Marbula One Season 2: GP3 Honeydome Qualifiers

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    Hello everyone and welcome to Marbula One Season 2! The Revolution in Marble Racing is finally back, with a new qualifying system, 20 teams, 12 total races and a lot of improvements.
    In this new system the 20 teams must compete for one of the 16 spots of the starting grid. Who is going to win the pole for the Honeydome, and along with that an extra point? Please enjoy! #MarbulaOne #M1 #Season2
    NOTE: At 2:23, there's a clip missing from the video, this is caused by a corrupted file in the video rendering.
    0:00 - Intro
    1:03 - Q1
    8:25 - Q2
    9:58 - Q3
    11:21 - Results
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    1. Mahi89

      Azure not qualifying for 2 straight races is really the low point being a Kobalts fan. Apart from being a Kobalts fan.

    2. Low6 MAZ3

      I forgot who I used to support so I need a new team any ideas??

    3. Ochoa great wall of Mexico

      I already call it team galactic aren’t Winning again as usual

    4. Xlazy 101


    5. tesk4a

      what a final lap in quali, i was literally on the edge of my seat

    6. Michael Secrist

      Azure needs to be cut. The life of a Kobalts fan is devastating...

    7. Christopher Lowe

      Yellow Eye knows that the next race is going to need lots of concentration and stamina so pulling back in the qualifiers was a good choice. Can't wait to see how Yellow performs.

    8. Luis Silva

      Not seeing the Mellow Yellow fans, let's go!!!

    9. EntasyOfficial

      Ok Clementin did well Im happy, Razzy, you could have done better but still happy (Im a fan of both of their teams)

    10. Dom Wielenga

      Green ducks fans wya

    11. Lord Mayor of Oofington upon the Oofus

      this is the second bad performance from wospy. i don't think we have much choice now but to call for his departure. #wospyout

    12. piano music

      Lime wtf

    13. JCstock

      Bumble didn't win pole, but can we talk about his awesome strat? He knew none of the other racers could beat him on the honey combs, so he didn't waste any enegery. Waited for the honeycombs and got ahead easy.

    14. Chris Schell

      Come on Team Galatic

    15. Keith Davis

      Where's Mary at? She still alive? OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    16. Drake Dahmen

      How bout that last turn pass from Speedy?! Holy cow!!! what a qualifier.

    17. Jessie Yates

      ok clem! I see that pole position in q1! OOOOOOOOOOO!!!! alright alright! 4th in q2! on to Q3 with CLEMENTINNN OK! 4th headed into GP, I'm READY! Also seems to be good news seeing Clementin already improved their time between Q2 and Q3,, let's go get some points!!

    18. CheeZy GUY

      Can I just say I appreciate how much time and effort you put in these videos. Even the fan audio, chants and all

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Thank you so much!

    19. Koen Stam

      Green ducks!!

    20. louielouie95

      I've Just Started Watching Your Videos Great For You To Get A Lot Of Views

    21. Abhishek Joshi

      What is the difference between green and purple indicators?

    22. Jordan Laine

      @2 :28 is this a technical error? You cant blank 75% of the screen on purpose...


      6:38 what do you mean "partly"? Speedy wouldve easily got a podium if it wasnt for that incident.

    24. Tede Ploegman


    25. Cody D

      Speedy with that redemption after his dangerous exit in Race 1!

    26. Canis_Lupus

      Fellow Limers, assemble and cry with me!

    27. Gus the Dog

      We need a new Limers team

    28. Brian Smith

      This is a nice course- the attenuator split near the start, the big Loops in the middle, the honeycomb section, and that Last, Long straightaway- although the speed seems a bit slower on this track, this should be a great race with Lots of potential changes- The Ducks have been competitive every race, Bumble was dominant on the home track, and both the Speeders and O'rangers make the Top 4- see if that holds up for the actual race- Team Momo has been good too- I'm calling it now, from #16 will place in the Top 5

    29. Jamie Brown

      Finally! Clementin showing what the O'rangers can do! it wasnt a first place, but at least we made it to Q3 this time

    30. wakeupthebear

      goooooooo Momo

    31. MightyManotaur22

      yet another strong qualifier for the Green Ducks, hopefully they can turn it into a better race performance this time

    32. jfuite

      07:38 "Clementin and Minty Drizzel are last to run. So Razzy [in sixth place] and everyone above is safe to move out of Q1". It think this was misleading. At the time, Yellow Eye in seventh and Snowy in eighth place were safe too. As long as a marble was not already in the bottom four, they were safe.

    33. jfuite

      Watching marble races in one thing, but watching the qualifies is a quite another. Ahh, whatever, I am already 6 minutes in . . . .

    34. Jacob Woodbury

      come one you thunderbolts!

    35. Luca Colonnese

      That was an awesome qualifier. Well done Speedy!

    36. Vaseekaran Vijayakumar

      Not gonna lie... I can’t believe I watched the whole thing...

    37. Ethan Packer

      I wish no teams got eliminated. :(

    38. Quentin Archpomple-Bigginsworth

      Wospy, what happened :(

    39. Sharan Srinivas

      These qualifiers are really getting out of hand.

    40. KC Sutherland

      The Limers, Kobalts, and Jungle Jumpers in the bottom, with Green Ducks, Savage Speeders, and O'Rangers up front? Finally, some semblance of Normal has returned!!

    41. Jetse Brienen


    42. 607

      When do these videos premiere? I don't think I've ever seen one live.

