Cravendale Last Marble Standing E6 "Marbula Moo" - Marble Race by Jelle's Marble Runs

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    The epitome of The Last Marble Standing games, the lap race is designed to see which of our marble teams can last the longest. Six contenders, one marathon track and the glory of being crowned a champion - it all boils down to this unique marble race track which pushes skill, longevity and marble endurance to the limit!
    - This is NOT the Marble League 2020! The ML2020 opening ceremony will be tomorrow at 4:30pm EDT / 21:30 BST.
    - The editing is mostly done by the Cravendale team, so any feedback is welcome and will be used to improve the upcoming videos.
    - The teams in the LMS have NOTHING to do with the original Marble League teams!
    We also used different marbles compared to the original ML teams.
    "Last Marble Standing" is sponsored by Arla Cravendale
    Competing teams:
    - Team Purity (host)(transparent teal with silver white)
    - Milky Madness (solid white, like Snowballs)
    - Semi-Skimmers (green with white)
    - Dairy Dash (sky blue with white swirls)
    - Freshers (lime green with teal and white swirls, like Limers)
    - Graze of Glory (blue with light blue, like Kobalts)
    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
    Graphics / design: Merle Driver, Becky Sumner, Thom Mill and Jamie Bryan
    Filming / Video Editing: Jelle Bakker / Jodie Horne
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    Twitter: Jellesmarbles
    © Jelle's Marble Runs 2020 and Arla / Cravendale: Please do NOT copy and reupload this video without my permission!

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    1. Dwight Reim

      I'd loved this I hope it happens next year perhaps instead of 6 teams 8 maybe

    2. Nepo Gamer

      Rooted for GoG through the entire cup and the racing in this last event did not disappoint. Mad straight line speed and technique.

    3. Cho You

      Please more of this league!

      1. Cho You

        @Jelle's Marble Runs Would it be the same lore/marbles?

      2. Cho You

        @Jelle's Marble Runs omg yes... make my wish come trueee, all i want for christmas is Cravendale League 2.

      3. Jelle's Marble Runs

        We and Cravendale have plans to do a special Christmas League next December, but it's not confirmed yet.

    4. Cho You

      Cravendale LMS is my favorite. I wonder if the teams will take a shot at ML.

    5. Florian Bischoff

      the closer you look to the details the nicer and funnier it gets. one of the most entertaining video series i have ever watched. thanks for that

    6. Jed Albert Barbosa

      Team Purity should be ALSO admitted to the Marblelympics 2021 quali.

    7. Rami Rowe

      I was so routing for team purity! I’m so proud of their win in this final race!

    8. henny setiawati

      Grazy Of Glory:We won the Cravendale Cup! Kobalts:Ehm.... The Freshers:We got last... Limers:Hey! We got last too!

    9. The Manh channel

      What is the song name for the intro? The song before you started talking.

    10. BlueFlag Alpha

      Milky madness choked it with 2 laps to go. They could've won it

    11. Vark Ster

      I've watched this through a few times now, and I can't help thinking that might have benefited from some kind of sponsorship deal? Maybe that would be too cheesy, but you have to moove with the times. I suppose you chose not to milk the event for all it was worth. Possibly the right choice; the grass is always greener and all that. Anyway, keep up the great work. The next competition is already in my dairy.

    12. BenAZ123

      It's surprising how much joy these marble races give people. How wonderful they are. THANK YOU Jelle's Marble Runs. These are awesome and I look forward to each and every one. :) P.S. The ending of this one was particularly great.

    13. Hoeru

      I like my marbles blue. Nicely done GoG.

    14. Rex EB501

      I really like your videos but the teams in this movie are boring. I want the orangers back

      1. Cho You

        Milk Madness is your O'rangers here. This is a different league btw. I really like them, they're very iconic.

    15. Rudiger Smooch

      I was rooting for Graze of Glory the entire time because one of them shares my name, haha. BOO-YAH!

    16. Shane Spencer

      Graze of Glory = Forever! Dynasty! ヽ(´▽`)/ Hahahahaha

    17. brettlexine world

      The freshers woooooooooooo

    18. Superfluous


    19. el Simoño

      How do you guys build those racing circuits?

