NEW Halloween Marble Race 2019 - Jelle's Marble Runs

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    The 4th Halloween Marble Race where 8 marbles will compete on a track with Ravensburger Gravitrax, Kinetic Sand, Hubelino and acrylic glass blocks. This race is a small elimination tournament, from race 4 the lowest ranked marble will be eliminated.
    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
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    Twitter: Jellesmarbles
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    1. Rakibul hasan


    2. Rakibul hasan

      Wow I like this track

    3. Marley Giesinger

      Hope those spiders enjoy glass!

    4. henny setiawati

      "Sarcophagus of marbles past" So there's really a gravedyard for Jelle's Marbleverse.

    5. Maria Carla Paz Nicolas

      7:14, yet again

    6. multirainbowhawk

      Eyeball: EYE shall take revenge for my people not being allowed to complete! The fools shall SEE they’ve been BLIND to make this terrible mistake!

      1. multirainbowhawk

        EYE know EYE made too many puns. EYE just couldn’t resist! Sorry, I’ll stop now.

    7. Youou Tuber

      Greg you're the best commentator for Marbleympics, but I would've liked Vincent Price commentating here.

    8. 666flags

      i was rooting for casper the wholw time!!!!

    9. Megan Field

      I really love the halloween runs and Greg woods does an awesome creepy voice.

    10. CuriosityRocks

      Spooky Greg is awesome 😁

    11. theBoonarmies

      Ok, someone please tell me the genuinely exquisitely talented Greg Woods has a billion offers for commercial broadcasting jobs on his desk. I hope he stays with Marblesports, but man that guy is so so so good.

    12. Morjax Plays

      Sight unseen, I'm rooting will-o'-wisp! Woo!

    13. Alex W S Chan


    14. Lukas Master Gamer

      Greg woods is the best commentary and the best track maker

    15. Cashbeee

      I really want Casper to be featured more! I've always been cheering for the white marbles, and this one even bears my name! Go Casper!!!

    16. BUFU1610

      In the beginning I'm like "I like Blood Moon and Casper". Looking gooooood!

      1. BUFU1610

        Oh yeah, Blood Moon with three wins and 8 points lead makes it impossible to beat him if Casper does not finish first. Good podium!

    17. Maria Smeraldi

      Great Voice

    18. red eagle


    19. red eagle

      "lose the race, and you may lose your soul... once gravity takes you, you begin to roll... lose not the sight on this terrifyng night of a chance to win the halloween gold... OMG GREG U KILLED ME HHAHAHAHAHARRRGHH III CAN FEEEL BLOOOOUUD HEERE... WHAT A MEAL AT LAST THIS HALLOWEEEEEEN !

    20. Anthony Burback

      Pretty garbage that Blood Moon had multiple DNF and was still awarded the championship.

    21. gymnastoman1

      My dude Blood Moon, winning it all even after his DNF on the last race

    22. Kalina Desseaux

      GO CASPER GO "And where did Casper come from?! Blending in with the course!"

    23. Jacob Green

      Bloodmoon is super spoopy in the red track, I love it

    24. preciousaccounts_03

      I imagined that the sometimes erratic movement of the marbles (esp. in the red house maze) are the participants scared out of their wits in the race 👻👻👻👻

    25. preciousaccounts_03

      I imagined that the sometimes erratic movement of the marbles (esp. in the red house maze) are the participants scared out of their wits in the race 👻👻👻👻

    26. Roope Rontu

      I can't wait for this year's Halloween race!

    27. Caden

      Blood Moon the GOAT

    28. Teon Taylor

      6:19 Eye: Hello. 3 of the contestants: Aw, come on! Teon: You must have been an EVIL eye! Eye: What?

    29. GlitchManMax

      Let's go Blood Moon! This was spooktastic!

    30. Lindsey Ziegler

      I love the mixed media courses!

    31. Chris Peters

      Casper was robbed! Tie-breaker should have been based on position in the final race :)

    32. YourXavier

      3:43 Blood Moon only won because Booberry bumped him forward.

