Sand Marble Rally 2016 Qualifiers - Jelle's Marble Runs

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    The qualification marble race of the Sand Marble Rally 2016 where 33 marbles will compete for the best starting positions of the first race of the SMR 2016. The starting lineup of this race is randomized.
    The 1st to 7th finished marbles will start on the front row of Race 1, the 8th to 13th finished marbles will start on the second row. The rest will be randomized. All marbles of this race will compete in at least the first 6 races of the major tournament.
    NOTE: There are some blurred parts in this video, I forgot to remove some stuff and trash along the track. However, i cleaned up all trash after finishing recordings.
    Red Number 3 is not in this race and tournament (2016) because he joined the SMR in 2017.
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    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Epidemic Sound
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    1. Spongyface2000

      1:50 go in slow motion you will agree when I say F you Moca madness or Olympia!


      IDC if my choice didn't make it, this is fun to watch

    3. Manchester United Fan

      This was the best year of the marble race and also to be a Ghost Plasma fan.

    4. Jkpancake

      i need to catch up on the lore before june

    5. MavenCree

      Last Week Tonight sent me. I'm grateful.

      1. Varun Gupta

        LWT watchers: *get hooked* Those who remember the days before RN3: first time? Anyways welcome

    6. AvM MusiC

      SUMMER SKY!!!

    7. Mark B

      Picked Oddball, Rastafarian and Summer Sky as my favorites to watch. Only one made it to the end. Me always with the lucky hand lol

    8. titomagne

      Hooked on this now that there's no sports because of Coronavirus. Might not go back to traditional sports after this tbh. Love the announcer.

    9. Will Palmer

      What was blurred out?

    10. Luqman Halim

      We want 12 race

    11. Prabowo Rudy

      Rip ghost plasma and superball difference is only one point. But thats ok

    12. linda mattingly

      Would love to see a vid on how the courses are constructed....have you ever posted one?

    13. Albert Pringle

      H2 Blue

    14. Black Swan

      Can someone please tell me why we're uploading a bunch of videos from three years ago?

    15. Rampage7

      That was an amazing course just from a design perspective. A few cut-through sections acting as shortcuts ala Mario Kart, also effectively the spin outs/crashes that took competitors out of the face... the sheer length of the course as well and the environment elements like the stick overpass and the section of dirt overpasses Simply astonishing

    16. Zamal Hossain

      Did H2 Blue came 2nd by start in the back row!?

    17. racedrummer1

      Wow. I love your marble racing videos. You put so much effort into this. I highly respect you! By the way, I love the Herman Tilke joke! It was so funny :D. Thumbs up!

    18. Wolf FastHorse

      Isn't number 20 a green duck now? I guess cobra changed his name to ducky to compete in the marble league

    19. Dwight Reim

      I'd pay to watch these races so much action

    20. ClQrkos

      Let’s go the original has been found!

    21. LaserAgentRyan

      Why is he not uploading 2019 thought

    22. Megan Elizabeth

      Why do I love these videos so much?!?!?

    23. Elijah Kisner

      Results for this race 1 Blue Smoke 2 H2-Blue 3 El Captain 4 Pollo Loco 5 Marby McMarbleface 6 Big Pearl 7 Tarantula 8 Super Turtle 9 Ghost Plasma 10 Dragon's Egg 1 Olympia 2 Starman 3 Rastafarian 4 Comet 5 Black Knight 6 Wisp Of Darkness 7 Glassy 8 Slimer 9 Summer Sky 20 Fanstay 1 Flash 2 Sliverbolt 3 Fireball 4 Reflektor 5 Quicksliver 6 Mocha Madness 7 Oddball 8 Cobra 9 White Widow 30 Snake's Tub 1 Crazy Cat's Eye 2 Blue Moon 3 Deep Ocean DO NOT COMMENT SPOILERS

    24. Sanmi Olukanmi

      Where's RN3?