    20. Gillian

      My poor dashers.. oh well

    21. The Green Monstah

      GRAZE OF GLORY BABY! Been a long time fan since like.... and hour ago when I saw their name and logo in the first vid

    22. O Niflrog

      This commentator is amazing!

    23. Dawzkreat

      I’m glad I purposely didn’t watch these events.. The wait for the next one always kills me. Team Purity!

    24. sdef

      I never even heard of Cravendale and now I want some.

      1. Cho You

        Same lol. I love this league.

    25. pianowater pianowater

      dont stop watching before 9:15

    26. This Roller Coaster Life

      6:00....are you freakin kidding me? Milky can't buy an event.

    27. zzO

      Thank you hannibal

    28. Marshall L

      no applause for the horrible reffs except for the team that they showed favoritisim for . Fire them! They should not have given them a 2nd and 3rd redo at pushing the block, this isn't little leagues. I call foul!

    29. Jonas C.

      I’m so proud of team purity!! But graze of glory was just too good 👏 👏 👏

    30. Becky Whittaker

      I was on semi skimmers anyway they were so close

    31. Lester Aguarilles

      What a race for 1st 😲😲 GoG did a good joolb tru out the tournament 😲😲🤩🤩

    32. Harry Heller

      The semi-skimmers were always there and even won, but they just consistently lost fan support throughout the event

    33. Kevin Hunter

      Milky Madness, where did it all go wrong?

    34. T-vis

      Someone needs to make a video game like this. Where you can design tracks and race on them. There could be different sections like the sand sections and what not. I'd pay top dollar if it was done right. Can't find anything like that anywhere!

    35. Bill

      In these troubled times, the sheer ridiculousness of this all is greatly appreciated.

    36. McMatthew99

      A recommendation: speed up the video of the marbles to make them look like they're going faster. Which is to say that I got used to watching at 1.5x speed and the normal 1x looks slow now. Otherwise, keep up the amazing production!

    37. randms2fake

      I dunno. I don't wanna be a cow but while I absolutely loved the first Cravendale events, with the last one I feel like it's been milked too long and is turning to sour.

    38. Rdog 64

      The question is how meny marbles dkk ok you have

    39. Lori DaFuque

      That Commentator Tho - Amazing

    40. Ratheon Hudson

      My God! This was spectacular!

    41. Jesse Prather

      Damn dude, what the hell happened milky madness? Total choke job!

    42. NuNu ReDs

      Milky madness, nooooooooooo !!!! ☹️

    43. Patrick

      GRAZE OF GLORY ARE YOUR CHAMPIONS!!! A team I root for has finally won a championship. Let’s Go Graze. WE LOVE YOU ALL

    44. Malachi Hill

      Duke and Duchess getting pushed into the milk hilarious

    45. combustication07

      How epic! Brilliant

    46. BSG GOLF

      Where can you buy that chain.lift . It is insane

    47. Semaj_502

      Holy crap that was exciting

    48. Max Dietz

      I need the dairy dashers to win this event and the graze of glory to get last that’s the only way they can win

    49. Aislin Kageno

      That was so exciting! So hyped that the team I rooted for from the start made it all the way to that victory plunge. Now I'm all the more hype for Marble League. :D

    50. Keith Bell

      Milky Madness went out way too fast too early. They gassed late.

    51. Brandz_ xiv

      Graze of glory from the start👍👍👍🎉

    52. Ted Chaffman

      These races need more cinematic/stabilized/close-up/high-aperture camera angles. Time to take this thing to the next level!

    53. Harry Fletcher

      Just when you thought the coach jumping into the milk was the best way to cap off a brilliant cravendale cup

    54. Vinay Kapadia

      Yay Graze of Glory! Winners of the Cravendale Cup! #GrazeOfGlory #moo

    55. Dan. bj

      How can I get one of these tracks?

    56. Jeffrey Madden

      This is what we all come for; pure awesomeness.

    57. Spaceman Duke

      lol. I loved that ending where the duke and duchess got pushed in

    58. Jacky Lam

      Sell the WHOLE TEAM! No one in the Freshers is championship level >B-(

      1. Morgan Freeman


    59. Benedikt Bethscheider

      Greg Woods and Jelle are just a match made in heaven.

