Marbula One S2: GP10 Misty Mountain RACE

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    Who will win this marble race in misty weather conditions? The Revolution in Marble Racing is finally back, with a new qualifying system, 20 teams, 12 total races and a lot of improvements.
    Please enjoy! #MarbulaOne #M1 #Jellesmarbleruns
    IMPORTANT: This video has been edited by Kars van Weerde, he has taken over my role in video editing to save me time and increase the production capacity. However, the video editing and sound effects can be different than you are used to. Feedback is welcome to improve our quality.
    GP11 and GP12 will be uploaded on a later date which will be announced later. In the meantime we will upload the Snow Marble Rally to fill up the wait to M1S2 GP11.
    I also noticed that there's a lot of criticism in this race, this is because the recordings was rushed after several fails with the conveyor belt. We will investigate this entire GP and we will look what to do with this.

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    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Video editing: Kars van Weerde
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
    Crowd sounds: Time Check a capella choir + Epidemic Sound
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    1. 2020 HEADSPACE

      why stop the race?????

    2. Stopnate

      '18 laps await for what should be an interesting race' lol :a red flag,3 DNFs , 1 caution and the host curse finally broken ! Tell me about it!!!!

    3. Chase Stelter


    4. Valk

      safety marble really doing a lot there

    5. Coleman G • 60 years ago

      As a Hazers fan I really can’t complain about this race haha

    6. froger

      For all those upset about the restart that's just a unfortunate part of racing. Also those you complaining would be just as upset for not restarting if the caution marble or one of the wrecked marbles had affected the race in any other way.

    7. Lunaros

      You know... I feel so superior being a CCE fan and seeing my team suffer two embarrassing blows without getting knocked off the top spot.

    8. William Turner


    9. Kingg squad

      I am the 110,000 viewer

    10. cruptor

      the savage speeders are consistently top3 check the for drugs thats just way to suspicious

    11. dennis shoer

      Hi mate, love these races, I run a gran turismo group with over 2 thousand members, are you on Facebook, would like to have a chat

    12. Raditya kei syam

      the red flag cost snowy a lot of points

    13. Tstormer

      they've been purposely nerfing the orangers

    14. Dru_da_gangsta


    15. Alex Thumwood

      can you please add the 3 letter acronym to the list of racers before it starts. Me and my friends need it, because we play drinking games and its hard to know which racer you picked when you compare the full name and the 3 letter acronym. Thanks, We love you Jelle Marble runs

    16. Oland Clark

      We may be out of the championship race, but let's finish strong! Let's go Galactic!!!!

    17. Mike Paez

      Team galactic didnt make me down. from last place Starry gave his best to climb up to 4th. not a bad race. I felt bad for the ones that got stuck tho. can't wait for more races like these. GO TEAM GALACTIC

    18. Rijk&Ruenly

      O'rangers having a bad season😔

    19. thenothingboy

      Boo! Balls of Chaos got *robbed*

    20. Matt James

      Blink and you'll miss it, but you can see Clutter get stuck in the safety lane at 4:01, far in the lower right

    21. Luiz Nunes

      YEEESSSSS!!!!! That's what I call "making up for your mistakes"! That was AMAZING! WELL DONE HAZY!

    22. Maruku

      So appropriate that a marble named HAZY won a race taking place in a mountain called MISTY MOUNTAIN.

    23. Martin Cloud

      What an exciting race this was! As a Hazers fan, I'm very happy with the results. Thanks for all your work you are putting in these! Hyped for GP11 and GP12 already. Just a few points, probably already mentioned: • The distance between the marbles in Qualification is too close, they are then affected by the others. (Edit: already saw that you're working on improving this in S3 with a new conveyor belt) • I don't know about the others, but I don't really like the elimination in the Qualifiers. Because one bad run would normally put you just in a worse position, which is bad, but can be overcomed (like we see with Hazy in this GP). With the elimination one bad run can basically kick you off from the whole team competition. (Also leads possibly to less interest, for example: "Why should I watch the race if my favourite Team isn't even competing? " etc.) Again, thanks for your work and I hope to see a new M1 race soon!

    24. hemme smalbraak

      poor bumble, he was doing so good

    25. Zephyrod

      Crazy cat eyes pulling one hell of a BrawnGP over here

    26. Lee Daniel Aying

      You just broke the rule of nature when you touched the players during restart. Why would you do that to our players. Justice for every player who got robbed their places. Nature decides their fateeeee.

    27. Lee Daniel Aying

      In human sports, you can always have predictions on who might take the lead just considering their preparation or skills. This is what set marble sports apart from literally every sports out there, there is no discrimination, even if you were just born just a minute ago, other than one single requirement set by the host-just be the right size of roundness, haha. I'm following this channel now. I've always followed these kind of sports but this is the first time seeing one this huge.

    28. Marco

      I'm a Green Ducks fan, but my gosh, after this race my heart now also roots for the Hazers. What a brilliant recovery from that close-call quali. #QuackAttack #HazeAmaze

    29. Liam Apilado

      Cerulean was robbed 😭.

