Christmas Snow Marble Race in Switzerland

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    This marble race was held in Andermatt, Switzerland where 12 marbles will dash through the snow in 2 short races. This video is reused from my archive, but the commentary has been recorded this year.
    - The Marble Rally 2019 Race 8 is coming next Saturday, i'm at my parents for Christmas and i saved the video file in a wrong folder which is still at my studio.
    - This was my first Snow Marble Race, recorded a couple of years ago and the surface was very slippery, i nearly lost my balance a couple of times.
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    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: "Winter Wonderland Themes" by Magnus Ringblom, Epidemic Sound
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    1. Maddie Tannie

      “Marbles love elevation change” Except Momomo.

    2. Michael Larsen

      After watching 2 hours straight on your channel, you have me convinced. This is simply great entertainment, although I do not know why.

    3. Hannah Rose

      This was delightful and charming. Thank you for sharing it and for the added commentary.

    4. Flo Coresi

      Theres a mistake at 2:44

    5. James Mitchell

      That camera work tho

    6. Latitude

      I hope you got a camera drone for Xmas. :)

    7. joesbarbecue1

      Marbles love elevation change!!!

    8. haltobreni

      Where did you find so much snow?! That must be a verry old video, I haven't seen so much snow here in years

    9. AmatMiguel

      Dammit Rudolph! What the hell happened out there? You have so much potential for greatness and you just blew it back there!!

    10. red eagle

      s****! so bad luck ! rudolph was my favorite !!! :-(

    11. Derb Gentler

      *Jingles* is clearly one cousin of the *Green Ducks* under a festive moniker! ^^

    12. Emerson pal


    13. Emerson pal


    14. runswithsoda

      Candy Cane was using PEDs. What a try hard! This was an exhibition race, after all!

    15. Sabe kadric

      Biggest fun from Switzerland 🇨🇭.

    16. Ralph That Dude

      Fun Fact: Silent Night is Black Knights Son 😂

    17. Andrew Buller

      Dear Mr. Jelle, I am very concerned about the nature of your marble racing. First, do all of the marbles weigh the same? If so, I want a video to be put out explaining this and showing actual weigh-ins prior to each race. I also would like to make sure their is no foreign substance being applied to certain marbles such as grease or some sort of oil. I am also very concerned about the temperature of the room at each race track. If the marbles are made of glass, certain glass can expand or contract depending on the temperature. If you are using some sort of synthetic material than that might not be an issue. Otherwise big fan of yours and an avid marble racing fan.

    18. King Munro

      I would love to see an Alpine Tour event with various winter based teams (skiing/ice-skating based events or snow rallies) next December.

    19. Harper Harper

      He mentioned the cameraman lol imagine the narrator a marble with just eyes and pixar mouth

    20. Coco Hi

      Good job keep eye on the marble

    21. Fun Things to Do with a Camera

      Awesome! They even went to Switzerland to film this. I wanna see New Years race, too!

    22. Trisha Schuman

      "Garland" As in Judy? 😏

    23. Baby gacha

      👇Candy's team, are you there?

    24. mateo norton

      How in the world did you make this track work? I tried with my snow, and it broke apart like this __,,__,,,__,__,___, and when I raced my marbles, they all melted the snow!

    25. Linda the great adamson 2009

      I like how at the end of the video it is showing red number 3

    26. BaneInUrArse

      will there be a winter marble league?

    27. Vamita

      Me pick xmas star

    28. Musculus IV

      Nice races! Would have loved to see the sand marble rally line-up prove themselves in the snow for a feature race as well! Merry Christmas and happy holidays from Switzerland! xD

    29. ryanunlv1

      The RN3 graphic is great! but I wish it was centered. It there was a sweatshirt with the 3 ball on the front and the graphic centered properly on the back I would totally buy it.

    30. Drevyek

      Should RN3 retire? Have they won enough?

    31. Mr Slam

      Fellsgoodman Clap

    32. Qardo

      Candy Cane should be DQed. He left the track and skipped a section of turns. I mean watch him early in the race! He JUMP over those turns.

    33. Zelly

      Be careful Jelle! XD

    34. Kim Lindsey

      What a fun race! Thank you Jelle for dealing with the slippery snow & ice to shoot this! Happy holidays to all!

    35. Ethan Gerber

      When you turn on espn2 and jelles is there. Let’s go.👍

    36. Cade N.

      Yay another video!

    37. Scythey Scythe

      What do you use to make your tracks so smooth?

    38. Jaydoggy531

      If I could make a gentle comment for the pop-up messages such as "this is an unusual video" or "I nearly lost my balance," - you have nothing to apologize for. If you feel you must say it you can write some notes in the videos description but you don't have to offer apologies to your audience mid-video. You post wonderful content and we love your crew. Happy holidays to you and yours.

    39. @jeremylardani

      I'm a little confused on the finish times of the second race. It looked like Candy Cane finished in a time of 1:05.20 which would have been the slowest time of the group but was given credit for 3rd place. Just want to clear this up for my record keeping purposes. Thanks.

