Marbula One Season 2: GP6 Arctic Circuit RACE

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    Hello everyone and welcome to Marbula One Season 2! The Revolution in Marble Racing is finally back, with a new qualifying system, 20 teams, 12 total races and a lot of improvements.
    Who will get the win today? Please enjoy! #MarbulaOne #M1 #Season2
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    1. Dan Aaronson

      V. Bbb

    2. Jvrlucena Films

      My 2nd video and I can already tell this is my new favorite channel

    3. Oscar Whitehead

      Orange s we are the king of inconsistency

    4. TT-lover

      Finally a qualification curse broken by Green Ducks, but what a rance for Raspberry Racers. 11 places gained and a podium finish, what a race. Also great job O'rangers. This time the underdogs went wild

    5. Diet Beer


    6. Cars,trains and marble racer Number 1 fan

      Good job billy

    7. EfrainQuezada

      Clementin coming back from crashing out at 4:45 proves this marble is a champion, and will persevere no matter what. Fight on Clementin

    8. Little Rascals


    9. Hlankima

      Let Gooooo O'rangers

    10. Ryan Gilpin


    11. Jack Fowler

      We've been starting strong all Season, So Happy to see a P1. #quackattack

    12. Cumunist

      Damn ruzzy from 14th to 3rd

    13. MadeByAmy21

      I never tought id ever be so invested in one orange marble XD

    14. tyler lingor

      Im a degenerate

    15. Villa Perpóto

      yeah orangers got second place. dikke vo ouwe

    16. Max2200

      so proud oceanics

    17. Faiz Maulida

      Yes! Finally!!! #QuackAttack

    18. cgouzoulis

      Wheres the rest of season 2?

    19. Michael Delair

      I love the commentary 😂😂😂

    20. Bryan Dawson

      Has the second season of the Marbula One been abandoned? It’s been 2 months 🙁

      1. Michael Blumenthal

        M1S2 will be back on Feb. 19!

    21. INNOPID

      Marble had concussions. That seems legit

    22. Killers Eddie

      Damnit Smoggy!

    23. DJ SoupStain

      Team momo started off incredibly this season, but they have fallen off since. I'm just hoping that we can end with a podium spot.

    24. PracticallyKorver

      Azure needs to pull his damn weight Cerulean is doing everything for us on Team Kobalt

    25. Ochoa great wall of Mexico

      I don’t even need to watch the qualifiers cause I know team galactic will always make it through it’s the actual race were they tend to um lose their lead

    26. DingusLikesBread

      Rip smoggy

    27. FF Bear

      As a Wisps fan, its been a mixed tournament so far, Wispy has been doing well but Wospy is gonna need to pull out some good performances if they want to keep their position on the team for me

    28. Migara Amarasinghe

      Why are savage speeders Soo bad now😭

    29. Gecks Gaming

      Red eye had me frustrated

    30. GCClassics Lover

      Snowy's struggling. Needs to find a new training program or something. Flashes of greatness with the fastest lap, but it doesn't matter if you can't hold on to it. Hope he can improve and work on his consistency.

    31. Karen Lynn Goodayle

      I'm not sure if I'm more upset that Raspberry Racers didn't win or that one of them is not called Berrey

    32. Jackson Buller

      Good gracious, Starry has Team Galactic on her back. If Pulsar picks himself up out of this rut, Galactic could have a real shot this year.

    33. Alex

      When do we get to see the next races? We are throtting for it!! 🤤 Aaarrggghh krtzschgrprotzsch

    34. Closets Closets Closets Closets!

      Are we going to get a Marbula One season twice a year?

    35. Vathirus

      Omg Mimo what happen?!! 😭

    36. Dee Dubbz

      Fastest lap? Well done Cerulean. Go Kobalts!

    37. Jeremy Ricks

      Let’s go Green Ducks!!

    38. Orio


    39. Daniel Cole

      Wospy really not performing compared to their teammate, 0 points compared to a decent 29 from Wispy.

    40. PsychedeliCon

      Don't care that Hazers didnt win. This and the last race really were the comeback of the season thus far with that team. Hazy showed just how good he was, and Smoggy also somewhat redeemed himself (though he really threw this race... he had it and he threw it)

    41. Philosophy of Carry

      what kind of human garbage fire would dislike this video?