    33. tigerqueen1112

      How did my 3 favorite to win and my least favorite end up it the finals?? And then dumb zomball wins and my hero blood moon still takes the win?! Yas girl

    34. Nico Sotomayor

      I was rooting for Casper the whole time but I have to give respect where its due. Good job Blood Moon, hard work pays off.

    35. Will o' Wisp

      Im rooting for you bro

    36. BrewMonkey Video

      How did Casper not get the gold. I call for a re-race! TeamCasper!

    37. Jacob McManus

      Boobary is lit

    38. ASAP DRAKE

      I lost my rent money on Booberry.. tell him to train harder in the off season !

    39. NerdBoi___

      Caspar for greatest comeback of 2019

    40. Lavendeer 201

      Team zomball gather here

    41. floor staal

      0:09 Ik ben voor Casper het vriendelijke spookje👻

    42. cleopad5

      I'd honestly love to see Greg Woods commentate other things. He's just so good.

    43. The Wolfpack Filmzzz

      Candy corn noooooooooooo

    44. TheDarkPrince

      Thank you Karl this is amazing

    45. Rendy Andrian Y

      Amazing commentary and track design! It's always a delight watching these marbles racing!

    46. melted cheetah

      the ball bearing in this one has the heart of a racer

    47. Hepzhibah De Guzman

      Happy Halloween 🎃

    48. David Peschel

      we are huge fans of yours. Keep going. We love you. And awesome race!!!

    49. Dillon K

      Justice for Casper; I know who the real champion is

    50. Rannvijay singh Tomar 6thA

      Please make a video about who will host 2020 Marbelypics

    51. Devon Hamilton

      i voted for bloodmoon from the start,and he won lol

    52. Devon Hamilton

      This is your best marble race,course to me

    53. Noble Nickit

      First time the marble I was for was first, yeet

    54. nazychs

      Booberry was finally getting a comeback only to not finish in the last race.

    55. joshua2010660

      anyone else pick blood moon? edit: i just finished the vid, blood won :)

    56. Khell

      Awesome race!

    57. Billy da Boy

      Hold up ,will o the wisp wasn’t last? Thats illegal

    58. JPDillon

      I must lodge a formal protest of the final results, on behalf of Booberry! After the 2nd race, Booberry should have 4 pts, having finished 4th in race 1 (1:28). and a DNF in race 2. However Booberry is only shown with 1 pt in the standings after race 2 (2:52). Zomball, however, is shown with 12 pts after 2 races, though after finishing 7th and 2nd (1 and 8 pts, respectively). Essentially, 3 points were taken from Boberry and given to Zombie, a 6 point difference. After the 7th race, where Booberry was eliminated, Zombie was 6 pts ahead of Booberry (32 vs 26, 9:53). Correcting for the point error, this would have had them tied. Using the same tiebreaker mechanism for the final result (number of wins to that point) this would have eliminated Zombie, NOT Booberry! (one win for Booberry in race 4, zero for Zombie). Booberry should have been in the final race, and Zombie fed to the spiders!! This is a travesty!!! Marble LIVES are at stake!!!!

    59. Reptilian Chris

      poor jack o'lantern :(

    60. ivan f

      For when the ParaMarbleLympics?

    61. Andréas Skogholm

      Where did caspar come from, that was really a ghost marble! Good and well deserved win from blood moon!

    62. truffle69

      btw I LOVE Greg Woods comentry

    63. leonie

      tanz bitte

    64. Mahdi Ahmed

      Fuming booberry deserved better

    65. Ratheon Hudson

      Will-o-wisp was very brave in taking the route through the haunted house. Does fortune favour the round?

    66. Ratheon Hudson

      Let us take a moment to spare a thought for the "souls of marbles passed".

    67. truffle69

      jelle where do u get your marbles from P.S will there be a winter olympics?

