Marbula One Season 2: GP4 Aquamaring Qualifying

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    Hello everyone and welcome to Marbula One Season 2! The Revolution in Marble Racing is finally back, with a new qualifying system, 20 teams, 12 total races and a lot of improvements.
    In this new system the 20 teams must compete for one of the 16 spots of the starting grid. Who is going to win the pole for the Aquamaring, and along with that an extra point? Please enjoy! #MarbulaOne #M1 #Season2
    0:00 - Intro
    1:00 - Q1
    7:13 - Q2
    8:33 - Q3
    9:40 - Results
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    1. Jelle's Marble Runs

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      1. Michael Coats

        So you throw out Mellow Yellows qualifying, BUT you fixed the track for the racers behind him? Smells like someone has learned F1 race fixing.

      2. Mikuláš Vodenka

        Please bigger gaps between marbles, I love Marbula one, but I want to see fair qualifications.

      3. BlueFlag Alpha

        Yellup needs to be alright

      4. Mr. Obvious

        You’ve gotta leave more of a gap between qualifiers the runner up in round one ran right into the racer in front of him. Can’t have that!

      5. LunarFoxz

        @dnelson1025 it's a race, not a charity

    2. Chickenwang24

      As a Mellow Yellow fan, I’m just disappointed in are results. But now this sucks. Hope Yellop is okay 🙏😭

    3. John Conlan

      being an orangers fan is always so painful

    4. Robloxian dimpo3

      Me at 5:34 yes billy is going to stay in the top 8 let’s go

    5. Keel Paleto

      oh oh wooo oh quaaack (this is all i can hear in the background)

    6. Abel Uhegbu

      Blly is mvp so far ngl

    7. shauna4138


    8. shauna4138


    9. Ochoa great wall of Mexico

      👏👏good job team galactic Spoke to soon thought it was over

    10. Dominic Madrelejos

      Crazy Cats Eye. Go go Red Eye.

    11. Player


    12. Rachelle Falcon

      go crazy cats eyes

    13. Welsh Wizzard

      Billy second ocean first.......guess the tough got going.....

    14. rubikeando


    15. Lord Ludicrous

      I am quite curious, if this thing take place in the marble world, what marble is the commentator?

    16. John Bielanski

      It's hard you be a Mellow Yellow fan... 🟡

    17. Typo205


    18. Weeb Machine

      Minty Maniacs just cannot catch a break in Marbula 😔

    19. jimmy hell

    20. Osni Santana

      Eu adorei esse circuito tanto q estou assistindo novamente

    21. Blaize Burley

      It’s hard being an oceanic fan this season but this home track advantage came in clutch!

    22. Mike Pascoe

      Marbles are being released too close together. Red eye would have fastest lap but they ran into another marble. Not fair!

    23. rutsie

      I am a mellow yellow fan I that scared the soul out of me

    24. Shaurya Bhattacharya

      Let's goo #tidepride

    25. Lord Mayor of Oofington upon the Oofus

      at least wispy got through, unlike wospy.

    26. Marinka Meeldijk

      Noooooo yellup hopefuly hes ok

      1. Marinka Meeldijk

        But funny for oceanics

    27. Firstname Lastname

      Jelle predicted that somebody would have a bad accident.

    28. Perryproduction

      I have heard several rumours that a couple of the teams experiment with the weight of the marble core! In the championship! What are the rules here? Statisstiknisse, Swedish

    29. Kevin Kirkland

      Am I the only one who thinks that the Oceanics home track should have been Sea-pang? :)

    30. Try not to get angry

      Can’t believe rima did us like that

    31. Andrew Tormanen

      What do the time colors mean?

    32. Matthias H.

      Third time that the Green Ducks reached the Final Four, didn't win a single one though. Frustrating how constantly good the team is, only to miss out on the points

    33. Snowykitty9 GAMING

      I'm starting to feel sorry for Snowy.. He's been trying real hard to get some good racing in since the start of Season 1. His teammates appear to pull the team down. Hopefully, Snowy can get a good teammate soon! #Snowmuchfun At the same time, I feel sorry for Yellup. That must've been a terrifying wipeout going down that speed boost! Also, Good job Ocean!! To the rest of the teams, Stay Safe and Race On!!