    30. Carl Larsen

      when i saw hazy qualify 16th, i thought we were just gonna be also rans again. but no! hazy came thru, #hazeamaze

    31. Mr. Triple Threat

      Mimo was robbed

    32. Maccas Playz

      Everyone is talking about how Mimo was robbed of the win or Snowy from a top 5. But are we going to forget that Cerulean had a 5 SECOND LEAD!!! Cerulean made a great move to perfectly cut off bumble to stop him in his tracks and they bring out the safety marble which just slows all the momentum he has and Greg is making up an excuse to make it look fine... If any of you watch Nascar I would compare the Kobalts to Rick Ware Racing a very small team with not much experience and equipment and a win for them would have been massive and really helped them stand out. Bumble wasn't impacting the racing at all sending out the safety marble just made it 10x worse and cost Cerulean a deserved win as he did a cracking job in quals and stayed up front for the whole race leading most of it until the red flag. As a Kobalts fan this hurts a lot and I also feel for those of Team Momo who although used the safety marble to catch Cerulean got robbed by the red flag. Don't get me wrong though I love this channel and it's so creative and smart, keep doing what you're doing and NEVER STOP!!!!!!!!!! :) #Kobalts

    33. Thomas Marcum

      the Restart killed SNW - was up to 6th or so ...

    34. Nick Wheeler

      Limers: Advance for the first race in weeks Race Control: "Standing Restart because we can't possibly use human intervention to just pick up stranded marbles without massively impacting a race 13 laps in." Limers Fans: "Ah, that makes sense. Backwards we go." Limers: Lose 3 spots in the closing laps.

    35. Carla Gomes Balde


    36. Christopher Starshine

      Redo the race after the red flag. But this time use the conveyor\lift and keep the gaps where they were before they stopped. SO LAME.

    37. Christopher Starshine

      This was a bad race, might be the last one I watch. If you stop them you need to keep the gap consistent other wise why not skip the race and just roll dice to see who wins.

    38. jlindo123

      Lets go HAZERS!!!!!!! Too hype what a race though i do feel bad for bumble

    39. Natan Gold

      On the one hand, I do feel for Mimo and Cerulean. But on the other hand Hazy's performance was amazing throughout the race. #HazeAmaze

    40. J W

      Can we bench Pulsar already? Starry is so held back by that guy

    41. Dremmy

      The randomness of marbles racing along a track is so exciting!

    42. Jaume9327

      where do you buy the track??

    43. GAULD Finn

      Where do you get the race tracks from

    44. Ben Alford

      So bitter about that race being completely stolen from the Kobalts. JMR needs to change how they resolve red flags so that large leads aren't destroyed by a faulty track... and the fact that the Hazers benefited the most from the track issue is definitely suspicious

    45. Giorgio Zampol

      Wow.....Mimo (and Cerulean) got so horrifically screwed there. And the implications on the season standings were.....massive. #JusticeForMomo

    46. Giorgio Zampol

      Wow.....Mimo (and Cerulean) got so horrifically screwed there. And the implications on the season standings were.....massive. #JusticeForMomo

    47. Giorgio Zampol

      Wow.....Mimo (and Cerulean) got so horrifically screwed there. And the implications on the season standings were.....massive. #JusticeForMomo

    48. Giorgio Zampol

      Wow.....Mimo (and Cerulean) got so horrifically screwed there. And the implications on the season standings were.....massive. #JusticeForMomo

    49. Giorgio Zampol

      Wow.....Mimo (and Cerulean) got so horrifically screwed there. And the implications on the season standings were.....massive. #JusticeForMomo

    50. Giorgio Zampol

      Wow.....Mimo (and Cerulean) got so horrifically screwed there. And the implications on the season standings were.....massive. #JusticeForMomo

    51. Giorgio Zampol

      Wow.....Mimo (and Cerulean) got so horrifically screwed there. And the implications on the season standings were.....massive. #JusticeForMomo

    52. Giorgio Zampol

      Wow.....Mimo (and Cerulean) got so horrifically screwed there. And the implications on the season standings were.....massive. #JusticeForMomo

    53. gino belv_98


    54. gino belv_98

      gg @/justiceformomo

    55. Eoin Daly

      This was a very controversial race for sure. Some definitely got hella robbed of their spots. But DAMN HAZERS from 16th to 1st place?!? We’re back in action.

    56. Derek Polischeck

      IRvisionr I have 1,000 subs time to a sub race Fan when are you making Savage Speedway IRvisionr be quiet it will be later Fan :( IRvisionr race made Comments ????????? 999 subs IRvisionr greed referred referred free

    57. Derek Polischeck

      I am a Minty Maniacs fan this hurts #mintcondition

    58. Derek Polischeck

      Race 1 Minty Mania Pole Smoggy Hazers DNQ Clutter Azure Hop Minty Drizzle Bronze Mallard MLD Silver Momo MOM Gold Yellow Eye. YLI Fastest Lap Momo MOM Race 2 O'raceway Pole Wispy Midnight Wisps DNQ Minty Fresh Ruzzy Hazy Lemonlime Bronze Tumult TML Silver Red Eye RDI Gold Mimo MIM Fastest Lap Bolt.BLT

    59. Jelwin G

      why this is better than f1...

