Marbula One Season 2: GP3 Honeydome RACE

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    Hello everyone and welcome to Marbula One Season 2! The Revolution in Marble Racing is finally back, with a new qualifying system, 20 teams, 12 total races and a lot of improvements.
    The Honeydome might be our most exciting track layout so far, with the return of the split section and a bee dance sector. Who will get the win today? Please enjoy! #MarbulaOne #M1 #Season2
    0:00 - Intro
    1:24 - Race
    9:58 - Results & Podium
    10:26 - Highlights
    11:04 - Standings
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    1. Chickenwang24

      As a Mellow Yellow fan, I just am glad to be in the races. Racing has never been our strong suit. But The Olympics has been good for us. Until then, Mellow Yellow let’s shoot for a top 7 spot 😁

    2. Oscar Whitehead

      Finally some points, 9th but a strong position which we lost again

    3. Cars,trains and marble racer Number 1 fan

      Good job speedy

    4. ••

      Clementine really had to go from 6th to 9th in the final leg 😑

    5. Petehog 4

      Orangers are washed

    6. Hawkizard55

      When your teams first points is 1st Place

    7. Mockingiggs

      Hazers fans on suicide watch

    8. BrunoLG

      bro, as I enjoyed making "bets" among my friends for discord while broadcasting the screen, I always chose Clementin or Origin, it's brutal look here 9:30, I was Clm, another friend had snw, another shk, another raz, and another pri, We were all 5 at the end desperate to be the first of us and dude, the edition you have! looks like an official F1 race!!! I and another boy are 13, the other 3 were between 21 and 18 tomorrow let's continue watching the races, haha ​​we love it! its so funny!

    9. Low6 MAZ3

      I forgot who I used to support so I need a new team any ideas??

    10. Ochoa great wall of Mexico

      I’m happy with team galactic’s performance today

    11. Xlazy 101


    12. Dominic Madrelejos

      Crazy Cats Eye all the way.

    13. Olivier Kegel

      me every race: yes the thunderbolts almost got it! faith: nope

    14. Molly G

      Clementin is so hit or miss

    15. Brooke Simmer

      Us raspberry racers do our best, it was a good effort!

    16. Javier Serna Box


    17. GrexofFaria

      I was about to give up on this race when I found out clementine was running. All last season the other members were pulling their weight. So shocked with qualifying and them making the top 10. Their manager really needs to change strategies though, smashing other marbles is not gonna win them a marbula1 championship

    18. Amir Ahmad Astor

      CCE....yes yes yes

    19. Brokegoat89

      That is why he is a marblestar #Savagelife #Speedy

    20. Wethaman 12

      Why does being a Mellow Yellow fan only get worse and worse

    21. Wethaman 12

      Isn't Momo the one who got injured in the Marblympics a few years ago?

    22. Jafari Blackwood

      Can we take a moment and say that the final couple of corners exactly like like the Turkish GP

    23. harshstorm of helheim

      snowy everytime on the hexagon section: i m gonna slow wayyyy down

    24. Bakaba Sakurai

      Snowballs did some amazing races, but are not rewarded in the end... Snowy know how to roll for sure. Gotta teach the newcomer Snowstorm.

    25. BigMac

      Crazy Cat's Eyes and Team Momo are putting on a show for all of us... They have have 5 podiums already combined, crazy stuff.

    26. Cristina Zuniga

      There is nothing about thunderbolts in the merch

    27. Command

      not capping before I started watching the first video I decided to be a mom fan #1

    28. DMT51

      POST RACE INTERVIEW INTERVIEWER: Wow! What a win today Speedy. You have to tell us how you're feeling. SPEEDY: Talk about exciting! This track is tricky and you have to be able to adapt as you race. I didnt have a great start and fell down the order a bit but I put my head down and fought my way back. I want to thank my team for all their support. We hope this is the start to a great rest of the season. INTERVIEWER: Well if you race like this for the rest of the season, then we are in for a lot of excitement. SPEEDY: That is the goal Johnny. Im going to go enjoy the win with the team. INTERVIEWER (JOHNNY MARBLE): Go have fun and we will see you at the next GP. For Marbula 1 and Greg Woods, Im Johnny Marble and we will see you for the next race!