    60. Tstormer

      that ending though

    61. MARABOTO03

      Hello! I hope you can answer my question. I'm a huge marbles' fan and Id like to create my own tracks just for personal fun. What kind of tracks do you use? I really like their looks and they seem simple enough to build (: thank you for all your effort!! I totally love your channel

    62. DjSquirrel33


    63. Matthew Ulanski

      That name "Marbula Moo" is so spot on.

    64. Jenna Mariee

      my boyfriend is so mad milky madness (his choice) got 5th and graze of glory (my choice) got first. :')

    65. KC Sutherland

      Great to finally see Milky Madness performing well! First place unchallenged for 12 laps!

    66. Kit Zhao

      Why do I feel so bad for Milky Madness haha

    67. Lolly

      How is it possible that I find this far more engaging than human sports?

    68. Jed Albert Barbosa

      0:05 at 1.05x speed

    69. Beaker

      Great closing to the games!

    70. Hanalea Tschampel

      Can the Graze of Glory coach the Oceanics? Blue teams gotta stick together, and the Oceanics need all the help they can get.

    71. Danielle Smith

      These races have my anxiety up through the roof

    72. Christopher Hancock

      I have to go back and watch this entire racing playlist. I just hope my team the Minty Maniacs can get some more gold in the next event.

    73. seattlegrrlie

      Man. I thought Graze of Glory was going to end it with the win. I'll have to be content with 2nd place and the ultimate standing

    74. Daniel Briones

      The moment Milky Madness hits the wall is the moment I lost hope of them winning the race.

    75. April Gabriella

      I cannot believe I just watched marbles go around a track 16 times and was effing riveted. Awesome. Whooooo! Graze of Glory!!! Whoooo!!

    76. Marius Kling

      Poor milky madness, already looked like the winner, but one mistake changed the game. :/

    77. Will Sheets

      Very well done by Team Purity. A victory would have been nice but a 2nd place finish is still solid

    78. Lucky Two

      You don't do these enough!

    79. Connor Violette

      Milky MAdness has never been more cheated than this event. 1st place for 90% of the race just to get blundered by a corner. Very disappointed with their ending. :(

    80. Mish M.

      if we're talking who "lasted longest", Freshers nailed it :P

    81. Nathanael Smith

      Graze of Glory have been strong from the start and they had consistency throughout. Proud to be a fan.

    82. Calvin Taft

      Milky threw that race!

    83. TBolt

      Dang it, Freshers. 😞

    84. Bipo :o

      you gotta appreciate how diverse the marble racing industry is. great job to all the marbles who were able to make this happen!

    85. Shay Bee

      I guess "Graze of Glory" really stayed true to their name 😂😅

    86. czarpaul01

      Great race. LOVE the speed on this track layout!

    87. Swordblaster

      Big LOL at the milk pool.

    88. Flux Cluster

      It's just awesome. Bravo! Go go Orangers!

    89. Jake Aurod

      I liked how the intro music changed for the final video. I wasn't sure if it was the last video, but that music clued me in. BTW, the music sounds familiar, like it's similar to a classical piece or was used in a film score, but I can't remember what.

    90. Slam Dunk

      "who's going to get off first to chase down milkey madness" I don't think we're both talking about marbles anymore

    91. Asal Mumbul Channel

      hello, I am the owner of the channel asal mumbul, in my channel there is a marbles football game, please see

    92. PootLoops

      Finally a team I rooted for won! Ok back to rooting for MoMo and Primary...

    93. Eric Umbarger

      I've been pulling for Purity the entire time so I'm glad they got a win, though I do kind of feel bad about Milky Madness with that one hiccup costing them two positions near the end

    94. Carlin Spencer

      Milky Madness, WTF!!!!!!!

    95. Jed Albert Barbosa

      6:50 Team Purity fan crowd 9:44 The candle must be covered, not disappeared unlike in the Marble League season 2-4.

    96. Alex’s Studio

      I’m proud of my Team Purity boys, 2nd place ain’t that bad at all!!

    97. Teemu Syrj

      Milk on, milk on! With hope in your heart. An you'll never milk alone!

    98. Dhimas CPW

      Graze of glory i never doubt you. Lets go.

    99. Shannon Gemma Hirst

      I love the commentator!! Good job

    100. Eladio Montero Porras

      Could a competitor design a "better" marble to be faster? I.e. denser, heavier, etc. so they have an advantage?