    60. Jordan Leighton

      Ngl the huge drop for snowy after the reset was mildly upsetting

    61. Lucas Chang

      I gotta say, I have never been prouder as a Hazers fan! At first, Hazy starting 16th chances were not good, but throughout all the chaos, Hazy takes the gold on their home course no less! Host Curse broken! #HazeAmaze!

    62. Chris Champagne

      Three marbles stuck at the same point at three different times is not a coincidence. Track engineering are to blame. This whole race was a travesty and should be completely rerun with a new track.

    63. Michael

      - - - - - Red Flag killed the MOMOmentum. #justiceformomo

    64. Adam Thomas

      Wooo!!! FINALLY a top 4 for Galactic

    65. Zoyx

      This race was a cluster... stopped watching. The stuck marbles were too distracting.

    66. Crit - C

      Race administrators clearly took bribes on this. Only way to break the hometeam curse is through corruption apparently.

    67. flinter555

      That red flag really robbed Mimo of a good finish =T Seriously #Justiceformomo

    68. Matías Sampaolesi

      Hazy must got penalized in qualify. He obstructed to Rapidly in his best lap in the entire season.

    69. Theo and Tornado's Marble Runs

      Next race is Midnight BAY. Ducks do well on water, right? Cats are scared of it. GO GREEN DUCKS!!!!!

    70. Theo and Tornado's Marble Runs

      I wish we could get a TMR Quick Hit on this race.

    71. Cloudy


    72. Henri-Léon Lebesgue

      Finally ! Every single marble has scored points !!

    73. John Obrie Aurellano

      We don't want shock to race anymore

    74. thatonestoner 420

      strangely entertaining. never thought I would like this but I do :') (I was watching Karl jacobs stream when he watched a race and uh now I'm watching other races)

    75. Pepijn Gelderman

      What an amazing Home GP for the Hazers. good day to be a hazers fan! Most exciting race of the season. barely qualifying and then jumping up the field + a marvelous race restart. Couldnt have asked for more myself. Thanks Jelle's Marble Runs.

    76. David Hamner

      Literally couldn't finish this race. Terrible track. Nebulous rules,. Unfair for so many different reasons. Honestly making this channel less enjoyable.

      1. ItsChamp

        Two words: They’re Marbles

    77. Tymur Orlov

      I was so late !

    78. Peter Zombori

      #HAZEAMAZE, #BROKETHECURSE Feels especially great that we could “take a revenge” on the Savage Speeders for that last Marbula One steal

    79. Shelton Golden

      This circuit definitely needs to be redesigned. Multiple racers got unfairly screwed.

    80. Austin Todeson


      1. Austin Todeson


    81. Deyvisson Deyson

      You shouldn't have started the race again. The competitors were already distant from each other, with the restart, the competitors who were in the front lost that distance and were harmed. I hated what you did!

    82. Get To The Point Already

      HAZEY WITH THE WIN! What a show from the Hazers! Finally breaking the host curse!

    83. Pen

      I guess I underestimated rapidly

    84. jarzhinio

      Clementine showed some good resilience at times and executed some good manuvers on track but clearly never really had enough pace, as was shown in qualifying. Surely no blame for the DNF, though I didn't see the particular incident on turn 7.

    85. SirSmartyPants

      Very pleased with Mallard and all the Ducks! Go Green Ducks!

    86. Lvg 123

      Orangers have been disappointing

    87. Eric Umbarger

      I sense some tomfoolery with this race. Cerulean was going to be the obvious winner after the track incident, but the judges decide to do a red flag which moves Hazers from ~10th to winners on their home turf. Very suspicious. I think the race should have continued with the two crashed marbles staying where they were since the race was already well past half over

    88. whoopsy woggzy

      we in the pandemic here like

    89. danidominguezromero

      orangers still being orangers

    90. Ezra Petty

      The red flag worked well for the ducks

    91. Hugh Hendry

      What a joke of a GP. Snowy once again gets the worst of the whole situation.

    92. Rhidian D

      NOOO! BUMBLE!!!!!!!

    93. Ryan Taylor

      Snowy absolutely robbed.

    94. Picklejar75

      Where can I buy a marble race track like this ?

    95. Jann Daniel Jardinico

      Rapidly getting back to his old self

    96. Samsung J1

    97. Daniel Burke

      Some bs with this race

    98. Campbell Holder

      As thrilled as I am for the Hazers, I hope they spend some time modifying that T6 area. That just isn't safe, and it's always going to leave a little shadow of the end of the Host Curse.

    99. Yuri


    100. jo sh

      Okay... I found my new addiction. Thank you to the TRY Channel for showing this off. I will now be here permanently.