High Jump | Marble League 2020 E13

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    Welcome to the fifth edition of the Marble League #ML2020, sponsored by Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, and Event 13: High Jump!
    The High Jump returns to the Marble League for the first time since 2017! Marbles aim to jump over the bar as it rises with each successful attempt. With the bottom half's chances to win the Marble League shrinking, every jump matters more than ever! Will a new record be set? This one's for all the marbles!! #marblelympics #marblerace
    0:00 - Intro
    0:52 - Stage 1 Jumps (35,5cm - 37,0cm)
    9:35 - Stage 2 Jumps (37,5cm - 38,5cm)
    15:40 - Stage 3 Jumps (39,0cm plus)
    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
    Graphics: Anton Weber, Tom Cui, Trevor Sayre
    Editing: Bart Stoffels, Jelle Bakker
    Design: www.hookstone.be
    Team Logos: timritz.com/
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    1. ElementFunk

      My dudes the O’rangers takin another W!

    2. Matías Sampaolesi

      Savage Speeders were doing an amazing comeback and here did't pass the easy jumps... The way the lose is a little curious for me

    3. Cameron Hamer

      The O'rangers are on the 'roids for sure

    4. ItsVishyBreh

      Idk how I got here but I think I’m stayin

    5. krushna ratnaparkhi

      O'rangers : not a single failed attempt until they reach 40.. Champions for a reason.. I really love them...

    6. Awesome Pinewood

      Pretty sure the O'rangers will win the League now. I am 99.999% sure that the O'rangers won't lose at Aquathlon, the Oceanics will start their desent back to basement battles, and the Speeders will definletely not pull a comeback and beat us. Right, RIGHT?

    7. Jared Erickson

      O'rangers have the worst fans....

    8. Grace Johnston

      I wish that the Marble League could have commercials like the Olympics where Pulsar is just like "I drink milk and that's why I'm a Marble League athlete". I'd love that and that would totally make me drink milk.

    9. Ratries

      What have I just watched and why can't i stop watching ?

    10. Leonardo Mariano

      Appears the setup is not placed where they can use the maximum height. Most of them crashed but had power enough to make it.

    11. Zach Bell

      This is OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOur year O’rangers!!

    12. MarloSoBalJr

      OooooooOOOOoooooo YEAHHHHH!!!!

    13. Inaxi Patel

      O'er angers great job by them but the Savage Speeders though, oh!They are disappointed with that.

    14. Haekal Rabbani

      savage speeders!!!

    15. HenryManson

      THX John Oliver for recommending this glorious Nonsense ! PS: GOOOOO RASPBERRIES!!!

    16. AV Gaming


    17. Marilyn L


    18. Aaron Dorsey

      Sitting in office and got a few weird looks for cheering when the Savage Speeders went out right away. GO O'RANGERS!!

    19. Felix Cui


    20. Tstormer


    21. Parker Erich

      Crazy Cats Eyes really has good Captainship. Red Eye is good at setting the standard for their team.

    22. Nick Carberry

      I need backstories of the teams

    23. Serperior Snake

      Whizzy, I love you, you're my favorite marble in the whole league, BUT COME ON

    24. Mark Bassett

      Aight, imma say it. Orange is a trash color. The orangers can go heck themselves.

    25. Mark Grenville

      I just can't believe that I'm watching this

    26. L.P.M X

      The O’Rangers are doing me proud 🥺😤

    27. godnoble

      Orangers are the Yankees of marble league.

    28. goddessSue13

      You should add athlete stats, e.g. weight, circumference!

    29. Dickmeiss

      Go Green Ducks #ouackattack

    30. Ben Brice

      Very impressed by the newcomer Bumble bees. Honey looked like she got robbed on that last jump. They should still be proud of their Silver medal tho!

    31. Aden Powter

      Is Honey ok?!?!? That was a bad fall at the end there. Where are the medic's

    32. superlazykyle

      Orangers are cheating, I swear...

    33. SpiderX

      Les go hazers!!

    34. MrJ1GS4W

      My favorite teams had a great outing this time around. Lets go Bumblebees and Hornets!! Congrats Honey for that silver, hopefully she didn’t hurt herself on that last jump.

    35. Dustyness

      Oooooooooooooooooooh yeah!

    36. sj97inr4


    37. pdlbq

      O’rangers are amazing!!!! They are going to take it all!!!! Goooooo O’Rangers!!!!!

    38. Gary Alexander

      Can we check the competitors for performance enhancing lubricants? I'm suspect of CCE's decline in these later competitions...

    39. 607

      Ouch, why was Honey missing the sand when she gave her all on the last attempt not paid attention to?!? Cool event!

    40. ya boi

      another lit race

    41. Mario Parent

      Too many camera changes...very hard to follow. Pick an angle,

    42. Zachary Dannatt


    43. juergen541

      Wow. Mandarin showing off there. Loving it. Goooorangers!

    44. willeodsson

      Ok. That's it. I call cheats. Illegal grease!!

    45. Potato Dave

      imagine not getting on podium in your first marblympics. rip honey

    46. tiotito31

      We need more analytics. I want to know the marbles density and weight for each team or each marble playing

    47. McKay Hartwell

      limers fan who became a minty fan this year, what a rollercoaster

    48. patedwar

      Still want to know weight stats on these marbles to know if any of these events are fair. #weighthemarbles #marbledoping

    49. Aqua From the Oceanics

      Listen, I tried I really did. I’m sorry I let you down Oceanics fans

    50. Wahid Abassi

      i am still 10thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    51. asioe kiou

      As a person in st.louis people here really need it and every bit counts!

