ghost plasma fell p. hard. in the 2019 season, however, he's doing rather well

      2. Aman Francis

        Jimmy Donohue it is the 2016 version of marble rally red no.3 is still the goat.

    85. Riccardo Bianco

      Love this track!

    86. José Escobar

      Pollo Loco is love, Pollo Loco is life

    87. Game Town

      Commentating, noice

    88. Ben Poole

      By far the most tense and entertaining of the SMR 2016 season so far. That lunge by Ghost Plasma at the end... Maaaaan

      1. Mr.E

        For real

    89. Nathan Cate

      Ill say it. I am thankful I found this channel.

    90. Pm Clh

      Ghooooooooooooost plasamaaaaaaaaaaa!

    91. Space Monkey37

      instant watching no matter what other video im watching

    92. ErhanGaming

      I hate how much I love this channel.

      1. Mrchikkin

        You shouldn't. Your love is completely justified.

    93. D G

      Why is this so much more fun to watch than the professional football my family makes me sit through every year?

      1. Niels Sørensen

        Roope Rontu American Football is Rugby for sissies 🤣

      2. Dunder Mifflin Regional Manager

        Roope Rontu ice hockey is great

      3. Hallands Menved

        D G Yes, but that'll only last until betting is officially introduced and cheating starts. Great fun now, though! 👍🏼

      4. Roope Rontu

        American football in my opinion is better than European football (sorry guys), but nothing beats ice hockey!

      5. RhygonGG VGC

        I would be funny if they snuck some steroids on ghost plasma

    94. Mal Sous

      Go Pollo Loco, Rastafarian

    95. Meep_king25 _

      How t flip do you make marble races entertaining like that

    96. Mal Sous

      You kept calling blue smoke h2 blue?

      1. Zachary Boyd

        Yeah ur right! Lolololololol

      2. Elijah Kisner

        This was in 2016 sand marble rally and he thought that blue smoke was H2-Blue

    97. Raphael Sylla

      And im really early once!

    98. Pedro Felipe Castaneda

      I thought every new video is every Thursday and Saturday

      1. Pedro Felipe Castaneda

        😉 yeah that happens to everybody

      2. Ivo Nuijten

        @Pedro Felipe Castaneda happens to the best of us

      3. Pedro Felipe Castaneda

        Ivo Nuijten right, I forgot

      4. Ivo Nuijten

        It is Thursday so you're in luck :)

    99. Sahbaz Singh


    100. mct p

      please add jungle jumpers