Marbula E Race 4 "Berlin" - Marble Race by Jelle's Marble Runs & Formula E

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    Marbula E is finally back with the 4th qualifiers and marble race of this crossover project! 12 marbles representing the real Formula E teams will compete with each other on a course with a conveyor belt, to allow multiple laps and even more exciting racing. #MarbulaE #marblerace #JMRxEnvision
    === ATTENTION: ===
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    - About the missing final lap: Please check sticky comment for more details.
    - This series is a commission from Envision Racing for a crossover between JMR and Formula E
    - This video has double commentary starring Greg Woods and Jack Nicholls.
    - Some marbles have the same colors as the our M1 or ML teams, however there is no actual connection.
    - The Marbula E project is in no relation to our other series!
    - This video is edited by the Formula E team, the graphics and different as in the Marbula One.
    - The Marble League 2020 will continue at August 9th with the High Jump.
    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods and Jack Nicholls
    Editing: Formula E
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    1. Jelle's Marble Runs

      Explanation of the final lap: We apologize for some of the confusion around how many laps the race should have had! In truth, Jelle's timer for the race glitched during the recording, so we thought the race had already gone on for 5:30 when we were in fact a lap off. We already communicated with Envision and this should not happen again in the rest of Marbula E.

      1. Vanilla VICE

        Surprised these results weren't contested.

      2. Jarrod Hall

        When is the next round? I'm itching to see another amazing race! You got me hooked and I can't stop rollin!

      3. Farhan Andi

        Then give the penalty

      4. Daniel Murray

        Finished 3rd we could have got the lead back that last lap robbed

      5. The Official Henry 100Man YouTube Channel

        Jelle's Marble Runs Is There Going To Be Marbula E Race 5?

    2. John Beynon

      What the?

    3. jetsfan1993

      When are more races coming? I love this series.... Go Mercedes!!!!

    4. OpressedGamer

      that first curb is the best place to overtake

    5. The OverLord

      When is the next race

    6. Goober Aran


    7. Mister Smith

      I've said this 100 times but the production value of your work is incredible. It'll be 2 in the the morning and ill get caught up watching these races for hours.

    8. Guilherme Augusto

      That is an awesome work. Congrats! Only thing I missed was the podium lol. Those little racers deserve that after a tough race!

    9. Zubair Arnold

      Is this the last race?

    10. SuperAshwinder

      i know this marbles doesnt have any some sort of "configuration" but its still exciting to see some marbles seems to have "advantage" regarding race track, mercedes and bmw come strong in a handling type of track but porsche and mahindra comes top in speed type of track...damn i need more beer

    11. Large Marge


    12. Difa Naufal Pratama

      Why the audience can watch in there? Aren't they should be social distancing

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Marbles are immune to covid19, so social distancing or masks are not needed

    13. Robi1396 JR

      Marble + Formula E = Marbula E

    14. benedict fung

      is this trolling or serious?

    15. Dennis Utesch

      11:44 awesome Overtake hahaha

    16. Tham Wilson

      you guys are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    17. Sir Quarter

      Mercedes clearly beeing robbed the victory there. In Minute 3:40 they were solwed down in an unsportsmanship way...there has to be an inestigation! What are we doing here? Honestly! 🙃

    18. Aprenda Max Learn Max

      I heard that Ralf Schumacher was present at the race track to watch this race

    19. Os números não mentem jamais

      Time should be always the same for balls with same weight. Newton.

      1. Moises Mela

        There are many, MANY factors that change each lap (hell, each curve even) for each individual marble. Different times is completely expected and normal.

    20. Sadman Shuham Islam

      Ist Jaguar Minty Maniacs

    21. Abdul Jafar

      Seru juga 🖒

    22. 911

      Glad to see Audi has already recovered. The crash from last race was so scary.

    23. C B


    24. Carlos Pontes

      Remember Malaysian turn

    25. Ir. Ibadt

      Jadi ingat masa kecil dulu 😁

    26. DeAd3ye

      I"m watching this now for my first time. Are the differentes between the marbles ?

    27. Amen! la série

      Here I am, lost on IRvision...

    28. Chuck Douglas

      Which one is bubbles Wallace?

    29. pidevildog31

      Please keep doing this format.

    30. Abhijit Zimare

      Where is the next race?

    31. Frans Dinohardi

      Gua yakin warga +62 pasti nonton

    32. Prasetya Anggara

      I really dissapointed with BMWi performance in this race. How can u got the first place on qualifying round but ended up at the 10th on the race? Meanwhile, respect for Mahindra who started on the 10th and finished 2nd, even ahead for a few between porsche. What a race! So intense and still better than last F1 match, imo.

    33. David

      What happened to the driver's eye view? Bring it back!

    34. Bryan119

      every minute i think to myself why am i watching this and i just cant look away lol

    35. Dhruv Gupta

      Hell yeah, Mahindra for 2nd

    36. Jack McClain

      All of the marble tracks look like the real tracks! Super job!

    37. Wizard Toxic

      What is that track called


      11:40 best move ive ever seen in a marble race

    39. Mickey Rs

      Mahendra started almost back end up getting podium...thats marbula-1 baby !

    40. June Kim

      Let's go! Mercedes!!!

    41. Muhammad Rifqi Amran

      The best thing in IRvision right now!

    42. Robert Cazares

      When is there going to be Round 5??

    43. Kuma III

      ah yes, now we just need Marblecar (Nascar) just like this

    44. arnab ganguly

      This race is more exciting tha F1 nowadays 😂😂

    45. arnab ganguly

      This is god's work that you are doing.... Kudos... . . . . Btw are all the marbles identical?