    40. Josh Bonnel

      Merry Christmas

    41. Andrew Blechinger

      Nice of Blizzard Blaster to have a friendly contest with some amateurs!

    42. Zerin_X

      Feliz navidad from Colombia

    43. Competition Sports 2019

      I know this is a long way away but, any chance you are going to do a spooky Halloween run?

    44. Piet Jansen

      Thank you for this Holiday Special!

    45. Piet Jansen

      I was for aurora and pine tree

    46. pretzel door

      Arora and bauble SMR 2020?

    47. Offshore Trakz

      lmao he's talking about the camera man... but HE'S THE CAMERA MAN LMAO

    48. Veronica Miles

      I’m a little surprised that Ginger B. Didn’t race this year 😅

    49. TheElectra5000

      You should do a special event in the beaches of Costa Rica. Summer starts now in january!

    50. Natural Harmonia Gropius

      This is my first time seeing a fresh white snow in this video!

    51. Visualz

      Merry christmas from Georgia USA it is like 75 Degrees

    52. Native 26

      Merry Christmas To Thai and Lao.Next it was a New Years Day Marble Race.

    53. Stefano

      Welcome to Switzerland :)

    54. Noobstomper24

      I do enjoy the small scale races Even though the marblympics are fun the athletes feel far more impersonal

    55. Kitey

      I can't tell if this is a legit thing or not, but the charisma and commentary makes it worth watching

    56. J’s Trend

      Merry Christmas jelle.. from Phillipines 🇵🇭

    57. [ FOOKAYOU ]

      Ah hell yeah

    58. Gioele Ciaparrone

      I'm not seeing enough appreciation in the comments for the "Pine Tree must be planted somewhere up the course" joke.

    59. MANGOZZZ

      Have a very merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

    60. StamfordBridge

      Run, run, Rudolph! OK, you didn’t do so well.

    61. CemtecUk

      Wait....what did you mean ''almost slipped and lost my balance'' ?? This isn't filmed from a helicopter??

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        A helicopter will blow the snow and even the marbles away and it’s very expensive.

    62. Ryk Latortuga

      needed some cowbell

    63. Tomislav Dragić

      In Croatia no snow, Merry Christmas

    64. Grumpy Goose

      Great work, Frost Nova! God Jul from Sweden!

    65. OfficiallyMint

      Merry Christmas dude 😃👍🏼

    66. Regan Packwood

      gotta love in I pick my racer.... there they go, instantly in last :(

    67. Brynn Kennedy

      Merry Christmas, Jelle, Dion, and Greg! Sending warm wishes from the California Central Coast! (For the record, though, it's actually quite cold over here!)

    68. Melaneykk

      Merry Christmas, and a speedy New year. May all your marbles run to the best of there abilities, and may your opponents find the berms.

    69. Fury

      2:43 I think Candy Cane’s time is messed up

    70. Lizzie Bunny

      Merry Christmas from New Zealand, hope everyone had a great day

    71. Rae FromMN

      Merry Christmas from snowy Minnesota!!! Love all the races! My favorite channel on youtube!!!

    72. Daniel Lukic

      Merry Christmas from Melbourne, Australia ❤🇦🇺🔮🔮🔮

    73. Rini Tahir

      Who realise that black knight and other marbles from SMR 2019 illegally enter the X-Mas marble race by changing the name like if you agreed.😄

    74. Phil Wright

      Who are the 14 morons that gave a thumbs down?

    75. Евгений Киселёв

      It is about -28 degrees Celsius in my town today.

    76. Евгений Киселёв

      Huh, Silly Santa. By the way, Merry X-mas from Russia!

    77. Kevin Seecharan

      I asked Santa to fill my stocking with red Number 3 victories this coming year. Fingers crossed!

    78. Rëne Rabinowicz

      Is Lollipop not Garland. 😠😠😒

    79. J Lewis

      This music was perfect for Greg's voice! Merry Christmas, Jelle and team.

    80. Tim Lichti

      Merry Christmas from Canada! Also what date is the next Marbleympics coming out? A bunch of friends want to have a watching party for it

    81. Ace of Havoc

      Merry Christmas from New Zealand 😎

    82. Haley Faragalli

      Bless you for making that path in the cold snow

    83. Lavendeer 201

      I got me some chocolatiers merch!

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      did the mello yellow team retire?

    85. KittyCat Gaming

      SWIZERLAND LETSSS GOOOOOOOOOO 🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭 I ❤️ Switzerland

    86. Shukree D

      Christmas Star with a commendable last minute effort to capture 2nd place in the 2nd race! 🌟

    87. Rasvan Maniam

      Selamat Hari Natal from Malaysia

    88. Iggy W

      I get HYPED when I get a notification from you!

    89. Scott Porter

      This track is not up to IOC standards.

    90. Robrtk

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      It is always good to see new participants. Merry Christmas! Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!

    92. Violett Bellerose


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