    42. Rivaldo Rehatta

      Raspberry Rangers and red number 3 always in my heart ❤

    43. Jared Morgan

      I've never liked Formula 1, and I'm an old-school NASCAR fan. But dammit if this isn't more entertaining to watch than either of them! Well done!

    44. CornHub Premium

      Team primary needs to do better they were a top team in all competition and have just let everyone down

    45. Francesco Bianchetti

      Why are there no more videos of this gp! Is it ended after 6 races???

      1. Francesco Bianchetti

        @Jelle's Marble Runs I can't wait! Thank you so much!! 🙏🙏🙏😱😱😱

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        No, we are planning to release GP7 and further in early February!

    46. Ori Ravech

      Where is Choc and the Choclatiers?!

      1. Jeremiah Clemente

        @Ori Ravech Maybe next time, hopefully from a good showing in the Showdown.

      2. Ori Ravech

        @Jeremiah Clemente 😭

      3. Jeremiah Clemente

        They didn’t get invited to Marbula One.

    47. THEODORE !

      I don't understand how, in the name of God, an adult man could ever develop a special sympathy for a marble of a particular colour. However I have. The Green Ducks have occupied a special place in my heart, and it is so great to see them pull off such a spectacular victory.

    48. The Android Next Door

      How is it that Starry and Pulsar are on the same team? Jeez poor Starry. If she spends the next few days banging her head against the wall at a bar in frustration it would be completely understandable.

    49. Dillon Taylor

      Watching Billy win and clementine fight that hard for seconds is one of the most inspirational moments in marble history

    50. Dillon Taylor

      Savage speeders all the way!

    51. Adith GM


    52. The Real Goopy Goop

      Soooo is this not a thing anymore why has there been a month break 💔💔

    53. Tsavong Lah

      I always wonder if there is a young marble in the stands getting inspired to one day be a champion.

    54. DJ Žanis

      I dont like the track designs this season. Might be just me tho.

    55. Natural Harmonia Gropius

      When was the resume event of Marbula 1 2020?

    56. logan flanagan

      Let’s go ducks!!

    57. derweber23

      When does the rally season resume?

    58. Oliver,Sam and joe Skitt

      So annoying being a mellow yellow fan. We can never seem to win

    59. jennykennypants

      Listen, Savage Speeders needs to fire Rapidash. Every time he raced we got 0 points and then does not qualify for this race??? GET RID OF HIMMM!!!!

      1. Jeremiah Clemente

        Or replace him next season, like what happened with Team Primary.

    60. Todd Robel

      Huuuuge showing by Billy for the Ducks! About time he makes another podium. Will they keep it up the rest of the season??

    61. Ernest Bunch

      Please pronounce Clementine's name right

      1. Officer Greg

        Well they made the name

    62. Enrico Bagnasco


    63. Charlotte Istance


    64. Abid Abdullah

      Finally something to cheers up...GoooooooRangers

    65. Joshua Wong

      I watched the whole race 4 times. I feel that the oceanics are literally 1 gear bellow the rest. Relying over burst speeds 1 or 2 times and gets pushed by others to get speed.....,

    66. Enceladus

      Hey! When we getting the next Marbula One RACE! This is the best Series ya'll done yet! Don't Stop Now!

    67. Joshua Garner

      Just curious when is the next race?

    68. Youssef Bougacha

      screw t7

    69. Eoin Cunningham

      Come on you ducks #quackattack

    70. Andrej Borotovsky

      Can you sack MIMO from the team? He is slow as snail.

    71. Alex Rayburn

      Man, the green ducks just could not get those turns figured out. Couldnt believe it, every race!!

      1. Alex Rayburn

        Well I spoke too soon. Great performance today billy!

    72. Sports Trap

      O'Rangers finally don't look like Haas and of course Billy decides to be marble Jesus (WE'LL TAKE SECOND THO LETS GO)

    73. Charlie

      Never been prouder to be a green duck! The young Billy really showed the world what we can do! #quackattack

    74. WOOFMAN2190

      When will the next episode come out

    75. Erwin Maassen

      Was this the last race

    76. komrad blin

      a bit rocky of a performance for snowballs team but i still believe in snowy

    77. Treebeard

      Is the season finished now? I thought there were 12 races, but maybe that includes qualifying rounds?

      1. Swedish Madman

        It’ll continue after the shorter winter marble league

      2. Lost Locomotives

        According to the Wiki, it's not over yet!