    25. Cody M

      you know, I've been subbed for quite some time and embarrassingly did not realize until now, how much passion and love Greg has for marbles! Just think about this for a you think that you can remember 33 Team names and 33 Individual marble names and which correlate with each other? Yes? Now try watching this race and keep tabs on who's in 4th, 5th, and 6th for the entire race!... If yes to all, welp...good on you! lol I'm just a little mind blown... I have a hard enough time remembering names of presidents of the US (with the exception of the few that stand out)...smh

    26. Haley Faragalli

      Sharp curves

    27. nightwing1

      I have the most perfect idea an allstar 16 game ultimate ultra tracks one course from each summer and winter series my vote allstar number 1 is RED NUMBER 3 but that would be awesome every course picked is made 5x bigger....


      poop? 2:38

      1. Trevor The Inkling

        Yeah, it might be dog crap.

    29. Collin Magrah

      Thank goodness the rules on contact have changed! That was brutal to watch! Children might see this!

    30. Çılgın oyuncu Oyun

      When are you gone make 2019 quılfıers?

      1. Çılgın oyuncu Oyun

        @Ssar1702 tysm dude

      2. Ssar1702

        @Çılgın oyuncu Oyun Yes they made them. Seach on this chanel the playlist about Sand Marble Rally 2019

      3. Çılgın oyuncu Oyun

        @Ssar1702 OH RLLY?!? i didnt know that but did they made the quilfiers or no

      4. Ssar1702

        The 2019 sand marble rally is already on. The first 4 races are already uploaded

    31. ITZ GOLDEN

      17 he came 5th

    32. Easternborder

      Bring back the tunnels and the funnels please! 😙

    33. TruiteTeam

      2:37 wtf is that blur ?

    34. Addyups 123

      Love all of the sand marble rally’s plz do many more because ill be there first

    35. Dinesh Pillay

      The Audio though Also R.I.P. Red Number 3

    36. 241hnd

      Were there any sand marble races prior to 2016? Or is this the first one?

    37. John Smit

      Good race! It is great to see a lot of competitors. I loved seeing the tunnels. Maybe a little camera in there could show the action.

    38. Nathaniel Espinoza

      Vamos Pollo Loco

    39. YouAreMyGuidingLight

      You know, seeing so many marbles race together in the same course reminded me of running marathons and made me realize that I'd love to see a marble marathon. A few dozen marbles all racing the same course for like half an hour or something would be sick. Not sure how feasible such a feat is (I reckon it's not feasible at all), but I'd totally watch that

    40. StamfordBridge

      Great to see Big Pearl back!

    41. BrianD0313

      Took me a while to realize this was a 2016 race and was wondering what was wrong with Greg's voice :P btw, never get rid of him because he's be best commentator :) GregWoods4Life!

    42. Eir Foxtrot

      Looking back, this seems flawed. Cobra was the green marble who ended up 4th,not pollo loco

    43. nolan

      i wonder why super turtle ever got a name change O-O

    44. drixzy

      I’ve never seen something more intense in my life

    45. Mike K

      Whatever happened to Olympia - Did they retire?

      1. Cooper Clarke

        Mike K Yes, they did.

    46. ReyReyCraze

      Hey I recently returned to the channel, what happened to the old one?

      1. rfixe

        @2Karamels I was wondering about that too, in 2019 I didn't saw much youtube and I did organize my subscribes and didn't remember deleting this / previous channel. Glad that youtube (random) recommendations finally work correctly on something!

      2. 2Karamels

        The old channel got accidentally deleted, but he still has most of the files from his old uploads, which explains the random uploads from 2018 and below. He still uploads new content along with this though. I'm glad he could get all the views and subscribers like me back!

    47. pretzel door

      I knew you cared

    48. Otarr

      What a kickass race track!

    49. Iggy Fan #1

      Haven't seen this video for a year, and you finally uploaded!

    50. Ryan The Mobile Gamer

      Starman should be coming back soon.

    51. Avaflakiez

      ive been waiting for this for ages, jelle will you upload race 1 tommorow?

    52. Hansel

      My boy H2Blue is back in shape!

    53. cowscrazy

      Back to the good old days before Non Marbles and Cheaters were allowed to race...... *cough* RN3 *cough*

      1. cowscrazy

        @Dinesh Pillay Its the truth and you know it. I'd rather watch a fair race than know one isn't a marble and has an advantage to win.

      2. Dinesh Pillay

        Booooooo you

    54. Andro SP

      Back when cat's eye hadn't gone crazy yet.

    55. Dudebaker

      SUPER TURTLE! What ever happened to that marble? Used to be my favorite.