    29. Rogan

      It’s tough being an Oceanics fan... lol

    30. GodsButtMonkey

      Team Galactic got robbed!!!!

    31. Christopher Lowe

      Again, Yellow Eye is full of surprises. The final 2 laps had me at the edge of my seat.

    32. Eli Hamm

      Speedy needs a 30 for 30 espn story

    33. Ðraconas

      Let's gooooo crazy cats eyes! Tough qualifying but brought it back to take a podium and championship lead

    34. Kathleen Moore

      ❤ You Momo!

    35. Preb k

      Heartbreaking race for Bumble on their own hometrack... Holding on to 1st, then 2nd, and then shot down to fourth... saddening really

    36. VARGAS Milagros

      aaaaaa great!!!!!

    37. Muhammad Fikri Maulana

      9:33 speedy happy because the first winner of season 2

    38. JCstock

      The other teams keep underestimating Cat's Eye's. They're very smart about their racing. When they aren't dominating in speed they're sitting back, watching everyone's race-style, planning to make a move.

    39. AwesomeToes

      Super disappointing performance from the Mellow Yellow's; shocking form today

    40. Gideon McArthur

      1:16 Waldo coming onto the track

    41. Sergio Bosco

      Man, being a thunderbolts fan is pain, as usual 😔


      Team Galactic, Started at P15 , Finished P2!!

    43. Nathan Clouse

      This is the Savage Speeders’ (or Speedy’s) second time getting P1 in qualifiers and winning the race at the same track twice since Midnight Bay

    44. Vjauxyss Brynxx

      I'm relieved that Speedy took home the win. Rapidly raced badly last 2 GPs

    45. Dibe Godinez

      el mejor evento, mi amigo sube una narración en español de este evento.

    46. Jason Furner

      the fact that I am rooting for a team (hazers all the way) just goes to show how surprisingly stressful and enjoyable this is.

    47. Zubair Arnold

      Speedy is just a different breed.

    48. Daethalion

      Bumble really brought the fight for this race. I was convinced she could actually break the host curse!

    49. Maden0413

      The skill difference between speedy and rapidly is kinda scary 😬

    50. Simon-Charles Guerin

      So nobody is talking about how team momo is especially bad in qualification but incredible in the race? They start 16 and go 1

    51. Agutos Jeis

      where are the midnight wisps?!!

    52. Raphael Ryan Chua

      Yellow eye did great beating Momo to re-take the top spot for Crazy Cat's Eyes! Also, an amazing win for Speedy! After that conveyer belt accident in Race 1 then finishing last in Race 2, this was a refreshing win for the Savage Speeders.

    53. FrostAndFurious


    54. Styles Marshall

      Even tho he finished in 8th, I'm proud of minty fresh. Was in 10-11th for most of the race and gained two positions in the final lap

    55. Rhianna Hensler

      Glad the Minty Maniacs were at least able to put up a scoring run. It's been a tough season for them so far, hopefully they can gain some confidence coming out of this race

    56. Drake Dahmen

      HOW BOUT THAT BBOOOOOOOY!!!!! From 15th all the way up the the podium!!! my boy Starry SHINED through!! What a race! Way to get Team Galactic on the board!!!!

    57. Deadraque

      mallard really took the wrong lines on the hive

    58. Yux2314 Olsen

      Clementin had an awful start, then recovered amazingly, before just not even trying the final lap. The O'rangers' performance this year has been beyond disappointing.

    59. Akanksh Borah

      Is no one gonna talk about how the savage speeders won after 2 races with no points

    60. Jessie Yates

      Clem dropped 3 places that last lap *crying sounds* it's okay though, we at least got some points this prix, right? right? *crying intensifies* OOOOOOOOOO *but it's sobbing instead of cheering*

      1. Jessie Yates

        i forgot that that using asterisks on youtube makes the text bold XD oops

    61. Dante Ramacciotti

      Why is this so entertaining

    62. pranay jadhav

      Speedy was 8th at the end of Lap 3. It was a good recovery after that 🙂

    63. alida flus

      I can't believe how badly Mallard shanked that. Disappointed doesn't begin to cover it.

