Marble League Showdown Event 3 - Funnel Race

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    The third event of the Marble League (former MarbleLympics) showdown! Now it's time for the Funnel Marble Race!
    - The name MarbleLympics has been changed to Marble League! This is to avoid trademark issues. Please check the sticky post on for more information!
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    1. Abz Kernaghan

      Anyone else here from the Triforce Podcast? xD

    2. Sydney Mabry

      Minty's are always so good at Funnel Racing! Big congrats to Minty Swirl for getting silver! And well done to Snow, he pulled off an amazing run in the finals!

    3. Chien-Cheng Pan


    4. Daniël de Kruijf

      Was always a fan of the limers... But they are just too old for the sport it seems. Sad to see my favorites performing like this :(

    5. Prince Junior


    6. Alex Czarnecki

      I knew I was gonna be pressing F for Team Primary's fans as soon as I saw Mary was hitting the funnels

    7. Kim McCarthy

      Did anyone notice Red Number 3 was one of the celebrities meeting fans? LOL

    8. Erekle Roinishvili

      Well done Minty Swirl! Minty Maniacs have always done well in Funnel spinning.

    9. Boter Bug

      APPRECIATE how long Minty Swirl stuck in funnel 6 in the first heat. 33 seconds. There were entire qualifying runs that were almost shorter than that.

    10. Aiden Cho

      Roldo 6:19 under funnel 10 on the left

    11. Bulbaking Doot

      Go team Momo

    12. PeIaaja

      Hornets / RojoRollers fan here!!! oh boy we are gonna make it

    13. taufiqutomo

      Look from 3:33 onwards, the Hornets successfully uses other marbles' energy against them like a martial arts master.

    14. Matt B

      From 5:21 onward, the picture-in-picture overhead view of the funnel course shows a marble a full funnel behind Snow. The main view crops it out, but it remains there until the end. What's going on there? Who's that marble, and what are they doing here? For that matter, what were the race officials doing?

    15. chivasgold8

      Rojo dos !!

    16. James Allen


    17. wolfmoon256

      this is so creative

    18. wiet111

      Not a great day for the hornets. I'm still impressed with the character they showed in the qualifiers though. They were in a poor position, but fought their way back to the final. Very impressive.

    19. 07U

      4:39 Is it Greg to the right of Dion?

    20. Eduardo Dinis

      Did i just celebrate a loss from the limers? Bruh i thought they won, and then, last place.

    21. Fernando Estévez

      ROLDO is under the 10th funnel LOL

    22. Cynthia Sanchez

      I finally found Roldo!!!

    23. Tim Patten

      No less than the Limers deserve. Awful team.

    24. SurfinUSA

      I found myself rooting for Mo and the Mo-Mos... I can't explain it...

    25. The ohm of clouds

      Spoiler...... Roldo Hidden marble 5:30 between 9 and 10

    26. Box of Crowns

      Man the limers are not doing good at all man. I hope they make a comeback.

    27. Behroze Choudary

      Why are the snowballs even fighting the limers, The snowballs always win

    28. Bernardo Leite


    29. Ric Nguty

      No sports due to Corona virus. This will have to do.

    30. Ein Mensch

      I'm watching this because I'm missing Bundesliga and in Collision I figured out that Snowballs are my favorite team and Rojo Rollers my second favorite. So the first race was like Schalke winning the Bundesliga and the FCN finishing second for me.

    31. Archibald enninful

      Team hornets, but team snowball is too #sick in their execution

    32. Yetiman89

      Good job snowballs i knew you'd get gold

    33. Tally Ho


    34. David Saint

      Hornets why?????? we were going to win

    35. Gagan P

      Who's here after seeing this blow up on Twitter? Also why am I hearing about this now? This is awesome. 😁

      1. Mathew Urias

        Welcome!!!!! Hopefully your enjoying these videos. You should definitely watch all the marble league’s they are really good!!!! If you have any questions you may say them and I will try to answer them

    36. sage eridani

      What did I just watch!? This is addicting!!!

    37. stevenpelleriti09

      DUDE 3:33 Just watch the physical dominance from the Hornets. This marble bodied 5 other marbles to survive in funnel 10.

    38. Weird’s Alt account

      Bumblebees and Minty Maniacs XD

    39. Ivor Scrotumic

      Wow... Stinger from The Hornets had a nightmare drop at 2:44 onwards. Recovered nicely & finished very well tho, to keep up the team's good form so far

    40. Krishna Kabrawala

      Can we take a moment for Hornets that at minute @3:33 they were last and stuck at funnel 8 for a while just to finish 2nd.

    41. chaoscrimsonia

      Stinger from the Hornet holding on for so long at the third to last funnel is sooooo incredible.

    42. neuro / metareality

      insane heat 1 from hornets, holding on in funnel 10 to go from last to qualifying in 2nd place, shame about the finals round though

    43. Mthobisi Mavuso

      This interestingly hypnotic, I'm never leaving this place.

    44. Chris Jenkins

      Snow balls and Minty maniacs was a real nail biter at the end!