    52. EquestrianFever

      Midnight Wisps have been failing us the last two events...

    53. Caden Bolt

      Greg: 55% of our viewers are unsubscribed Me: *impossible*

    54. Bumblebee

      "And the other one... is Mellow Yellow." *cries in Mellow Yellow fan*

      1. asioe kiou

        Savage Speeders... Oh no! What happened???

    55. T

      First and last. We'll come back stronger, Savage Speeders. Way to go O'Rangers

    56. Tyiff Pejic

      Okay, sorry if this is a stupid question but can someone please clarify something for me? How is Momomomo in this event if they were chipped in a previous Marblympics? (or, that's what I heard? Am I confusing some lore here?)

    57. Vincent Videos

      Ruzzy: *misses 36.5 Me: it’s ok, we can bounce back. It’ll be fine Ruzzy: *misses 36.5 again Me: should I even watch the rest of this video🙃

    58. TigerJack 177


    59. Matias Petracca

      Roldo en el minuto 17:40

    60. gary Cline

      I don't know why I find this stuff fascinating, but I cant turn it off. Nice production

    61. Thom Mallens

      when i chose O'rangers at the start of these olympics i had noooo idea what was comming. but man this is exciting

    62. sodaso ow

      Lets go minty maniacs!!!! Wooooooo

    63. HinekoAkahi

      As a Racers fan, I suppose I can console myself with the thought that at least we finished before the Speeders.

    64. Flaming Pulsar

      Team Galactic: experts in finishing 5th, finish 4th for once. 6th place in the overall rankings and slowly climbing that ladder. Can we beat out those top 5? Only time will tell.

    65. Zelly

      Speeders can only go horizontal, not vertical.

    66. EctoTron1

      Can someone bring the Oragners in for drug testing?

    67. Sean Butler

      Ouch Honey!

    68. Sean Butler

      I am honestly so bleak with the performance of the Hazers in this year's marble league. I had them for the win after last year's performance.

    69. Ron F

      Ugh...I hate the O'Rangers. They are just so damn smug.

    70. kablah777

      Savage Speeders... Oh no! What happened???

    71. Akbar Mna

      This was kinda confusing to watch, it was abit hard to differentiate actual runs and replays.

    72. Laura McCullough

      Any chance I can get the initial height of the run? I teach physics and this would be great for calculating potential energy.

    73. Bia Ruppini

      Mandarin is incredible, I'm so proud of her

    74. Short satire

      Production values just the best!

    75. thecosmicradiation

      I feel like records are falling like dominoes in this Marble League!

    76. CaserDJT

      17:55 raldo is next to the ref stand just peeping out above the wall

    77. Joost

      Yesss Mellow Yellow finally getting another medal. We needed this for our morale

    78. Dominik Wieser


    79. Mitchell Johnson

      savage speeders suck!🤣. O’Rangers all day!!!

    80. Hayden Weir

      This has no right being as captivating as it is

    81. Brian Fitzsimons

      Team ducks here. I fly or die.

    82. Brice Rosa


    83. muaz?

      is it just me, or do i completely do not understand what is going on in this event

    84. VICTONxVIXXxVeriVery fanboy

      You'll really now Yellah really prepared for this event. I hope Yellah would get the record back next time. 💯

    85. Garrett Yates

      I think the O'Rangers need to get on the scale, they have been juicing.

    86. no u

      Okay, I don’t even need my favorite teams to win anymore. I just want the goddamn O’rangers to lose.

    87. Iron Man 0507

      Hazers are probably only good at Marbular One or simmilar events.

    88. ynp7

      I was thinking this was the most boring Marble League event, but then my Orangers pulled out an epic win!

    89. alext442


    90. ivi 12 lopez

      Misty OUT #NoHazyNoParty

    91. Jayarbal

      I loved the Orangers for their colour at first, when they were a bunch of young rascals with more focus on their party lives than on winning trophies, but now they really know how to impress with sheer skill, and they do so since years! It's quite marbelous how they keep dominating the sport. Much respect indeed.

    92. Juul Wallican

      Mellow Yellow having 2 medals but still being last...

    93. Maxx B


    94. Earthboundmike


    95. Noemi Starlight

      Takes my disappointment as a raspberry fan to a new low. I kind of just want anyone to steal the #1 spot from the Orangers. It's a proud moment for many teams, especially a great moment for the Bumblebees. Right now, I'm cheering more for the Minty Maniacs.

    96. K-no-K

      These O'rangers should be tested for illegal density parameters, I'm sure they added a few precious milligrammes. Also these are made by Dutch people who have orange as they national/king official colour. Not even kidding on what I just wrote.

    97. Jeffrey Brauner



      There are 3 types of marble fans: 1. "Hey, this is interesting." 2. Those who go ":O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!' 3. And those who want to shove a brick down #2's throat! Jk congrats on the new record

    99. Neiot

      Sometimes, while I watch these videos, especially of the Marble League 2020, I imagine the marbles as personified characters in a comic book. I am no artist, but if I would totally try my hand at drawing a manga based on the trials and tribulations of the marbles.

    100. royalD3ucee