    46. Syarique Izzan

      Great race for the NIO marble! Shame to lose the lead right on the last few laps but at least a podium! #LetsGoNIO

    47. Leo Zhu

      I think you guys shot yourself by not pushing these out instead of doing the Marble League. This series was way more popular.

    48. Vishwam c.k

      odd to say it but this is fun to watch lol

    49. Marius Geert

      when Mercedes even dominates in marble racing...

    50. Ronald Rohan

      Yo mahindra looking mad good you know

    51. SweetPinkybear

      Why am I invested into this

    52. LS 23

      at next: 24h of Marble Racing at Nürburgring

    53. Irza Gabel

      Go mahondra!

    54. TSZ TO YEUNG

      When is the next vid?

    55. Diego Basaez

      Mercedes no pierde ni en canicas

    56. Jace Noble

      They’ve been pretty busy over quarantine I’ll bet

    57. Farhan Andi

      I want to know how the marbles Had a battery

    58. Herbiesainty

      Really thought NIO had it this time. Better luck next time #WeAreNio333

    59. p1ra

      When is the next Round of Marbular E comming

    60. Spore Hux

      Well this is the greatest thing i never knew i needed to watch.

    61. HenryManson

      Simply Marbelous!

    62. Sya'roni M

      What happened with BMW.. There are fast last week.. Why BMW always weak on stop and go circuit type

    63. Mauro Mapelli

      So disappointed in seeing Bmw so behind in this race, after a great victory on the previous M-Prix. Hope they change strategy in the next race.

    64. Marilyn Monday

      Is this the final Marbula race for this season???

    65. J S

      funny to see how much personnality you want to assign on.. marbles

    66. yd

      Is these racing track all based on real racing track in the world?

    67. Christian Yonathan

      What's wrong with BMW in berlin???

    68. LastPlace Gamer

      Wtf did I just watch?? Is this a real thing?? 😂😂

    69. mbah google gaming

      I dont know what makes merc marble faster

    70. Scott Lee

      11:45 that move from porsche is awesome!!!

    71. Jörg Albert Königseder

      I was a bit startled i must confess as i was still holding on for a DS Techeetah surprise win. :) Looking forward to the next race.

    72. cecilyt006

      No idea why I was watching garbage F1 all those years when there's this....

    73. Ugis Ozols

      and here I am, late at night, cheering for Mercedes marbles. Internet is a strange place indeed.

    74. Flying Squirrel

      Let's be honest here... Orangin would blow them out of the water :-P OOoooooooooooooooo

    75. Ketut Sadiawan

      I think the sircuit need more obstacle 🤣

    76. Fernando Teixeira

      Please, I need round 5!

    77. Alex Abluguitar

      So sad for that mistake on the laps, cause Techeetah after leading the most of the time the race had to fall to sixth, but at the end they were pretty near of the three leaders. I was so excitted to see if Techeetah could get into the podium at that final lap and then... no final lap :( Hope we can climb positions with the next races. It was a very espectacullar race after all.

    78. Kathy Clysm

      It's fun to see Jack slowly warming up to the marble jokes. By the end of the series, he's gonna be in so deep hahaha

    79. L. D. Barnes

      Not only is this a great sport, but I don't have to see a certain political view am so happy.

    80. Akshar Gohel

      come on Mahindra, rooting from india, Roll to win!!!!

    81. Mobywan K

      I’m missing some onboard camera footage next to indepth analysis of tire strategies... Also who are driving the marbles?

    82. Aaron SIson

      Still more entertaining than Mercedes 1-2

    83. Dario Hernández

      I want Morbula-One 🤩🤩🤩

    84. FL Markus

      Anyone notice how They use lego like blocks to make the down hill in the track

    85. NoXiD

      it´s more exciting than real formula1^^

    86. Tomcat5837

      Jaguar really has to step up their game.


      I need more marbula E!

    88. Battlehawk 62

      Does anyone here like marble racing... then do I have a deal for you... Go look at my channel and you will see great marble sports and marble racing with commentary. Go check me out. Also my marble circuit will be starting in late September

    89. Don't Touch My Oreos

      It is not going well for Nissan

    90. Issac tong

      Where is the fan boost

    91. Guillaume Rivard

      I miss the Driver's eyes...


      At the beginning of the first video I chose to support Mercedes, Porsche, and BMW. They have put on great races and lead total points 1st, 2nd, and 4th respectively after this race

    93. Ice blaze

      Jack is like a marble commentator in training.

    94. Anthony Barratt

      nio 333 got 3rd yes

    95. jaydarl2

      I'm watching Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix now, Hamilton dominating as usual. Marble racing beats the real thing.

    96. 636 the#ofthebeast

      Yeah Porsche!! So many ups and downs in this one, loved it.

    97. Avallac'h

      Nice agressive race by Porsche in the last laps, what a battle with Mahindra there. Also as a Techeetah fan I'm disappointed after such a great qualifying and start I was expecting at least a podium

    98. Matthys du Plooy

      Jaguar for the win!!!

    99. Cedric Milford

      I’ve seen the other marble races...Marbula E is BEST by a long shot! Love this 👍🏻👍🏻

    100. Matthew Ulanski

      My guess, we haven't got too many races left because Formula E just finished their bubble blitz (Congrats to Da Costa and DS Techeetah for winning their respective titles.) Maybe two more and then we are done until 2021. Great initial campaign for this support series.