    34. BlinkingRapidly

      I would love it if Greg Woods said "and we'll be right back, after a word from our sponsors" before each of the sponsor ads!

    35. Daniel Sosa

      Am I the only one who wanted it to be billy ocean just for the joke ^^

    36. nathankay

      Billy Ocean!

    37. Jacob Woodbury

      Great quali runs Bolts!

    38. Peter John Gallgher

      I swear after my raspberries won the whole gambit, they haven’t ever tried hard again. 🥴

    39. Emperor Kellanved

      I am surprised Yellup didn't burst into flames. Would've been fitting.

    40. Rhianna Hensler

      Another disappointing day to be a Minty Maniacs fan #MintCondition

    41. Nathaniel Kroeger

      It's been a rough marbula one for minty maniac fans

    42. Canis_Lupus

      When you are here after the 2020 F1 Bahrain GP and Yellup flying off the track is only the 2nd scariest accident of the weekend... Great work by the medics in both cases.


      No snowball today, just pain

    44. Adrian Jayawardhana

      Really, Savage Speeders? P16? I almost stop watching when Rapidly almost knocked out

    45. Victor Titus

      Great to see the MWs climb up to 5th from 12th! Awesome round!

    46. Roman Alba

      Gotta say a little upsetting that Starry didn’t maintain Pole, but I’ll give it to Oceanics, they fought for that one

    47. Yerghaiz Verot

      My logical brain: "You are watching marbles go around a track." Also my brain, when Yellup went off the track: "OH S***! I hope he's okay!!"

    48. David O'Meara

      Wow Orangers, we needed somebody to fall off the track to qualify. What is up with us?

    49. Gavin Douglas

      Green Ducks fans will loke

    50. El Duderino

      Snowballs wtf?!?

    51. Rully Akbar

      My mellow yellow not qualified tomorrow, i won't watch the race:(

    52. CuriosityRocks

      YES LIMERS!! 😁😁😁😁😁

    53. Mikazha

      I feared something would happen with the flat-top splitter, but I thought maybe not until after Q1.

    54. Aril Izmeer

      Pulsar advantage is the ramp as you saw at season 1

    55. GMeazza

      Mellow Yellow just can't keep off the grass.

    56. Brian Smith

      This is why I Love Jelle's Races- Yella flew off the track and there were medics right there, then an entire repair crew who immediately installed a barrier for safety- the professionalism and added story that come from what is really, randomness in how marbles roll down a track influenced by gravity is just so well done - as a Speeders Fan this unfortunate event saved our chances as rapidly would not have qualified, undoing all of Speedy's hard work the previous race -- gotta also Love being part of the Marble Fans of this League and Channel- the "Rapidly Letting down Speedy" debate and criticism down below under Yosef Marks comment is amazing- we are all deeply invested in these Marbles thanks to Jelle, Greg Woods, and everyone involved in the setup and production of these races- Thanks Again All

    57. 木谷将宏

      6:02 Yellow Flag

    58. Bailey Murphy

      Dang, as a Team Galactic fan, this was so hype for so long, then super disappointing

    59. Koolaidacidkilla

      Are these athletes P.E.D. tested? Im just saying!

    60. ASAP Atrocious

      Bruh thats such BS that yellup didnt qualify

    61. Wes McNear

      I don't want to be insensitive, but it is really too bad they didn't let Tumult run again. No way that was a fair lap when they saw a fellow competitor fly off the track.

    62. BGMS_Pack

      that was probably the most asinine thing you could've done by fixing the track and not giving yellup or at least a reserve for mellow yellow a redo

      1. BGMS_Pack

        the track should not be fixed if u are not giving a redo

    63. pork chop

      why am i watching this??/

    64. The Last Pikachu

      Damn I was really hoping the O'Rangers wouldn't even qualify

    65. Jessie Yates

      My gosh, I hope Yellup is ok! That was terrifying!

    66. Herbiesainty

      I feel so much #TidePride right now.

    67. GA Gamer

      I TAKE IT BACK!!! IT'S NOT #RIPTIDE IT'S #HIGHTIDE (also, well done to my bolts, 4th aint a bad start #RollingThunder)

    68. pizzamaster100


    69. snif22

      thats 2 serious accidents sor far already this season somthing needs to be done to ensure the saftey of all the racers

    70. Matt Phil Carver

      Tough time to be a Minty Maniac. But we still believe. #MintCondition

    71. Sinan Schneider Ozaydin

      He finally mentioned yellow!!!! Oh. Thats why

    72. NewLegacy93

      Rapidly got saved by Yellup's unfortunate accident. As happy as I am we get to race, I do hope Yellup isn't injured.

    73. BoojumFed

      It's getting harder and harder to be a 'Baller this season...

    74. Czar Kino

      First time watching a qualifying since I was curious what happened to Yellow but I have to say Pulsar's performance was just as in the main race, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

    75. Mel Kheios

      HOLY HELL GO OCEANICS!! Obliterated that host curse! I hope Yellup is alright; injuries aside, it's gotta be one hell of a blow to your ego to lose out by falling off the track entirely

    76. louielouie95

      Jelle's Marble Run I Like It How You Upload Videos Like These

    77. Zach Massie

      As part owner of the Oceanics, we worked really hard in the offseason. I’m excited to see what this group is able to do.

    78. Mr. W

      Yellup was willing and able to retry. Why is he being punished because you made a lousy track? These rules need to change! I'm not even a Mellow Yellow fan, and I see the injustice and potential abuse this rule will lead to. I understand why you can't restart a full race as in the case of Race 1 with Speedy, but this is just a qualifier. Restarting Yellup's run would not affect any other marble's trial.

    79. Winilero Vicioso

      Veo bien a Team Galactic para esta temporada, tras el sonado fichaje de "Bolinillo" Pulsar (Como lo conocen sus amigos) las posiblidades para que esta escudería aparezca entre los primeros lugares aumentan escandalosamente. La clave estará en que el equipo tecnico acierte con los reglajes para cada circuito, el resto está hecho.

    80. Patrick Stump

      Snowstorm is just not doing well this year. Hopefully he can figure it out in round 6

    81. mulkytool

      Phew we just barely got in there... (Savage Speeders)

    82. Lee Fisher

      8:20 - Evidently, Mimo was the most shaken up of the Q2 marbles after the incident in Q1; and that's not surprising given team Momo's historical injuries. They must be truly empathetic.

    83. B C


    84. SpecialK6910

      Again, Ducks dominate the quals. Will they place in the race though?

    85. Peregrineeagle

      Good to see Mimo make it out of Q1, but that Q2 performance has me worried! This might not be our track, but both marbles have surprised me this season, so there's hope! #momostrong

    86. Jacob Henshaw

      As Mimo has proven before, a bad qualifying position means nothing! Let’s get that W tomorrow, Mimo!

    87. Chris Phoenix

      Gosh so close! Almost pole for Pulsar. 3rd is fine too though. Good luck Pulsar. You can win this!

    88. Adolf w Kopsie

      Are Green Ducks always in top 4?

    89. TinyCubinator

      Considering the last time I watched my Oceanics at home, getting Pole for this race makes me so happy! Keep it up Ocean, get the max 27 points this weekend AT HOME!

    90. CasualGamer!


    91. Armond Ealey


    92. Arthur E. Waite

      what time is the race on? can't wait

    93. Cody Andruchow

      I’m going to break kayfabe here and say I laughed seeing the orange w/black striping marbles as track maintenance. Absolutely fantastic race. This track looks awesome. Can’t wait for the race.

    94. WolfysEyes

      I don't know if its bad manufacturing partnerships, tired racers, a bad aero package, or just bad team management, but something in the O'rangers camp has got to change.

    95. shireen rennie

      If oceanics get 1 would they be the first team to get a gold on their home track

    96. Nad

      how there ain't no water feature in the aquamaring?

      1. Nad

        @Jelle's Marble Runs thank you. that makes sense

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        I considered it, but i can't use water because it can cause defects on the conveyor belt and starting gate electronics

    97. baronscarpia1

      Shocking performances from the O'rangers and Savage Speeders. Also a shocking performance from the Oceanics, but for an entirely different and much more welcome reason!

    98. Richard Peers

      Given that the track was modified following Yellup's incident, which is a clear admission of a track issue, why did Mellow Yellow not get a second chance to qualify?

    99. Em4gdn1m

      NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! That is not fair! GIVE YELLUP ANOTHER RUN!

    100. Em4gdn1m

      It's so refreshing to see O'Rangers doing badly.