    43. Matías Sampaolesi

      Why the first Marble is starting in the outside of the curve? In both starts the second Marble takes the lead in Curve 1.

    44. shim3212

      Wisps! Why do you stink at individual events?!?!?

    45. TacoCubes

      Two weeks in a row? Really Limers? Our expectations were low but good God.

    46. Chew zheng wei

      The last stretch seems to end so many runs

    47. Table 53

      I think the conveyor belt needs to stop slightly earlier after the release of the second marble, the first marble in each pair stopped and got a push while the second rolled off normally. In the 10 pairs of marbles the first marble was quicker than the second 8 out of 10 times.

    48. MCLegoboy

      FINALLY! My Minties at least have a chance!

    49. TNF Elites

      As a wisps fam cam we just drop wospy and run wispy exclusively.

    50. OneNamedLucas Speedruns

      I think I'm done with the Limers. No motivation. Haven't qualified in 2 races already this season. Terrible coaching and not willing to get stern with the racers. Horrible results last season and there's apparently no change this season. Better show some promise next week or they're losing a fan.

    51. Colton Alderman

      Green ducks are on it in qualifying!!! #quackattack

    52. Nancho Party

      I said it on the first race, and I'll say it again. As a Savage Speeders diehard, I think I speak for everyone when I say: *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*

    53. MystBunnyGaming

      Stop with the forced ads

    54. randalfthewise

      Thank God minty

    55. Finish Line Racing

      1:44 snowy? Don’t u mean starry

    56. Finish Line Racing

      66% that’s nothing boys

    57. Schimyping

      WHY?! Why are these races so fun to watch!? XD

    58. All Like Was

      Dang savage speeders coming back!

    59. Gabriel Serafim

      Mellow Yellow is having a hard time on qualifiers, if we manage to be better on our laps we can actually strive to something on the run

    60. PeachesYoYo3

      Haha. Speeders think they're back. Do they not know they choke in the real race? Win the qualifiers all u want speeders

    61. psygremlin1

      #MomoStrong giving the other teams a false sense of security there.

    62. Paul Quaife

      Can bumble break the hosts curse!

    63. rlbigfish

      I was quite happy to see Mallard come from so far behind to at least edge out Clementin at the end, there.

    64. Notonly Human

      You gotta hand it to Speedy! What a madlad! Injured in the first race and already back makin moves! SavageSpeeders! Let’s go!!

    65. Bird Watching

      Jelle, why can't you make the premieres early like at around 18:00?

    66. kunta kinte

      At what time do they run?

    67. Christopher Long

      speedy by name speedy nature well done speedy

    68. Bryce Tan

      The is THE most underrated channel ever.

    69. Pseudonymous

      yeaayy clementin! keep up your form!

    70. Peter Pap

      Finally Bumblebees broke the curse of the host. They did great in the qualifications. Let's see if the curse will be cancelled once more in the official race.

    71. Riot Riverman


    72. SimonDH

      F the Speeders

    73. Lord Gong

      Nice to see Speedy show why they are called the Savage Speeders

    74. Silent Woodfire

      Damnit Celmentine, pick up the pace!

    75. Lee Fisher

      I think the host curse is officially a thing of the past, but we must wait to see the actual race to be sure.

    76. 148 Race

      "Talk about a hosts curse."

    77. Indonesia Marble Racing



      Imagine being an orangers fan smh

    79. mulkytool

      What a way to recover for speedy!

    80. Jedimaster76

      Hey, at least Hazers Qualified this time. 12th but still qualified

    81. Gersh's Gaming

      I'm just glad Team Galactic and the Oceanics qualified at this point!

    82. The Post

      Man Ducks get screwed at every level

    83. Jeff Kryger

      MUCH better job from Clementin than in the first race. Let's hope it carries over to the main event

    84. Chris Phoenix

      Galactic has won races from bad starting positions before. I believe in them! Reach for the Stars!

    85. Odio

      Rapidly was the weak link, now speedy is back we can only go up hill

    86. greycatmon

      8:49 Is it just me, or is the conveyor belt making the start/finish line area wobble a bit?

    87. Kobold Gamer

      3 races in a row now where either kobalts or mintys fail to qualify, this is a disgrace so far.

    88. Shin Drad


    89. JustCrazy Sports and Board games Fan

      Let’s go Chaos! I believe that with an eighth place in the start we can fight for the podium! #LetChaosReign

    90. ChrizzoChronicles

      It seems like that attenuator needs moving back a bit because every marble hit it. Just a few mm would do, so then the momentum and racing line can directly correlate with what side they choose going around turn 1 which would make the race smoother. It seemed to be a really awkward for all the marbles and that didn't make any of their runs flow very well.

    91. Liam Fallon

      Minty Maniacs in for once is nice.

    92. George. P

      Good job orangers

    93. Henry Locher

      It's kind of amazing how the commentator is able to make the marbles sound like real people, I mean, "You need experience" ha that's awesome.

    94. Italo Marcos Tamazzo de Oliveira

      Go MOMO 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    95. Ice Cream Tv

      Come on Speedy! Retake your 👑

    96. imanxc terbaik

      Is the start of comeback for Savage

    97. solanceDarkMOW

      A moment of silence for Limers fans.

    98. MoKub

      Go momo anyway

    99. flipsideroot

      Greed ducks always fun to watch!

    100. Vipul Vyas

      Don't like that fact that teams could miss out altoghter in the main race. Shame if the leader at the end of the championship wins because the 2nd place marble did not qualify.