    45. Lorenza Guerios

      meu, na moral, explica qq vc tava pensando quando teve a ideia

    46. King Munro

      Shining Swarm should retire.

    47. Mary Laschiazza

      the production value is literally insane. i hope this guy gets paid big money for this cuz he is crushing it

    48. Zadfrack

      This is a didact's dream for imparting understanding of angular momentum. Note how often the leading contender fails once dropping a level to a slower foe.

    49. Rebecca O'Sullivan


    50. Jackson B

      I need to see a Urinating Tree video entitled: The Limers - a Legacy of Failure

    51. Mr. Cub Fan 415

      Roldo: First visible at 5:18. Located just to the left of funnel 10.

    52. Pedro Hernandez

      #LetsRoll!!!! Good job Rojo Rollers!! My team about to make a comeback!!

    53. CorruptedCow

      I remember when these got like 300 views. Great job working on your youtube channel I believe in you

    54. Andrew Wolverton

      BOC fan here but what a fanboy moment when they showed R#3 at the meet and greet. Imagine the rush to that line as soon as the race ended.

    55. OliO AKA Squekyboy2000

      The hornets have to be bribing officals or using gloss.Don't you think it suspicous that they finsh 2nd almost every time, I mean I would try to make it seem im not winning by being in 2nd place. Plus the ball bearings in event 2 suddenly changed direction and the only explaination is that they were bribed into rigging the event. In this event you might say "they couldn't have bribed or glossed 'cause they finshed in 6th" and well thats what want you to think.

    56. DeusXDebauchery

      Hornets in the 2nd heat was probably the greatest thing I've seen on this entire channel

    57. Bloblyface :D

      It's a good year to be a Snowball fan.

    58. Carter Howard

      I’m a Hazers fan but I’ve loved the Hornets since the first event of the Showdown they just look so cool

    59. LifenKnight 6732

      2:34 watch Hornets for a good time

    60. LifenKnight 6732

      4:30 Watching hornets. Was crazy

    61. Julian Avar

      if team Momo doesn't qualify imma be so angry

    62. KFJ_I 8668

      I really liked the competition between Rojo Rollers, Minty Maniacs and the Bumblebees in the final

    63. Noble Nickit

      I'm always for the jawbreakers lmao

    64. Bill Decipher

      Like if your a whisps fan and you wanted them in the race

    65. uimanen

      So hard to stay a Limers fan.

    66. fluffle puff is amazing

      We need marblympics every year

    67. Lef da beer

      Minty Maniacs for life

    68. russkiy pomoshnik


    69. DrogoToadfoot

      what's wrong with the limers? are they cheaper marbles? we always lose

    70. finfan7

      Sponsored ads in the video... Well, it was fun while it lasted.

    71. Royal S

      Remind me again why its the slowest that wins?

    72. DJ Žanis

      0:50 only the limers are capable of that...

    73. CashioKing

      I've always been with the OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORANGERS!!! (limers are also my fav too :( oof)

    74. Trinston Michaels

      trinston was here

    75. Little Miss Unoriginal

      Why is it satisfying to watch thE Hornets and the Bumblebees go head to head?

    76. Brian Angeles


    77. Maltese Melon


    78. Mzorish

      Where is Raspberry racer?

    79. Iggy W

      Primary Gang 4 Life

    80. Strandvag Tornschure

      The loser should be finished first?

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        It's to test the endurance (see other comments and video description)

    81. R0landEld

      Go Minty Maniacs!!

    82. rcarlisi63

      so if your first your last.........?....

    83. The Hood's A&R

      Wow my limers were getting so much coverage!.... because of their disappointing performance... once again.

    84. Hunajatoukka

      #Snowmuchfun why Am I hooked? When the next event comes I’m going to lose my marbels..

    85. BlueWolfe

      My mans minty maniacs did well this time

    86. Folderanimates


    87. Charles Ecelbarger

      I want to see a team put together of all the fan interference marbles, like, you want to be a competitor so bad, here's your chance.

    88. Rising Peter

      How many teams will promote to League A?

    89. e

      Pls make again with the samz teams as last year, i miss the yellows

    90. Peter D

      Can red No3 give out the medals??

    91. Meat Man

      I wish I could have been there for the meet and greet. Would have loved to meet red number 3. One of the best SMR competitors ever.

    92. Rodrigo Colina

      aguante snowballs loco

    93. Roy Fuentes

      A marble racing channel is getting actual sponsors? What a time to be alive

    94. John Stinson

      I’ve still got hopes for the Hornets. Their technique is a bit rough, but they have the talent to go far.

    95. Kandie Rhodes

      hold on a minute we need a collaboration.

    96. Keith Charland

      Hornets choked the finals :(

    97. bioLarzen

      LOL - poor Limers can't catch a break :)

    98. Khirek

      Haven't been watching this channel for maybe half a year. So glad the minty maniacs are still in it :')

    99. cadehall2

      Where’s team galactic

    100. Beta0Light

      Go Limers Go Limers Go NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Limers why you do this to me