    68. Ahmed Steadman

      There’s some predictions already on reddit about which teams will qualify for the 2020 ML. Since Team Galactic are the official hosts that’s makes them the Head OG! Making an appearance in every iteration of the ML. Of the 6 other OG team contending to qualify for ML 2020 (Oceanics, O’Rangers, Thunderbolts, Savage Speeders, Mellow Yellow and Pinkies), what are the predictions of which will join Team Galactic and go 5 for 5???

    69. Julian T

      Not that bad, but a bit too heavy on the halloween stuff.

    70. yoongi !

      im glad blood moon won! poor jack o lantern tho :(

    71. Mr C

      Bloodmoon.. RN3's scary cousin😀😀

    72. WobbleStoneMedia

      Danskerbingo any1?

    73. Renata Suare

      When is the next sand rally race coming?

    74. Craig B

      terrifying! not the spiders!

    75. Tony Brylski

      BooBerry nooo! Was really pulling for them!

    76. Vibe Time

      This channel inspired me to start racing with my own marbles. My marbles are a bunch of bouncy balls that I have gathered from various old navys over the years, and it's always nice to race them. Coming up with names is kinda hard, theres so much names possible to use. Anyway, thanks for inspiring me.

    77. Haley Faragalli

      Wow I love this

    78. enzoli23

      Nice and spooky course! I was rooting for Candy Corn, Booberry (because of the funny name) and Zomball - well, at least one of them won the last race and made it to the podium :D

    79. Kullerkugeln - Marble Runs

      cool, how you combine different marble tracks!

    80. Jay Kozokas

      I would like to propose a moment of silence for the poor marbles who's poor finishes left them ultimately finished with the spiders.

    81. Chandler Deardorff

      Who else picked Blood Moon because it looks a tiny bit bigger than the rest?

    82. Sirppivasara

      GOD DAMMIT BLOOD MOON you almost gave me a heart attack. Truly the scariest race so far

    83. Seesaw41

      Happy hallowe*video ends*

    84. x Amelie x

      That eyeball just like I'm gonna end this mans whole carer

      1. StarRocks1000

        I think what happened was when Will-'O-Wisp knocked over the ball-bearing in the beginning, it must have rolled down the path, and got pushed by the green thingy to shove the giant eye onto the course (Off-screen). Clearly that ball-bearing had a plan to sabotage that race, and eliminate Candy Corn in an instant.

    85. x Amelie x

      Wow so cool. Cant wait for Marblempics 2020. Yes Raspberry Racers

    86. Badron88

      Blood moon gave the others a chance to catch him out of sportsmanship.


      Love your vids I want to see another of the black hole video in negative colors it's sooooooooo relaxing

    88. Liz Hellsing

      Happy Halloween!

    89. Its Not Tylor

      Wow, I actually chose the right marble for once!

    90. Pimak

      My Casper was really hard to follow, I shound't have choosen a ghost !

    91. Pimak

      I chose 2 favorite at the beginning and they finished second and first, so happy ! Well not in the order I wanted but they are tied so I don't mind

    92. Progressor

      Off course Zomball won the last race. How could they not with such a great sponsor: Zombocom You can do anything at... Zombocom YOU are the limit on... Zombocom

    93. Sweetface Iradonia

      and mute again.

    94. Siphonay

      Jelle’s Murder Runs

    95. llessuR kraM noslekcim

      My boy right confident he just throws the last race like "y'all fight for second, I'll see you at the podium".

    96. Toure Evelyn

      Man when I saw Blood Moon jammed up and saw Casper sneaking forward I was like no stop that fool haha

    97. Genialo Style

      Wooo, i choose Blood Moon before the first race begins. My fav marble of halloween :3

    98. Allison Egley

      Did anyone else notice that Blood Moon looks like it's being filmed in stop-motion when it goes through the red maze? It's a cool effect, when contrasted to the others.

    99. Scott Wambold

      The kinetic sand is a nice touch, looking forward to seeing that in the other leagues!

    100. Julio Rodriguez

      Dam i was rooting for Will'o Wisp. Would always start slow but would annihilate the second stretch of the race. Just needed better decision making in the 3rd stretch.