    78. Aaron

      Those 90 degree turns we've been seeing in every race pretty much kill any hope for marbles not in the lead pack after the first lap, especially with no speed boosts built into the course. Too much speed is being scrubbed by this season's track designs and the races are less interesting.

    79. Derek Polischeck

      Who should be the team with most fans this is what it looks like this O'rangers 6 Savage Speeders 5 Minty Maniacs 2 Midnight Wisps 5 Crazy Cats Eyes 6 Hazers 5 Team Galactic 6 Team Momo 6 Raspberry Racers 5 Oceanics 6 Bumblebees 5 Green Ducks 7 Thunderbolts 6 Mellow Yellow 4

      1. Derek Polischeck

        Also Balls of Chaos 4 Kobalts 3 Jungle Jumpers 3 Team Primary 5 Snowballs 4 Limers 4 You can tell me what is your favorite team in this season when this season is over whoever has the most fans will be the most popular Jelle Marble Runs team

    80. CHOPP3R19

      wispy cant carry wospy forever

    81. Liso

      When's the next race?

    82. DMT51

      POST RACE INTERVIEW JOHNNY MARBLE: I'm here with Billy who is just so amped over the win today... BILLY: YES! YES! YES! Sorry to interrupt you Johnny but today finally went my way. Have had some good qualifying but dropped in the races but not today. The quack attack is back Jack! Woooo! JOHNNY MARBLE: Ha ha ha. Well I love seeing your excitement. It was a hard race and everyone seemed to adapt to the cold differently. How were you with the colder temps? BILLY: Honestly Johnny, the cold helped me. It kept me focused and motivated. I love these tracks that have different climates and would love to see that more. JOHNNY MARBLE: Well I cant see that changing soon so I think youll get your wish Billy. Enjoy this win and..... BILLY: QUACK! QUACK! JOHNNY MARBLE: Ha ha ha. Okay get of here and enjoy the win. I want to thank you all for watching. We have a brief winter break but we will see you soon in 2021 for Round 7. For Greg Woods and the Marbula 1 family, I'm Johnny Marble wishing you all a marbelous new year. So long.

    83. Recon47

      Yo when’s the next race

    84. Hoang Tung Linh Nguyen

      Everyone: GO GO GO *a team's name*, THEY DID SO GOOD/BAD!?!?!??!! Me: where's roldo? How long did it took to turn and make the marble audiences looks like they actually are cheering?

    85. oh2sail

      You know by the 16th lap you can rally see the exhaustion setting in.

    86. Digby

      #quackattack yess finally putting out qualifying form to use

    87. Big Gets Big Takes

      Excellent race!

      1. Randal Slisz

        Agree! Billy is the marble.

    88. Michelle Schu-blacka

      Gotta say, I miss the British commentator. He makes it so much more exciting. Also, the stewards need to look into Billy's blocking. He definitely moved across the track more than once when defending its lead.

    89. Constantijn Donk

      Yeeeesss lets go billy

    90. Shum

      Wispy did really well this track. I was really hoping for a top 3 finish, but I guess we still gotta improve more.

    91. Triangle Nilnoc

      I have one thing to say, and one thing only #speedersarecheaters

    92. Derek Polischeck

      Marbula One Season 2 Half 1 Part 1 Race 1 Minty Mania Host Minty Maniacs Laps 23 Pole Smoggy Hazers SMG DNQ Clutter CLU Azure AZR Hop HOP Minty Drizzle DRZ Soo Close Razzy Raspberry Racers RAZ Speedy SPY Fastest Lap Order Momo Team Momo MOM Mallard MLD Momo MOM Bronze Mallard Green Ducks MLD Silver Momo Team Momo MOM Gold Yellow Eye Crazy Cats Eyes YLI

    93. DuxcBox

      Let gooo bly gooooooo woooooow

    94. Michael Secrist

      Can't ask for much more from Cerulean, he is outperforming expectations significantly. GO KOBALTS!

    95. GodsButtMonkey


    96. Ogevai Eneliko

      I found waldo

    97. gm346553

      I’m not sure if I’m kidding or not but which site offers betting on this?

    98. C Edward Cutts

      That 90 degree murdered my darlin' red eye!

    99. Tim Andersen

      I...have at last found a sport I can be a whole-hearted fan of.

    100. RaidenHusky

      Doesn't look like there is a Thunderbolts poster available for purchase on the merch site, any guess as to if it will be available?

      1. Thank lord for another day

        Strike thunder strike