      1. ClQrkos

        It has been rebranded to green turtle It’s still my favourite even in b league

    56. Lightning Fast Racing

      Noooo Pollo Loco It's hard to be a Pollo Loco fan and see him doing consistently well then he loses the podium by *ONE* spot! 😢😢😢 C'mon Pollo Loco go for gold!

    57. Trinston Michaels

      trinston was here

    58. JCReiki

      Yes! Second place!

    59. Eric Widder

      2016? Awwww...... STILL GONNA WATCH AND BET!

    60. George Tz

      Are we ever getting top 10 ML18 highlights plus bloopers back

    61. Rasvan Maniam

      If half of everyone watching do actually subscribe, the enjoyment of getting notification for the next any race or event is immersible.

    62. PCGeines

      Great race, great track. So crazy, creative and competitive! A classic among the marble circuits. My special greetings to the helicopter pilot that flow amazing with a brave cameraman. These were the good old days that paved the way for our sport be incredibly awesome nowadays. Thank you guys!

    63. Cosmotica

      The good old days, when people like H2 Blue, Pollo Loco and more were all together. The RN3 controversy just made everyone forget the key part: racing.

      1. Pruthvish Rathod

        @Cosmotica oh thanks. Just saw that documentary. That is some dedicated fan service. Wonder if Jelle & co were contributing.

      2. Cosmotica

        @Pruthvish Rathod No, he was accused of not being a marble, and such that he shouldn't be in the SMR. Most of the people only focused on that part for a long time

      3. Pruthvish Rathod

        What was the controversy? RN3 was accused of racing dirty?

      4. Viktor Pesti-Geiger

        I feel you, I think the same

    64. crimson coin

      Marble goodness 🌍 you gotta roll with it 🛎

    65. Freedom flight

      I’m amazed I watch the whole video of marbles rolling down through the sand. Still found it enjoyable on some weird level.

      1. Colin Brooks

        Freedom flight it’s an addiction... there’s so much more content out there

    66. Zendal Darkman

      The track was far too narrow and minimized overtaking opportunities, that said it was a magnificent performance by Blue Smoke, so well done to them and their team.

    67. Shiva surya

      This video brings back so many memories and shows how much jelle marble runs have improved over the years. Please upload the whole sand rally i just want to get the nostalgia of watching them again

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        The whole 2016 season is going to be uploaded in the next few weeks!

    68. Judson Palmer

      Where do you buy your marbles?

    69. RudeBoySouljah

      I see some blurred portions, looks like someone didn't pay for their advertisement spots. ;)

      1. Pam Cole

        GYRENROCKZ weirdo

      2. VIVIDRAGE


    70. DJ Žanis

      I know this is just a pre season race, but El Capitan looks really sharp! Expecting big things!

    71. Roblox Videos & More!

      When will you upload all races for the 2016 Sand Marble Rally?

      1. Roblox Videos & More!

        Dinesh Pillay lol how could I give you robux XD and I knew you were joking

      2. Dinesh Pillay

        Give me Robux jk

    72. nichtLachen

      finally, I've waited 3 years for this!

    73. ESC Singapore

      Ah good memories

    74. 57thorns

      I suspect the trash is made up of rings with five different colours and that this is a reupload of a video that he had to take down.

    75. John Knox

      So glad to see the race from 2016 again. This is what hooked me on these races. Been a fan ever since.

    76. Chill x Retro Gaming

      This is great, my boys Dragon's Egg and El Capitan are still in it, I hope one of them go all the way to the championship. I see my girl Phoenix is disqualified, no worries. She will bounce back next year. I see Red #3 is gone as well, too bad so sad. Wisp of Darkness I hope will reach top Marble this year, I wish the best of luck to all the Marbles who qualified in their chances for top Marble. Edit: I also want to thank the Jelle's Marble Racing Association for bringing back the awesome Rock music theme for the Sand Marble Rally events. To be completely honest, that Olympian-God of War battle type music was pretty lame in terms of racing Marbles. 🙄👎

      1. Cooper Clarke

        @Chill x Retro Gaming You're welcome. :)

      2. Chill x Retro Gaming

        @Cooper Clarke Oh snap, you're right. My fault, I didn't notice that this was a 2016 video. Thanks for correcting my mistake bro, I didn't get any sleep the past night and I'm still having the effect of disfunction as you can tell. Take care bro, and thanks again.