    64. LurkMoar101


    65. Parkers Gardens Manchester

      Oh Mallard 😪

      1. Parkers Gardens Manchester

        @alida flus see you in the next one 👍

      2. alida flus

        Aw, Momo. Was doing well up until those last few laps. Huge improvement from starting in dead last, however.

    66. Danillo Dias

      Such a great time to be a CCE's fan! Yellow showing the M1 league that they didn't came to play and securing that podium. Never doubted their potential, and now the experience of past races are paying off! #GoCrazy #CrazyCatsEyes

    67. Lucas Dawber

      Unbelievable orangers

    68. Kristin Calder

      Where do u get these tracks

    69. Ryan Mahood


    70. DJ Jared

      Snowy never fails to make it an exciting race!

    71. thomyorkessoul

      Excellent recovery by Speedy after he was shoved off the belt in Week 1. Despite falling back several places early on, he held his nerve and ran a near perfect race.

    72. MP Special

      I don't think Sea knew this was supposed to be a race, not a promenade

    73. Shauka Hodan

      I can't believe how badly Mallard shanked that. Disappointed doesn't begin to cover it.

    74. Bowser Gaming

      If the Aquamering involves water, the Oceanics will be DOOMED and the host curse will rise again.

    75. PackedCactus

      So everyone gonna talk about starry but no One about the ones who won he came in last place 1 and 2 race and won this One wow

    76. Derek Polischeck

      Minty Maniacs Minty Mania Minty Drizzel Minty Fresh Or angers Oraceway Clementine idk other one Bumblebees Honeydome Bumble Honey Oceanics Aquamarine Sea Ocean Balls of Chaos Tumult Tumpike Clutter Tumult

      1. Shauka Hodan

        As a fan of team snowballs, this season has more ups and downs like rollercoasters.. 🤍⚪🤍

    77. Derek Polischeck

      When is Aquamarine Grand Prix Qualifiers

    78. Amrita Rao

      Top three marbles:- 1. Speedy 2. Clementin 3. Starry

    79. Joaquín x

      Sea 🌀🌀🌀

    80. Nightflame12

      It may not be 1st, but a silver is way more than what we started with! Go Galactic! #reachforthestars

    81. Bennett A

      Aw, Momo. Was doing well up until those last few laps. Huge improvement from starting in dead last, however.

    82. Bam Adebayo

      Why bottom 6 marbles can not join the race?

    83. Arthur Moura

      Snowy makes me so sad

    84. aola wili

      starry from nearly eliminated in Q1 into a podium and nearly a win

    85. crookim

      CCE FTW!

    86. Rishaundra Word

      Talk about a race for bumble

    87. Rishaundra Word


    88. Rishaundra Word

      There rolling goes like a tunnel like it's just so cool

      1. aola wili

        I appreciate this so much! Lol ❤️

    89. Rishaundra Word

      Let's go speed you're the best 1 there you know it to speedy sometimes I just think there's you shrunk people and they're in there racing in those marbles like it just is so cool how you do this

    90. Rishaundra Word

      You should make a game jelly's marble race

    91. El Duderino

      As a fan of team snowballs, this season has more ups and downs like rollercoasters.. 🤍⚪🤍

    92. Nick van Walderveen

      Smoggy got done so dirty in the first corner, immediately stuck into last place

    93. Craig

      It's hard work being an O'Rangers fan, when will they tune them for torque over top speed? Always so hard to watch them grind to a halt every time they're tapped lightly.

    94. Koele Kahuna

      Have they stopped showing the qualifying rounds or am I just missing that somewhere?

    95. jakob velle

      What happened to the color grading here?

    96. Grace Johnston

      Nicely done, Starry! Fifth teen all the way to second! So proud of Gallactic and can’t wait to see what you’ve got coming.

    97. inSherlock


    98. Daniel

      clemintin climbs up to 6th after dropped from 4th to like 11th at one point just to drop to 9th on the last lap...orangers..please

    99. Caitlyn Skiff

      Team Momo is doing so much better this season!

    100. Lime

      So far: CCE is the only team that has never finished outside the podium. Momo is the only other team that has never finished outside of top 5. Bumblebees is the only team aside from these two that never finished outside of the top half. Makes perfect sense that they make up the top 3 teams, consistency rules.