MARBLE LEAGUE Winter Special ❄️ E3 Speed Skating 2021

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    Hello everyone and welcome to the third event of the Marble League Winter Special: Speed Skating! This is a special tournament, a gift from us to our fans to show our appreciation and give something back for all your support. Thank you for being with us through all these times and always having our backs. Here's to a great 2021, please enjoy! #MarbleLeague #WinterSpecial #2021
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    1. tradewins

      I never thought I'd live to see the day when Oceanics stood atop the standings. Oh, joy! Now I can die in peace.

      1. Brandon Andrade

        @Chris Simmons lol

      2. Chris Simmons

        @Brandon Andrade What you just said reminded me of UrinatingTree when he made his "Half Century of Failure" Video on the Toronto Maple Leafs. After 2013's blown lead in "Game 7 at TD Garden", the guy was telling them not to blow it this time around... and then they did. Lets just hope you didn't just dam the Oceanics to the same torturous fate (unless it means the Thunderbolts are the team to beat you).

      3. Brandon Andrade

        We Champs woohoo

      4. Quinn Jones

        For real

      5. AyEm Theone

        Ahh the good days I remember in 2016 and 2017 where they sat atop but ever since they hosted 2018 the have been screwed

    2. Adam B

      so nice to see the Bolts doing well. It's been a while.

    3. Joseph Karder

      Thunderbolt gang

    4. Nathaniel Espinoza


    5. My gay, My gay Or the highgay

      Good performance from yellow eye! And exciting to see thunderbolts up there again :)

    6. Yu YOSHIDA

      When there's literally marble merch:

    7. agent otaw

      Congrats THUNDERBOLTS 💐💐💐💐🎉🎉🎉👏👏👏

    8. Mason Pitcher

      Holy hell! What is happening?! Thunderbolts are destroying! Never been so proud!

    9. Ochoa great wall of Mexico

      Team galactic are horrible

    10. Sam Rosenberg

      Cosmo was definitely the wrong choice for this event.

    11. Adam McCready

      At this point I don't think it's a spoiler to say balls of chaos didn't do well 😞 us recent BOC fans are used to disappointment

    12. Sam

      let’s go raspberry racers!

    13. Susie Rosalie

      Thunderbolts won the event and Oceanincs are at the top of the standings. WHAT A -NORMAL- HAPPENING BUT IM NOT COMPLAINING.


      They should have two races each by racing both top and bottom to even out any bias one lane might have over another. Great video though, I have been a subscriber for a long time. Love the real commentating. Awesome stuff.

    15. truckproductions

      WOW! I love this event!! Please bring it back for a WHOLE SEASON!! Make them huge!

    16. Blaze Mon

      Finally after 5 whole years thunderbolts have gotten their 2016 mojo back!! #Shaketheground

    17. Quinn Jones

      Oceanics are doing well? Feels like 2018

    18. Gethinlewis

      minty maniacs and oceanics both beat the ML record

    19. BlueFlag Alpha

      Snowball so close to losing that race .Phew

    20. Archie dog

      WHERE ARE MY LIMERS??!!!?!


      The thunderbolts are finally good at something. It’s been a while

    22. Jonny Maximum

      So cool seeing the Gogo Momo sign in the stands

    23. Sulaiman Salazar

      Poseidon Army here

    24. DinoMaster

      Oceanics new mantra #landteam #tidepride

    25. Jack

      Yes back to back top 2 finishes from my Oceanics and Bolts

    26. Wellorep

      Going to be a sad day when Thunder retires.

    27. Rusty Schimelpfening

      Who thumbs down a marble racing video?

    28. kboltify

      Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oh no. oh no no

    29. Frankly Speaking

      Who else comes to see the tracks and not really the races ?? Just me 😕 Creativity at its finest ! *WELL DONE LADS, WELL DONE !*

    30. Nicholas Kling

      There’s not as much suspense when my Wisps aren’t in the running lol glad to see the Oceanics getting some W’s

    31. Emily Young

      oh goodness. o'rangers arent doing great.

    32. AFishBicycle

      This is entertainment

    33. FERNANDØ

      Oceanics leading the standings omg #TidePride

    34. Haekal Rabbani

      Savage speeders squad😎

    35. Adam Hersh

      Wuspy is deadweight for midnight wisps

    36. Dez

      I think having 2 tracks is bs one could easily have a slightly quicker slope

    37. Corin Katzke

      A suggestion: this event might be better as a single elimination. The two marbles in a heat were much more likely to have similar times than disparate times, which suggests that there is variation between heats -- maybe in the starting mechanism. Single elimination would account for this variation by eliminating comparison of times between heats.

    38. Maximilion E

      False start on Ocean and minty fresh!!! They got a push backwards before the pull! Oceanics are always cheating.

    39. Jola Aloj

      #TidePride 🌊🌊🌊

    40. padseven


    41. Coo_101

      Damn, it was Momotastic until the last run. 4 Points :(

    42. Amkasa

      Go Bolts!! Good to see them win for a change!

    43. Kevin Tramell

      Another oceanics dub! Let’s go

    44. kederaji


    45. Father Taco


    46. Seamstressed

      They're not wearing masks. How dare they?! 😜

    47. Cory Giesbrecht

      Cheering for CCE will be back after the event.

    48. Jens

      Minte maniacs and oceanics beated the record

    49. filipinowhiteboy

      Sooo...what's the gambling policy when it comes to these marble events?

    50. Adith GM

      you can't take the ducks out of teh equation.

    51. Janine Ferraz

      That's I call *#RollingThunder* lol, Thunder going to the podium showing why is the captain Go Go Thunderbolts!

    52. Connor Mignault

      LETS GO OCEANICS!! WHAT A RUN OF FORM #TidePride Also, awesome little rivalry between us and the Bolts the last couple events. Beating them narrowly twice last event, now they edge us for gold here.

    53. Andrew

      Both 'marbelympic records' the marbles got jiggled and started way faster than all the other groups

    54. Inaren Commander

      Nice job Thunderbolts! As an Oceanics fan, I say keep up the blue marble domination! #riptideroar #tidepride

    55. Nicholas Yanez

      I’m ok with the thunderbolts, good team. However, GO CRAZY CAT EYES!

    56. Techrock 33

      Midnight wisps are trying hard. They need to up their game though. We can do it, top 5 by the end I bet. #fearthenight

    57. Jeannene Babor

      Momomo moooomo

    58. Nyosh


    59. Coco's Vlog 2.0

      #tidepride LETS GO OCEANICS!!!

    60. stickboy

      Me looking for the jungle jumpers

    61. Malluc

      What is this is why is the production value so high

    62. Remy Bouwer

      The one and only marble master!!! Great to watch this again!

    63. Hatemaster

      just to let you know some smelly limburger cheese from the netherlands who goes by the name john de mol is ripping of your channel and is making millions on dumb people. proof:

    64. Deko and Bakugo

      please can you get nemo in the race he is my start :)

    65. This will be named something better

      what tracks do you use

    66. Cassie McMullin [angieangel555]

      So nice to at least see Minty on the podium #StillMintyFresh

    67. Marble Master

      Wow, nice job thunderbolts and oceanics, but I am still sad jungle jumpers and limers are not in, anyway love your vids

    68. Kollin DeWitt


    69. Kilo Kilometro

      Never stop doing this, the videos are great

    70. Joe The Juggalo

      *Those memories of Team MoMary* Also I believe there was a couple records broke back then too.

    71. FisheySauce

      I miss my Limers :(

    72. MaoTingDew

      *sigh* my ducks keep disappointing week in and week out

    73. Victor Soto

      Vengo del canal Un Poco De Todo

    74. Gada's World Gaming

      i love thegreens minty,wisps,ducks, and momo

    75. Sabie Bright

      I believe in my team galatic, we can come back

    76. Sammy Marble Sports

      I am so happy for the thunderbolts. Can Thunderbolts will takes the lead in the standing.

    77. Liam Willis

      4:15 Oceanics and Minty Maniacs both beat the old record in the same race. Good Job to both teams. 8:10 Only to be taken away by the Thunderbolts, Well Done to them as well.

    78. David Dunst

      Does anyone know what marble run system they're using here? My sons would love to build using something like this. the other marble systems we've tried are kind of limiting.

    79. Emiel

      Maybe it is a fun idea, for the next time this event is played, to add the lap times of the marbles. Just like in real speed skating

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        We also have a plan to create a new and longer track next time

    80. Sammamplayz8w32

      No way oceanics got in the last round

    81. StN_B23st_

      my 3 favorite teams are top 3

    82. brito

      another bad day for the fans of balls of chaos😩

    83. revolutionred


    84. notbakonyet

      omg oceanics yes they finally lead the table i dreamed to see this day for 3 years i love the oceanics and a fan of the thunderbolts i never dremt that they would be 3 points apart and leading OMG

    85. Gamedev Adventures

      Not quite a podium finish but a really solid showing for the Ducks. GO DUCKS!!!

    86. Sasquatch2829

      Not a great run for the Hazers but still respectable and we stay in the overall podium. This is our year! #hazetoamaze

    87. Falcon7Faith

      See, I always choose multiple teams to route for so that I won’t get disappointed if one does bad. But this time, my 7 favorites all finished in the top 8, which was amazing

    88. Ward Wester

      Snowballs continue to disappoint. What else is new. #snowlittlefun

    89. Cebo Khumalo

      New season, new colors same old Pinkies 😢😢

    90. Noah Zou

      What is Misty doing?

    91. Geargia

      Damn Balls of Chaos, what are you doing?

    92. DJ Chazzy Chaz

      Any ball of chaos fans having a bad day? 😒

    93. Von Dor

      Go Ducks!!!! Serious question: shouldn’t the score be the average of a run on each track?

    94. P. Patrick Tukkers

      I love the reporter, so much better then Jack van Gelder!

    95. Monica Olmos Ortiz

      How weird and cute is the fact that we, hundred of thousands, are enjoing, for several months and all over the world, the marble events while the pandemic still lashing us mercilessly!!!

    96. Soxruleyanksdrool

      No Chocoholics, then I no watch. Eff every team that is not the mighty Chocoholics.

    97. Mike Smith

      Go Team Galactic!!

    98. Mike Smith

      Rollo, can be found at 1:48

    99. Emerkz TV

      Snowballs do nothing but disappoint me at this point man😞