      3. Cooper Clarke

        Phoenix and Red Number 3 were not disqualified, this was in 2016 so they were not official competitors at the time.

    77. Alejhox

      Great! I won!!!! I had chosen "blue smoke" and it won!!! What's my prize?

      1. Cooper Clarke


    78. baba yaga

      Red numbe...! Oh sorry wrong year.

    79. Arq. Alejandro Martelo


    80. Michael Vu

      Lmao “Marbly McMarbleface”

      1. Almoo

        lol best name

    81. Thorozak_

      I got immensely confused but then excited to see this get reuploaded! This was so stupidly addictive and I’m glad to see it come back.

    82. Souf A2M

      The world before #RN3...

      1. Inavoig Oravla

        They so lucky because there no Rn3... The legend still waiting for the moment

    83. Le La

      One day I hope to be strong enough to throw as hard as MarblMcMarbleFace

    84. Nintendo Guru

      my favorite wisp of darkness is back!

    85. Nekay

      This track was very nice, i mean there was such creative parts like 0:55 Obstacles, or 1:54 Chicane and 2:12 U-Path.

      1. VIVIDRAGE

        and poops

      2. Jorge

        @Fluffy Squirrel Tracks were smoother and did make for more exciting races before.

      3. Fluffy Squirrel

        Yeah. that was a good track, felt like the surface was a bit smoother as well, which made for some quicker acceleration and more place changing

    86. Phoe Nix

      “Hermann Tilke wouldve loved that” lmao

    87. The Daily Egg

      Is it weird that I remember this as if it were yesterday

      1. Nathan Clouse

        Not weird at all

    88. Patrick Callahan

      That was a lot of competitive action for a non-scoring race. This is why these guys are at the top levels of marble racing. They never miss an opportunity for competition, and it shows.

      1. brittlebrit187

        I miss back when only marbles were allowed to compete in these.

    89. Kitten Gamez

      Will the whole of 2016 smr be uploaded?

      1. Kitten Gamez

        Peter Zombori ok thanks

      2. Peter Zombori

        Kitten Gamez Yes, on Thursdays and Saturdays, since now on

    90. Bongani

      "Race control tells us" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    91. Seymour TheSnake

      Can you plz do marble 2019 sand rally race 5

      1. Nathan Clouse

        Jelle's Marble Runs have a good time

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        This race is expected in early december after comeback of my vacation.

    92. Peti


    93. Nickel Mickel

      When is the actual sand marble rally 5?

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Expected in early december

    94. Marble Racing Studios

      This is Super Turtle’s year

    95. Abizar Rachman


    96. Nathan Clouse

      If anyone is wondering where Red Number 3 is, he never existed until 2017 so he isn’t in the SMR16

      1. Undrave

        @blackbonsai Red Number 3 was always a Marble, he just hadn't transitionned openly yet.

      2. Mappy McMap

        @blackbonsai LOL

      3. Falconwind Films

        Thank you, I was worried that something bad happened to Red #3!!! *whew*

      4. blackbonsai

        he was still a keychain back then

    97. AmizareS

      I can hear the difference in audio quality between then and now

      1. Dan Certa

        Well he sounds more clear everytime

      2. SuperBellyflop

        I can second that in the most recent stuff. It is amazing the increase in quality. It sounds like he is talking into a solo cup here but in the current races he is in my ear. Great stuff!

      3. VilinskiKonjic

        @Romeo Lajh well not with that attitude he can't

      4. BellTheMarble


      5. Romeo Lajh

        @Litigious Society i dont think that guy who was at least 35 + and now is 3 years older can be called that he is in puberty

    98. Oh Ok

      Blue smoke ftw

    99. Mike Gyver

      Love the Marble Runs!!

    100. Albus Dumbeldoore

      The time when there wasn't a beautiful red marble to destroy the tournaments

      1. The Daily Egg

        The legend wasn't here yet RN3

      2. Nathan Clouse

        Albus Dumbeldoore yes and I’m so tired of Red Number 3 winning all the time, it makes it boring in my opinion

      3. Riccardo Bianco

        i was thinking the same thing ! D: